Blast from the Past Thread #23!!Catch up and some ott!! pg 114 epi 230

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A restlessness to see a beautiful face
A determination to stay clear of any words of hate
Shaitan and Sundari form part of her tale
Is the story too a part of their fate?
A turn of events as the plot, from serious becomes silly
Laad Governor was so much better than Swami
But magical moments don't stop from coming
A fleeting tika scene, becomes so endearing
The anger-incarnate wears the colour of his mood
Ms. B round the corner, let's scram for good
Welcome to BFTP Thread Twenty Three 
How similar is the tale of Shaitan and Sundari!
The plot of the show turns topsy turvy
Do you know Akash takes along with him his closet key?
Blast from the Past is on its 23rd thread now. Over the past year BFTP has gone through several changes to ensure smooth flowing of the threads and keep the journey entertaining.  Once again, we would like to announce a slight change in the format of the thread.
For the next few weeks, we will be posting only one episode per week. So, every Monday at 8 pm IST, an episode will be posted. Following which, during the whole week, discussions  will take place based on the episode posted. The next week we will have a new episode and fresh discussions based on that and so on. Later, if necessary, the number of episodes posted per week might be increased.
This will also give some of our writers to pause and catch a breath before catching up on the previous episodes.
The idea of BFTP has been to relive and enjoy the magical journey of IPK. We hope to keep continuing doing that by making these small changes as and when necessary. Thank you for showing your love and support all the time.

and we come to the ipk days that had many frustrated, angry, tearing hair, posting, protesting, demanding khushi not be messed with. not like this at least. brace yourselves, it's khushi's what is famously called "OTT" period turning on full blast now. suddenly the girl we knew seemed to acquire a layer of klingon or something, out to get the one who had turned her life upside down, she zapped into a little fiend, planning terrible stuff for her favourite man. from her corner by the pool she mounted project occupy, then operation kill him with love, hey swami. soon she will drag him to her home and all its horrors, including bath at the public tube well, and a hot steamy night of taekwondo love. sanaya did all she could to keep her sanka devi, her jhalli crazy girl going. but there seemed to be something a bit off with the calibration. however, fear not... we plodded on regardless, even managing to giggle and go aww. maybe there's that OTT button in all of us, and that got a little attention. most of us decided, no matter how aaargh we were going to sit through it all, because even in this state, ipk was abs kapow!!!

Warning: Music player is on!  There are 2 tracks: Swami Tikka and IPKKND (female version) 

Credits: DurgaS has written the opening lines and the welcome poem, the IPK banner is by ArshiHamesha, the GIF banner is created by Katelyn, she has also edited the music, blast notes and OTT edits are by indi52, and supriya.arshi, DurgaS and indi52 have designed the main posts.

Please scroll down for Rules, Episodes, a recap of the previous thread  and more.

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8. and 9. remember love hurts but still it's worth every missed cue, muddled up character, incomplete loop, everything... hamesha.

Texture credit: 

Among other things, we've had poems on the thobda, hate, etc.  But, no one would have imagined we'd have poems on the tilchatta, i.e. Khushi's lovable caackroach. Here's how these poems came into existence ...
Indi posted this edit from the caackroach scene ...

i'll take the caackroach, thank you.

cynthia, bless ya for guiding me to 213. i see the light.
To which IssPKaur promptly replied with this poem ...  

Please approach, oh cockroach,
dhadkan meri thamti nahin!
Above reproach, my cockroach,
baat bin tere jamti nahin!!

Would Indi be left behind? Nah ...


zara soch, mera cockroach,
jeeoon main tere bin kaise?
dil mein moch lagi, cockroach
dard lagey ab marham jaise.

So what did IssPKaur say? Let's see ...
Wah wah, wah wah! 😆 Issi baat pe, arzz kiya hai begum indi jaan... Mulaayza farmaayen...

Cockroach se mil kar jaana nayi soch kya hoti hai (repeat twice!)
Moch bhi deta marham bhi, phir bhi lagta moti hai..

Issko tum na bura samajhna, dil mein isske joti (jyoti) hai (repeat again pileejh!)
Jab hasta ye Laad Governor, Khushi bhi aansoo roti hai!

