Arhi FF: Destiny Games T6 (Chapter 21.1 Updated 19th March)

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Posted: 1 years ago

From the author's desk: Welcome to thread 6! smiley41smiley40

I started to write this story years ago when the show was live and now when I look back on what makes me continue this story, I am not sure if I can put my finger on one single reason. 

But one thing that is very clear is the consistent and unfaltering support that I have from all my readers who have been ever encouraging all this while, prodding me and pushing me for updates, making sure that I don't leave this story unfinished. Thanks will not be enough for all of you who have stayed with me and this story for this long! Love you all! 

thanks all for your kindness ! you are all incredible and have been one big gang of patient readers... I cannot ask for more! smiley32

And we are now in thread 6! A big shout out to all of you who have been part of this journey and have made this possible, Lets do group Jappies!smiley31

To all my readers! welcome back!

To all my new readers, welcome! 

Yeah, I am a die hard Dumbledore fan smiley9

Click for the summary here or you can scroll down to the next post.

Happy reading!


Destiny Games


Chapter 1-The Raizada Mansion

Part1: All in vain

Part2: Building up hopes

Chapter 2- Lovebirds in Despair

Part 1: The impending storm

Part 2: The battle of Sharmas

Part 3: Unbreakable bonds

part 4: Warning Signs

Chapter 3-The first impressions

Part 1: All roads lead to...

Part 2: When Sky met earth

Part 3: Tables Turned

Part 4: Receding waves

Chapter 4- Against all odds

Part 1:Finding the way

Part 2:Flaw(less) Plans 

Chapter 5- Destined to be

Part 1: On cross roads

Part 2: Train of thoughts

Part 3: Of triumphs and setbacks

Part 4: Tides from the heart

Chapter 6: Feats of Assumptions

Part 1: Out of the blue

Part 2: Missed Meet

Part 3: Fallacious Influences

Part 4: Schemes of Will

Chapter 7: Destiny's call

Part 1: Master of all Mix-ups

Part 2: Modus Operandi

Part 3: To have and to hold

Part 4: Baits and Preys

Chapter 8- Inevitable lament

Part 1: The last epistle

Part 2: The final rites

Chapter 9: Twists of time

Part 1: The Wannabe Guardian

Part 2: Towards a new dawn

Part 3: Griha Pravesh

Part 4: All is well again

Chapter 10: Savior of Love

Part 1: Unforeseen Crisis

Part 2: Back to square one

Part 3: Friends(and more)?

Part 4: Trouble around the corner 

Chapter 11: Brides of Raizadas

Part 1: Love Guru 

Part 2: Damsel in Shining Armour 

Part 3: Secret Missions 

Part 4: The mad family 

Chapter 12: Clash of the titans * Sneak peak is up! 

Part 1: Calm before the storm 

Part 2: Battle of wits 

Part 3: Away from the maddening crowd 

Part 4: Crazy date 

Chapter 13: Clouds with silver lining

Part 1: Drifting mists

Part 2: Silver Icicles 

Part 3: Leads and trails 

Part 4: Dawn of hope 

Chapter 14: New beginnings 

Part 1: A pleasant interlude 

Part 2: Into the night

Part 3: In a fit of Pique

Part 4: Deals and Dialogues

Chapter 15: Trials of truth 

Part 1: To the rescue

Part 2: Smoke and Fire

Part 3: Out of control

Part 4: Portents of evil

Chapter 16: Battle ready 

Part 1: Finding cause

Part 2: Gearing up

Chapter 17: Into the unknown 

Part 1: Secret Nemesis

Part 2: Mysterious Caller

Part 3: The girl next door

Part 4: The darker side

Chapter 18: Unexpected Turn 

Part 1: Up in the air

Part 2: Under the moon

Part 3: Away from the Mansion

Part 4: In the heart of a suspense

Chapter 19: Games with no rules  * new

Part 1: Close to the heart

Part 2: Spirited away

Part 3: The red herring

Part 4: Split chase

Chapter 20: The rescue mission

Part 1: Leads that mislead

Part 2: Right on track

Part 3: Between Life and death

Part 4: Tragedy strikes

Chapter 21: Whirlwind of emotions

Part 1: At the end of many beginnings


Show me some love, will ya? Comments please! 

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Posted: 1 years ago

Here I am starting the 6th thread for the story! For the uninitiated and new readers, Here is a summary of the plot.


This short story follows the life of the Raizadas as they build their success story, overcoming the struggles and hardships that they had to face due to their father's irresponsibility. Arnav, Akaash, NK and Anjali find that they have nothing left and they have to build it all from scratch. Follow their story as life teaches them about trustworthiness and deceits, relationships and love, Hardships, dreams, goals and passion. 

At their reckless father's death bed, the four wealthy siblings find out that they have huge debts to pay off. At a juncture where they have to leave behind their own dreams to save their family business and ancestral property, they find that the their ancestral mansion that is their home is also in the name of another man, Shashi Gupta, who demands that the elder Raizada, Arnav marries his daughter Khushi to get the mansion back. 

Neither Khushi Kumari Gupta nor Arnav Singh Raizada wants this marriage but with an unprecedented chance throwing them together work their way out of this situation, they stumble upon mysterious circumstances that suggest that their fathers had a past together and there are many answers untold which they have to find an answer together, and on the way, find that they are perhaps, destined for a future together. 

Akaash Singh Raizada is in love with his childhood sweetheart, Payal Sharma. All is well in their world until they discover that the current financial position of Raizadas may pose a threat to them getting married. With the Raizada Siblings help, they oppose every elder in the family to get married. Their married life has a rough start, but they vow to prove that their choice was right. 

Nandakishore Singh Raizada is a happy go lucky person who isn't yet boggled down by the family pressure or financial situation until he is hit by a shocking truth that turns his life upside down. Will his fierce loyalty in place and close bond to the family keep him anchored while he weathers the storm?

Anjali Singh Raizada is a youngest Raizada - pampered, protected and doesn't have a single clue about difficulties in life. A sweet sister who wishes the best for her brothers and her brothers do everything to make sure that she is happy.  An unexpected incident lands her in trouble and thereon it seems that she goes from one trouble to another. Will she be able to solve her problems and emerge through this rough phase more wiser and matured or will she succumb to fate? 

Read through the story to find out more! and be kind to me and leave long comments :)

 I have also given a link to the promo I had posted when I posted the story first. And it is looooonnnng time ago!

you can find the promo here

 Happy reading!

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Posted: 1 years ago

aha a new thread smiley32

Posted: 1 years ago

Congratulations for the new thread !! 

Posted: 1 years ago

Congrats on new thread..... as the FF progresses I eagerly await for the updates..... 

please continue soon


Posted: 1 years ago

new thread..........hopefully new chapter........smiley32

Posted: 1 years ago

Congratulations on the new thread. Waiting eagerly for the story to unfold

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