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For all those people looking for updates, start looking here. Big smile

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Permission from *Shruti*
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June 9

June 10

June 11

June 12

June 13

June 16

June 17

June 18

June 19

June 20

June 23

June 24

June 25

June 26

June 27

June 30
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July 1

July 2

July 3

July 4
July 7

July 8

July 9

July 10
July 11
July 14

July 15

July 16

July 17

July 18
July 21

July 22

July 23

July 24

July 25

July 28

July 29

July 30

July 31
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1st August

4th August

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--DOTW- Dada Dadi ki jugalbandi--

June WUs

--Written Update--10th June.

August WUs

Today's episode belonged to Hemant Ghotala
Ghotalas Rocked the Episode Today!!!
Pritesh the Savior Pritesh the Villain Bachcha
Arabian Night Theme Mehendi Party to continue on Monday
Bhairavi, Hemant & Vasant Show Stealers today... at least for me
The Bachelors Party begins today!
Entry of Two New Characters today
High Command at his best today LOL!
Finally Sharad is apologetic towards Manav
Fathichar Damaad Vs. Daayan Sasuma - The war begins
VV were magical today while sasuma was hillarious
Musical Episode Full on Dance, Dhamaal & Masti
Varsha goes missing
555 Vs Urvashi today
Chalo bhaag ke shaadi karte hain...kachra mohabbat wala
Finally Wedding Track Over but... tai tai phish LOL!
Bhulakkad Don Enters BDSAH today!
Vasant as Bhairavi Rocked the Episode!!!

September WUs

Sharad bani bhairavi - asli bhairavi bani garba teacher
Classes on Gadha's language LOL! Ghotalas trapped from all sides :(:(
An Episode full of imagination & craziness
Ghotalas in tension while Bhairavi is tension free
Logical Sharad saves himself - Ghotalas plan for a Satyagraha
Two Bhairavis at Bhatt House - The Robbery Begins!!!
Ghotalas trapped in their own Trap!!!
Hemant leaves for Ahemdabad - Baal Kishan ka Aashirwaad laane
Hemant giri brings Hemant back to Ghotala House
Bhairavi-Hemant Disappear
Hemant gets blessings from Krishna - Dus Avatar Competition Begins!
Dus Avatar Competition ends - Ojha's birthday track starts
Ghotalagiri N Ghotalapanti is in the Air
Ghotalas are the winners LOL!
Preparations for Ganesh Chaturthi start
Varsha - The Drop Dead Gorgeous Stunning Barkha
Varsha throws Vasant out of Ghotala House
Vasant makes Varsha angry once again - Sharad is no delicate darling
Water-cut problem starts - Vasant disappears Liza appears
As always All Blame on Ghotalas :(
Sunshine Colony Zindabaad!
Ganesh's entry in Sunshine Colony

October WUs 

Vasant is back!!! Suspense is back!!!
Bhavana to live with Ghotalas
Update Done!
Everybody is Going Mad with their New Partner in a New House ;)
Plan of 3 idiots working
The Side-effect of the 3 Idiots' Plan
Hemant - The Nine-headed Raavan LOL!
There's a Snake at Ghotala House LOL!
Finally Vasant says those three magical words to Varsha LOL!
Beware! An Alien has been detected!
Pritesh is back to make Ghotalas' lives hell
Bhairavi giri Zindabaad!!!
Revelation: Bhairavi had seen Hemant the Alien
555 makes Vasant's life miserable
Hawa mein udtaa jaaye Vasant ki sasuma 555...ho ji ho ji :P
Manav is hurt with Shana's closeness...he really is...but not angry :(
Manav to fight back for his love - 555 creates fight between VV
Once again 555 creates a fight between VV - Vasant & Ojha to work
2 in 1 Episode Update
ojha is in love update 29 october
Murli is Toffee's Jaanu - Bhavana continues feeding BA Bhadresh

[Continuation in page 2]
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Please peep in. Sign Up Sheet for GOTW. [Done].
The sign-up sheet for GOTW-June!
Sign-up sheet for the GOTW. (Dec/Jan).

