SidNi SS The Hatred Love Chapter 47 updated Page 133

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Posted: 1 years ago


As the rituals of the marriage were done, he came closer  to her,

"i'll make sure this marriage life be a hell for you" he whispered in her ear, to which she replied

"having you in front of me is the synonym for hell, so I don't think so you could make it worse..."

Both glared at each other with smirks on their faces, after all they were sworn enemies...

Will this sacred bond of marriage make them forget their painful past and make them from mortal enemies to love birds?

Or will this marriage lead to more pain?

Only time will tell...


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Posted: 1 years ago

First hate, then love. What makes them even get married in the first place?

Posted: 1 years ago

Originally posted by coderlady

First hate, then love. What makes them even get married in the first place?

You'll be knowing that in the first chapter, i'll try to update it by tomorrow as i'm slightly busy with my studies...

And thanks for readingšŸ˜ƒ

Posted: 1 years ago

Character Sketch

Sidharth Khurana (Ravi Dubey):

He is the dream of every girl, a charming, a witty, and a handsome person. He is the CEO of the Khurana Enterprises, started by his dad Raj Khurana. He has completed his higher studies in London, and now lives with his family in Mumbai. He is the guy of words.

For him love comes after friendship, even though he has a small circle of friends, he holds very high regards of them, treats them as family.

His hobby is to cook, taking photographs and spending time with his family.

Roshni Patel (Nia Sharma):

She is the dream of every boy. She is hot. She is sexy. The only daughter of the famous jeweler DD Patel. She has completed her higher studies in London (same college as Sidharth). She lives in a joint family in Mumbai. She owns a NGO as she loves kids. She is a strong believer in love, and she goes by the saying- "pyaar dosti hai, love is friendship".


 DD Patel (Achint Kaur):

She is a famous jeweler of Mumbai and owns DD Jewels in Mumbai and the other chains. Sweet and Sour by nature. Loves her daughter, but does not show it to her as she thinks "bestowing too much love would makes the person to get addicted to it. One should neither be loved too much nor not be loved at all". She goes by this thought as once she was also very deep in love, with her husband Shiv Patel, but after his death, she lost almost all the happiness of life except for her family.

Raj Khurana and Simran Khurana ( Sanjay Swaraj and Shruti Ulfat):
They are the parents of Sidharth and Kritika. They love each other so much as even after their children's growth, they behave as newly married couple and try to flirt with each other.

Kritika Khurana (Isha Sharma):

Sister of Sidharth and the cute big princess of the Khurana pariwaar. She is very close to her brother Sidharth and always showers him with lots of advises as she is elder than him.

Samaira Patel (Reyhna Malhotra):

Roshni's cousin, DD's niece. She is very close to Roshni.

Yash Mehra ( Mohit Malhotra):

Sidharth's cousin, but more like a own brother. He had lost his parents during his childhood, and was adopted by Mr and Mrs Khurana as Yash was Simran's sister's son.

The other characters are same as the show ( Jamai Raja): Nani, Bablu Chachu, Pratima Chachi, Mona Bua, Kesar Chachu, Resham chachi, Beeji.

The extra characters will be introduced through the chapters.

[NOTE: the Patels and the Khuarnas are family friends and business partners]

Posted: 1 years ago

Looking forward to the first chapter.

Posted: 1 years ago

Chapter 1

DD Mansion

It was a pleasant morning, with birds chirping along with the smell of petrichor filling the air and also with chatters and squabbles in the DD mansion, filled in the warm atmosphere with a subtle rainbow.

"Roshni, get ready, they would have already reached" DD shouted.

"kya tum log ready hain" Nani said as she checked her watch.

"maa haan we are ready" DD replied.

"mom, i'm ready; challe?" questioned Roshni.

"haan yes challo..." as DD replied, only then she noticed her daughter's dress, 

"wow Roshni, you are looking awesome, maa look at your granddaughter, isn't she looking like an angel in this attire?", exclaimed DD,

"haan durga, Roshni is not only looking like an angel but she is one" replied Nani as she took bit of her kajal and applied behind Roshni's ear, "nazar nai lagjai".

"Roshni come fast we have to rush, come na baby" DD said in a hurried tone as she started to descend the stairs.

"Nani, am I dreaming, or did actually DD called me 'baby'?" Roshni asked Nani while pinching herself.

"oi, DD nahi maa bol, she is your mother, doesn't she has the right to call you 'baby'? Nani replied,

"whatever Nani, I think she is only buttering me as I have to say a YES to them, isiliye na ye sab dikava..." 

"no Roshni, your mom really loves you a lot, only she doesn't show it, after Shiv's death something broke inside my daughter, there is something I need to tell you but..." only then Nani saw the time,

"but what Nani?" questioned Roshni,

"but I want you to do me a favour, then I will tell you, is that okay with you?"