Now what would Indi reply to this? Her reply ... 
arre wah wah, kya kehne, kya kehne... repeating i am again and again the couplet on cockroach
cockroach baney moti, sounds like a movie of very high nayi soch.

Anyone wants to add to this onslaught on the tilchatta? 😆

IPK banner credit Risha_ipkknd, Rules poster by ArshiHamesha, mesmerize gif by Katelyn.
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Blast From the Past #18 Wedding Bells

All the Episodes from 189 to 200 with Sbs segments and Promos can be found in link given above

Blast From The Past #19 !! chill out at 200 !! creations album

Blast From The Past #20 !!Nafrat  Door Jaane Na De!!

episodes from 201 to 206 can be found in the link above

Blast From The Past #21 !!Holi Ki Dhadkane!!

All episodes from 207 to 218 can be found in the link above

Blast From The Past #22 !Main Humesha Tumse!

All episodes from 219 to 224 can be found in the link above

Episode 225

Epsode 226

Episode 227

Episode 228

Episode 229

Episode 230

Blast From The Past #24 *Golgappa Times*

Katelyn's Catch

   ~I feel what You feel...~



"Jo tum mehsoos karti ho who main mehsoos karta hoon"[What you feel I feel]...This was the confession Arnav made and answered Khushi's question,"aisa kyuon hota hai ...aap jab bhi humare paas ate hain...humarey dil ki Dhakan taiz ho jati hai..."[Whenever you come close to me why does my heartbeat run faster]...They both denied it verbally under the expression that may be it was the liquor which made them feel that way.They felt the same during Heer Ranjha but Arnav denied it again which made a stamp on her heart about his heartless attitude towards her and she found it there is no reason she should carry on her mission to win her promise to keep her maglasutre and bring him back to her.She started keeping herself out of his life as his command without knowing the real reason that he is upset by her silence.Her silence which changed into her disappearance is totally unacceptable for him.Whenever she creates distance ,he does whatever to bring her back to him.She is a North star of his life which shows him a way to live.How can he let her go...

Khushi took Anjali's advice in a different direction to tease him to reach to the bottom of the truth by keeping her 100 ways style to irritate him.She is giving him the sugar coated sweet from which he is allergic..."Pyar" [love].But she doesn't know just like him and can't deny this fact that she is in love with this Ranjha too.She is changing his black and white life , showing him respect without even realizing that he is respecting all of her things , all of her ideas, all of her demands and all of her silliness .She on the other hand is oblivious in her revenge to reach to the truth.During reaching that truth she reaches to the fact that her heartbeat is racing for this guy and she wants his touch just like he melts in hers.

She applies "tikka" from her forehead to him and stays there holding him lovingly and had no desire to let him go.She mesmerized him by her possessiveness over him which he is pretty much aware of that in his case for her.But today he is stunned seeing her feeling that.Other side  her proximity, her inebriated beauty , her captivated essence made him gulp his hankering desires to hold her so close for forever.They both remained under the spell of each other in couple of seconds and relived those moments again...indeed"what you feel I feel too..." Today Khushi is in that state where he was during Heer Ranjha act...but this time  she breaks the spell...which brings him back to his terms and he leaves the room by removing her "tikka" meaning rejecting her without knowing that She is the North Star who is showing him way to love...

iss pyar ko kya naam doon...

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Picture credit: supriya.arshi

You must remember this
  A kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh
The fundamental things apply
As time goes by...

From the absolute classic... Casablanca,
a lovely song of love for a serial that feels like a classic.
and really, is a kiss ever just a kiss.

No matter what the future brings
As time goes by...

A look at the movie references in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
as there are plenty and they add to our exploration. If you spot one,
please do send in with your thoughts, we'll post it here.

Episode 72... it's soocide time. And to sweeten death, a pinch of mishri.
    When Sholay was released in the mid seventies, who'd have thought that in the second decade of 2000, more than 35 years later, it would have such resonance with the audience. Veeru's "soocide soocide," and "Buddhi going jail, chakki peesing peesing," empty bottle in hand, atop a tank, drunk, slurring and so very cute became part of our language and shared memory. In it a lightness and froth the years never took away. Writers of IPK, clearly movie buffs, decided to resort to a classic cult scene to start off this super wacky week of IPK. Great choice. And really, Sanaya was a fabulous Veeru. I hope Dharmendra saw this scene.