*~GOTW: Sawal ka jawab sawal se ~*
~~GOTW - Food Antakshari~~
GOTW-jhoot bole kawa kaate
GOTW-Rate the character
~~GOTW~~ .Replace With Toothpaste. [CLOSED].
*~GOTW~*..||Instant Reaction||.. [CLOSED]
~*GOTW~* Ban The Above Person. [CLOSED]
|| GOTW : Words & Emoticons. ||
GOTW:character dialogues
--GOTW- Crazy/Fool/Insane--
GOTW - B language
GOTW:Spread a rumor
-GOTW- Email Address.
~GOTW~ **Ek do teen...**
GOTW- Colour name.
GOTW you need to peep in ;-) gossiping
BDSAH Game:Alphabet time
Game time
BDSAH GOTW : words ending with T in alphabetical order
BDSAH GOTW : Like or Dislike?
BDSAH GOTW : Fill in the blanks!!
~BDSAH GOTW~ : Name Place Animal Thing
BDSAH GOTW : Intangible words
BDSAH GOTW - "The Perception Game"
game time-Name place


Please peep in. Sign Up Sheet for MOTW. [DONE].

Ghotala/Ghotali Alien Of The Week. The Official MOTW # 1. [CLOSED].
Ghotala/Ghotali Alien Of The Week. The Official MOTW # 2.
Ghotala/Ghotali alien of the week # 3. [CLOSED]
Ghotala/Ghotali Alien Of The Week # 4. Official MOTW. [CLOSED]
Ghotala/Ghotali Alien Of The Week # 5. Official MOTW.
--Ghotala/Ghotali alien of the week # 6--


BDSAH COTM I: Creations

Banner Contest

*Badi Door Se Aaye Hain Banner Contest*
*Badi Door Se Aaye Hain Banner Contest - VOTING I*
*Badi Door Se Aaye Hain Banner Contest - VOTING II*
Badi Door Se Aaye Hain Banner Contest - Winner!

Banner Contest 2

BDSAH 2nd Banner Contest(Extended till 4th June)

Chat Clubs

||BDSAH:::::Chat Club||
Badi dur se aaye hai chat club house
Alien Express CC # 3.

Atkofy Contest

~||a...a...a..Atkofy Contest-Participate Now||~
~||a...a...a..Atkofy Contest-Voting Round||~
~||a...a...a..Atkofy Contest-Voting Round-2||~
~||a...a...a..Atkofy Contest Results||~

BDSAH 1st Anniversary Celebrations

~*BDSAH 1st Anniversary Discussion Thread*~
~Celebrating One Year Full of Ghotalgi & Masti~