"haan Nani, whatever you want me to do"

"I want you to say yes to this relationship no matter who he is"

"Nani that's it, of course I'll do it, aur waise bhi if I tell okay to this guy then I think mom might show some love on me, as this would make some profit for the business, so isiliye i'm okay with it"

"woh tumse bohut pyaar karti hai, only you don't know" Nani started to get tears to she what situation her daughter is in, seeing Nani getting tears in her eyes,

"Nani no matter what I'll tell yes to him, if this is what you and mom want then i'm okay with it, aur sexy please don't shed tears, if you do it then even I'll cry, then my makeup will get spoiled aur woh ladke mujhe dekthehi bhaagjayege" Roshni said to lighten the mood. Both of them started to laugh.

"did you guys finish your laughing session? Can we leave?" DD asked shaking her head,

"haan challe mom, bye Nani" 

"bye beta" Nani said as she kissed Roshni's forehead.

Khurana Mansion

"Sidharth come fast, we have to leave immediately" shouted Simran, "aur yeh Rajji kehaan hain"

"Rajji yehaan hain" a voice came behind her, she turned only to see her husband on his knees, holding a beautiful crimson red rose.

"kya Rajji, even today" Simran said while shaking her head,

"kya today also, you are my wife, and my biwi is getting beautiful day by day, it'll be a sin if I don't admire this beauty" Raj said in his most dramatic voice.

"aap ka kuch bhi nahi ho sakta, now give me that" Simran said as she took the rose from Raj's hand and signaled him to keep the rose in her hair, Raj smiled as he saw Simran blushing as a newly wedded bride. 

"aur aaplog ka kuch nhi nahi ho sakta" came a manly voice behind them.

"oh khote de puttar, what is my fault if your mother becomes more beautiful day by day, and also is my fault if she turns this red like a new bride so I should also act like one na, so tell me what is my fault?" Raj asked sarcastically with crossed arms and winking at his beautiful wife.

"Sid why did you take so much time to get ready?" asked Simran.

"yes Sid, kyun itni der lagaadi, aur aap Simmiji don't try to change the topic, I demand to know the secret of your beauty" exclaimed Raj in a dramatic way,

As minutes flew, Sidharth was witnessing his parents fight on why is Simran beautiful.

"uffo, mom dad, can you guys seriously stop, agar aap nahi rukke na, toh me kuwara hi marjowungha, yaadhe last time just because of your silly fight, we got late and they left even without seeing me, so we don't want that to happen again so lets move" Sidharth said that in one breath snapping his fingers,

"oh khote de puttar, you seriously think we fight, what you witness daily is our love, aur lemme tell you a secret, when a couple fight, it may be irritating to others but only that couple knows the real meaning, if you want tum apni maa se puchna, in this 35 yr old relationship, we have fought umpteen times, but it has only brought us closer, aur is closeness ki wajhse you were born, understand", Raj told that as if he was a lawyer,

"dad, itni se baat kitne kichliye aapne, I was just teasing you guys, as you guys know i love he most aur aapke liye main kuch bhi karsaktouin you guys know that right?" 

"haan hum jhante hein Sid, even we love you, and we care for you, aur hain your dad is right Sid, couples fight and separate only to be closer than before"

"mom, by the way can I see her pic wagera, atleast tell me her name yaar, I know I'll be marrying her, so if you tell me her name now, atleast I'll prepare our couple ship name" Sidharth teased while he got a small hit from both his parents,

"arey puttar don't worry, you'll be seeing her in another 30 minutes, aur baat uski naam, that's a surprise, you'll really be excited, and seriously you will want to marry her with your whole heart, aur waise bhi puttar, abhi puri zindagi you'll have to hear her name and see her face only, so why don't you enjoy your bachelority, what say?" Raj teased.

"aise hai Rajji, you are getting bore of me haa?"

"nahi Simmiji bas aisyahi, you are the most beautiful wife and i'm really lucky to have aur if I get a chance to only see your face my whole I'll surely grab that chance" Raj told giving a hug to his beautiful wife.

"but on a serious note, this girl will keep you happy and you will love to marry her"

"okay, I surrender" Sidharth told as he lifted his hands in surrender, "I trust you guys, so I'll have to, and for your happiness and the company's but mainly for you guys i'm ready to marry her, okay happy?"

"very happy Sid, ab challe ya yahin kadahoka baqwaas  karte raheinghe" asked the dramatic Simran.

"nahi nahi chalten" Sid said as he took place in the car.

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Posted: 1 years ago

The first meeting is about to happen. Both are being pushed into saying yes.

Posted: 1 years ago

Ohooo new sidni story 

Yeahhhh so excited to read

Ravi Dubey Nia Sharma Jamai Raja 

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