Some of our contributors have been regularly posting their work on the threads. Here is an index of their works.
..Anita..'s Index  - For impactful analysis and hilarious comments  
ArshiHamesha's Index  - For detailed analysis replete with symbolisms, connections, pauses
BarunDiwani's Index  - For indepth analysis and the superhit drool corner
Chalhov's Index  - For picture stories and songs
cinthiann1758's Index  - For detailed takes and interesting titles 
DurgaS's Index - For original poems and parodies
indi52's Index- For reviews that make you glide through the air and water
Katelyn's Wonderland - For a collection of promos, vms, sbs/sbb videos
samin6's Index - For out of the box reviews of episodes
sohara's Index - For analysis replete with new words and vms
supriya.arshi's Collages - For amazing picture collages and episodic pictorial edits
wiwy's index - For some mind-boggling riddles

Some other links
Blasters' Takes Index - Links of Analysis, picture edits, poems, videos, etc. 
Thobda poems - Poems and parodies by the blasters on the thobda
News updates  Updates about the happenings on the thread 
Engagement Discoveries- A combined post of blasters on the IPK 2nd Anniversary Thread
The Thobda Post- An Entertaining thobda post containing poems by the blasters and picture edits based on them by supriya.arshi. This post is made on the occasion of BS's birthday on Team Sobtians thread.
BS's Birthday post-  The combined post of blasters on Barun Sobti's birthday thread
SI's Birthday post The combined post of blasters on Sanaya Irani's birthday thread
AD's Birthday post-  The combined post of blasters on Akshay Dogra's birthday thread
DB's Birthday post- The combined post of blasters on Daljeet Bhanot's birthday thread

* * *

with the IPK stars by the blasters
Some of our blasters have been lucky to interact with the IPK stars in different ways.
1. Ami managed to send a letter to Sarun  Embarrassed 
2. Katelyn has met Sanaya at the Artesia festival 😃
3. Wiwy has had a phone conversation with Barun  Blushing
4. Indi wrote a note on behalf of Team Sobtians which Barun read, intently  Wink
5. Wiwy's dream is fulfilled at last. She met Barun 😃 
* * *
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M O M E N T S   F R O M   B L A S T  #22

Javeria's first edit


Jisko jee jaan se chahte hai jab unke nazron ke samne paate hai
tab aakhen bolti hai .. zubaan nahi
ye hum jaante hain.. ye aap jaante hain
aise mein sawaal wahi kate hai
jinhe pyar kya hai iski hawa tak nahin..

Heer Ranjha with aarwen's very first edit

Sirf Ek Baat Ka Matlab Hai... IssPKaur's edit

S H O W  O F  H A N D S

 A conversation between MehreenB and ArshiHamesha on hands and their talk.


Lovely Edits by all 😊

There is something in this edit which I want to explore.

His hand is up and upper hand is always called a "giver" hand while the bottom is receiver one.This is reminding me the scene when her earring got stuck to his heart and he gave it to her.That day day she heard his heartbeat first time.That day he accepted Khushi's forgiveness and found her innocence .Then her earrings was in his palm after Teri meri when he had her heart after Diwali meaning he accepted it.That day he had her trust in him during dance at each and every level.Butthat trust got shattered again after forced marriage on both sides.Her earring got stuck again into his heart after Gparvesh to remind and register her innocence but he was not in any state.

Today again in this scene he is showing her his trust and she is taking it with her demanding haq and assurance from her side.She will always be receiver if he is a giver as ALWAYS.

Today she shows him the way back to her by conveying him that she knows how to read his eyes and knows how he feels and all.He tells her whatever he did to hurt her ,it means nothing because that's what he never wanted it.He was just making him feel better but the TRUTH is he is  always with her in this feeling.Fadak padta hai kyuonke...has converted to main hamesha Hamesha tum se...

"I love You Khushi" is the next STOP by holding her POM POM...



Absolutely fabulous explanation for hands positions...😊

His hand is always a giver one as u mentioned after Teri meri , he holds her hand and put her earrings in her palm and he closes that palm...that is one irony action there.He gives his heart and trust in her hand but go one step behind...Epi 124 .He put her ring in the palm of her hand as he was trying to reverse the HURT he gave her on Diwali night with his heart to her but she snatched her hand but did ACCEPT The ring from him...