BDSAH 2nd Anniversary Celebrations

BDSAH 2nd Anniversary Discussion Thread

BDSAH 500th Episode Celebrations

Discussion thread: Celebration of 500 epis... imp note pg 5
~Celebration of 500 Episodes of "Badi Door Se Aaye Hain"~
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~~Daily Episode Discussion Thread~~ 31st march
~~Daily Episode Discussion Thread~~ 1st april.
~~Daily Episode Discussion Thread~~ 2nd april.
~~Daily Episode Discussion Thread~~ 3rd april.
~~Daily Episode Discussion Thread~~ 6th april.
~~Daily Episode Discussion Thread~~ 7th April.
~~Daily Episode Discussion Thread~~ 8th April.
~~Daily Episode Discussion Thread~~ 9th April.
~~Daily Episode Discussion Thread~~ 10th April.
Daily Episode Discussion Thread. 14th April.
Daily Episode Discussion Thread. 15th April.
Daily Episode Discussion Thread. 23rd April.
Daily Episode Discussion Thread. 24th April.
Daily Episode Discussion Thread. 27th April.
Daily Episode Discussion Thread. 29th April.
Daily Episode Discussion Thread. 30th April.
Daily Episode Discussion Thread. 1st May.
Daily Episode Discussion Thread. 4th May.
Daily Episode Discussion Thread. 5th May.
Daily Episode Discussion Thread. 6th May.
Daily Episode Discussion Thread. 7th May.
Daily Episode Discussion Thread. 8th May.
Daily Episode Discussion Thread. 11th May.
Daily Episode Discussion Thread. 12th May.
Daily Episode Discussion Thread. 13th May.
Daily Episode Discussion Thread. 14th May.
Daily Episode Discussion Thread. 15th May.
~Daily Ghotalapanti~ 18th May.
--Daily Ghotalapanti-- ~19th May~
---Daily Ghotalapanti---20th May---
--Daily Ghotalapanti-- 21st may.
--Daily Ghotalapanti--22nd May--
--Daily Ghotalapanti--25th May--
--Daily Ghotalapanti--26th May--
--Daily Ghotalapanti--27th May--
--Daily Ghotalapanti--28th May--
--Daily Ghotalapanti--29th May--
--Daily Ghotalapanti--1st June--
--Daily Ghotalapanti--2nd June--
--Daily Ghotalapanti--3rd June--
--Daily Ghotalapanti--4th June--
--Daily Ghotalapanti--5th June--
--Daily Ghotalapanti--8th June--
--Daily Ghotalapanti--9th June--
--Daily Ghotalapanti--10th June--
--Daily Ghotalapanti--11th June--
--Daily Ghotalapanti--12th June--
--Daily Ghotalapanti--15th June--
--Daily Ghotalapanti--16th June--
--Daily Ghotalapanti--17th June--
--Daily Ghotalapanti--18th June--
--Daily Ghotalapanti-- 19th June--
--Daily Ghotalapanti-- 22th June--
--Daily Ghotalapanti-- 23th June--
--Daily Ghotalapanti-- 24th June--
--Daily Ghotalapanti-- 25th June--
--Daily Ghotalapanti-- 26th June--
--Daily Ghotalapanti-- 29th June--
--Daily Ghotalapanti-- 30th June--
--Daily Ghotalapanti-- 1st July--
--Daily Ghotalapanti-- 2nd July--
--Daily Ghotalapanti-- 3rd July--
--Daily Ghotalapanti-- 6th July--
--Daily Ghotalapanti-- 7th July--
--Daily Ghotalapanti-- 8th July--
--Daily Ghotalapanti-- 9th July--
--Daily Ghotalapanti-- 10th July--
--Daily Ghotalapanti-- 13th July--
--Daily Ghotalapanti-- 14th July--
--Daily Ghotalapanti-- 15th July--


~~Scene Of The Day~~ 30th April.
~~Scene Of The Day~~ 1st May.
~~Scene Of The Day~~ 4th May.
~~Scene Of The Day~~ 5th May.
~~Scene of the day~~ 6th May.
~~Scene of the day~~ 7th May.
~~Scene of the day~~ 8th May.
~~Scene of the day~~ 11th May.
~~Scene of the day~~ 12th May.
~~Scene of the day~~ 13th May.
~~Scene of the day~~ 14th May.
~~Scene of the day~~ 15th May.
~Scene of the day~~ 18th May.
--Scene of the day-- ~19th May~
~Nazrana of the day~~ 20th May.
--Nazrana of the day-- 21st may.
--Nazrana of the day--22nd May--
--Nazrana Of The Day--25th May--
--Nazrana Of The Day--26th May--
-Nazrana Of The Day--27th May--
-Nazrana Of The Day--28th May--
--Nazrana Of The Day--29th May-- 
--Nazrana of the day--1st June--
--Nazrana Of The Day--2nd June--
--Nazrana Of The Day--3rd June--
--Nazrana Of The Day--4th June--
--Nazrana Of The Day--5th June--
--Nazrana Of The Day--8th June--
--Nazrana Of The Day--9th June--
--Nazrana Of The Day--10th June--
--Nazrana Of The Day--11th June--
--Nazrana Of The Day--12th June--
--Nazrana Of The Day--15th June--
--Nazrana Of The Day--16th June--
--Nazrana Of The Day--17th June--
--Nazrana Of The Day--18th June--
--Nazrana of the day-- 19th June--
--Nazrana of the day-- 22th June--
--Nazrana of the day-- 23th June--
--Nazrana of the day-- 24th June--
--Nazrana of the day-- 25th June--
--Nazrana of the day-- 26th June--
--Nazrana of the day-- 29th June--
--Nazrana of the day-- 30th June--
--Nazrana of the day-- 1st July--
--Nazrana of the day-- 2nd July--
--Nazrana of the day-- 3rd July--
--Nazrana of the day-- 6th July--
--Nazrana of the day-- 7th July--
--Nazrana of the day-- 8th July--
--Nazrana of the day-- 9th July--
--Nazrana of the day-- 10th July--
--Nazrana of the day-- 13th July--
--Nazrana of the day-- 14th July--
--Nazrana of the day-- 15th July--

Appreciation Threads


|Sumeet Raghavan AT#1|
Sumeet Raghavan aka Mr. Ghotala " The Heart Stealer"~AT#1
Sumeet raghvan/ Vasant Ghotala AT 2#" Anytime professorgiri"
Sumeet Raghvan AT 3 # " Bholepan Ke Sardar"
Sumeet Raghvan AT 4# "2 Chatur Naar, Ghotala Phasa bekar"


|Rupali Bhosale AT 1| *Heein*
Rupali Bhosle AT 2 "Yummy Mummy"
[*]Rupali Bhosle AT 3 " Roop Sundari"[*]

SR (Bhairu)

Shruti Rawat aka Bhairavi "to barober" bhatt AT#1
Shruti rawat-" Human Alien"#AT 2
Shruti rawat # AT 3 " Bholi si Surat aankho mein masti"
Shruti rawat # AT 4 " Ghotala putri"
Shruti Rawat AT 5 " Tum Na Kabhi Badalna"
Shruti Rawat AT 6 # "Ye Chori Antique Piece Hai"
Shruti Rawat AT 7 **Nasamajh Baa Ki Laadli**
Shruti Rawat AT # 8 *Sone Ka Dil Peetal Ka Dimag*
Shruti rawat AT # 9 *Matlab Baad Me Samjhane Ka Kya Matlab*

Punit Talreja aka hemant"cutest eee" ghotala AT~1
Puneet Talreja/ Hemant Ghotala AT#2" Mann ka sachha"
Puneet Talreja/ Hemant Ghotala AT 3 "Super natural Ghotala"
Puneet Talreja/Hemant Ghotala AT 4 " Superpower Distributor"
Puneet talreja / Hemant Ghotala AT # 5 "Tumsa Koi Aur Kaha"


Shanav aka Vradeep AT 1#"Two cool guys"
Shanav aka Vradeep AT 2# " ye dosti hum nahi todenge"
Shanav aka Vradeep AT 3 # "Human-alien dostana"
Shanav aka Vradeep AT # 4 " Tere Jaisa Yaar Kaha"
Shanav aka Vradeep AT#5"Friends For Eternity "


|Ghotala Express|# AT 1 Exclusively frm Ghotalanagari
~|Ghotala Express|~#AT2 "Beyond Humans, Better Humans"


~VAVA #AT 1~ 'Tum Dil ki Dhadkan me rehte ho"
~VAVA #AT 2~ "Hum Do Dil, Ek Dhadkan!!"


Devi !!!!!... Padmavati Devi!!!!!- AT
Padmavati Devi aka Jia AT#1 "Drama Princess"
|Aryan Prajapati/Pritesh Bhatt| #AT 1 *Sherlock Holmes*
PunitShruti AT#1 - HemantBhairavi (HemRavi).[*EDITED* See pg 1]
Rocking Devar Bhabhi
Chandrabhan&Ramdulari AT#1 'Adhbhut Jodi'
BhaBha aka PuSh AT#1 'Saas Bahu express'
~BhaMuRo #AT1~ "1 jagah jab jama ho 3, Amar Akbar Anthony!"
2015 aka Amit Dolawat AT#1 'Junior Professor Ghotala'