Then Teri meri comes...after that he gives her SWEETS , persaad...again his hand is in that position but she receives it with both hands without moving her hands..

But now he is holding her Jhumka and she puts her hand under him to ask him with her right and emanding it and he gives her what is hers...but again denies it and she takes it as her samman , respect is again in the line so she thows the Jhumka..meaning him and his thoughts that whatever she will do it won't work but this is again in anger and rage but in reality they are coming closer than ever.

OK lets take all the things...he was caressing till now

1-her pearls...round circular objects in his palm caressing before he throws em.He ends up throwing money at her for bringing her home for his Di.
2-Payal...Round around your anklet he was holding at his level...just like this earring.

He accepts her his no matter what.and then he returns her bowing down

3-Her Jhumkas to his heart...circular  yet dangling piece[deep meaning] he takes out from his jacket lovingly and gives her with respect and exchange of looks. 
4-His hoop earring on teri meri ...again round .He gives her in her palm trust in her is budding.
5--Jhumka on Greh Parvesh...round...he takes it out and gives her back with nast look yet with love and care in removing process as her care and love is still there.which runs all the way end

6-Maa's kangan which he puts on her one hand by sitting in front of her but look at the holding at his level.That day she was accepted by him unintentionally.

6-today again Jhumka...round...that is his demand to get her inhis embrace as his desires are winning him over his hate.Today she accepts her feelings for him openly and he did too but he wants his assurance the way she is giving him buy putting her hand down that I accept your dominance on me.You are the one ...but he needs time.One thing is clear he couldn't hide from her...such a right he is giving her and she is receiving it but he jerks out here again...

ALL these are the ones which completes them...but Jhumkas are dangling...release negative energy within...he is caressing all those elements but this one piece is close to his heart yes he is remembering all at this point which is paining him but at the same time his longing towards her is increasing...He wants her next to him o love her to cherish her and that's what he was doing on HOLI , in Bhaang but today he doesn't have that excuse either and she knows it and she wants to hear it but he is still in the mode of getting control of the situation and disregards her again and leaves her frustrated.
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Episode 225

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ArshiHamesha ... Language of Silence Episode225
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Lagi Shart Special
ArshiHamesha ... Dhak dhak train
Horizon ... The Romance  
Dupatta Special
ArshiHamesha ...   Journey of Duppatta 

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Blaster Ladies we are reaching to a hallmark of threads...never thought we will be making it so far.
This Thread is special and close to my heart as always and my second home no matter how many different places I write, enjoy but my heart lies here no matter what .

23  represents to success, wealth and incarnation in character where 2+3= 5 represents the union of heaven and Earth...and it is also a wedding number which brings balance and accord in the relationships.

Durga, lovely opening lines and I love all of em...Clap

A restlessness to see a beautiful face
A determination to stay clear of any words of hate
Shaitan and Sundari form part of her tale
Is the story too a part of their fate?
A turn of events as the plot, from serious becomes silly
Laad Governor was so much better than Swami
But magical moments don't stop from coming
A fleeting tika scene, becomes so endearing

Indi beautiful edit of SundariClap...but where is Shitan...cute one with the kids ...
             he wants to eat Harpreet by a deal
             but can't wait that much for his meal
I agreed with you with this OTT but I don't know why I loved that too , only certain aspects of Gupta track makes me irritated like , gobar scene, mechanic one, taking shower in public ...that was not Khushi because she was keeping his respect at front and upmost in worse then why now.anyway IPK in it's worse is better than anything...

Katelyn you are challenging me now with each edit you make.Now the website you put at the bottom , how it works .You have to have to tell me.I am dying to find out.PLZ pretty PLZ.Awesome gif ClapStar and thnx for the music and sexy Tikka dialogues...

Supi lovely bannerClap, I loved the color on each picture.Thnx.

All the blasters , new and old ...once again 


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Episode 225


First Telecast on Friday, 6th April 2012

Full episode links
Thanks, Katelyn,for all the links.

Credit for the videos: Respective uploaders

Please click here to see

Blasters Take Episode 219 - 224
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