Birthdays & Events/Congratulatory threads & Others

Ruby - our new SENIOR MEMBER
..Merry Christmas..
Happy Lohdi..Pongal..Sankrant..
Happy new year friends..
Congo New dazzler in town Rushar aka nehal
Happy Birthday Anna/Bhavna khatri
~*Sumeet B-day discussion thread*~
~*Happy Birthday Sumeet Raghavan||Betaj Baadshah Of Comedy||*~
BDSAH: completed 200 episodes !!!!
Happy Mother's Day.
Congratzzz 30 pages!!
.::Happy Birthday Punit Talreja::.
~Happy Birthday Nehel~
Happy Friendships Day!!
Happy birthday ghotalaz :)
happy birthday to our hemant mata...
happy new year bdsahain's
Happy Journey!!!!! AnjuDarling!!!!!!
We are number one!!
Happy Birthday Pradeep Duhan akka MANAv...
Happy Birthday Vinay Rohra!!!! akka Sharad Ghotala
Happy Women's Day... Cheers to all gals & women's of the world...
Happy Holi to all!!!!
Happy birthday Neelam Pathania aka Lajjo aunty!
Happy Birthday Sumeet Raghavan akka Vasant Ghotala!!!
Happy Birthday Ku Twins!!!
Happy Birthday NO!!!!
Happy Birthday My dearest friend MTA!!!
Happy Mother's Day!!!!
Happy birthday barfi
Happy birthday Puneet Talreja akka Hemant Ghotala
Happy wala Birthday Shruti Rawat!!!!!

Note: Thanks to ...Rushar... for helping me out.
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Writers' Corner

Holi scene :) my imagination :D
AnSh OS: Prom Night
AnSh OS: ye ladka hai deewana
Home - first OS on bdsah
Shana ff" tu mera sanam hua re"* chapter 1 page 4*
FF : Coin has two sides - Pure & Evil (Ch1-PG11)
SS- Manav's younger brother
Surprise -A Bhabhi Devar os
TS : Crashed hopes getting Destiny Shot-2/8
AnSh ff 'love story'
SS- Manna, The Lovebirds
FF: Transformation- Bhavna and Bhairavi- (Part -1 updated pg 3)


~Newletter Namkaran & Sign Up~
||BDSAH NL Namkaran Voting||
:||Final Name Of BDSAH NL & Information||:
~*Ajab Colony ke Gajab Khabrein.1-BDSAH Newsletter*~

Promotional Signature Contest

Badi Door Se Aaye Hain Promotional Siggy Contest (Closed)
Badi Door Se Aaye Hain PSC Voting Round (Closed)
BDSAH Promotional Siggy Contest Winners

Other Important Threads

Counting BDSAH members-9 til nw
||TRP Thread::BDSAH falls to 3rd(Page 2)::||
~Official TRP Thread OF BDSAH~UPDT pg1
Character List
|| How To Increase Forum Rank ||
~~Member's Introductions~~
Badi Door Se Aaye Hay Birthday Calendar.
BDSAH Creation Gallery #1
..BaDi DoOr Se AaYe HaIn Picture Gallery..NO COMMENTS!
Sab ke anokhe awards 2015 _Vote for BDSAH
BDSAH cast twitter feeds
Bdsah vm thread
Bdsah Slam Book
Hiyuu's Creation Gallery... updated 58
Vote for Badi Door...(BDSAH) for BEST SHOW on SAB
jay shree krishna padhaaro mhare des 
Atka Man..
CVs Plz take a look:The unveiled tracks &unanswered questions
~IF Ki Sunshine Colony-By Members~ RULE ADDED
 ***'IF ki Sunshine Colony 2'***
TB: Badi Door Se Aaye Hain to go off air
Discuss:BDSAH to go off air?
peep in ..a very beautiful surprise for u guys
Kunsh's Collage Gallery (Update:Pg 1)
Show Ab 10pm ko aayga


bdsah sbs segment
BDSAH on shoot location video (2 Apr) Another video on PG-2
On Location UPDATED 24.04.15
behind the scene on sets of BDSAH
Hemant ka ishk videolink added
BDSAH IF videos
Click Here to Watch All Episodes
420 dada and 90 dadi jump into the pool
SBS Segment
SBB Segment :azab-shaadi-ki-gazab-rasmein-
SAB ki holi :BDSAH stars
New Promo of 2015 - Bhairavi, Ojha or Manav ?
New mysterious promo about 2015


"I have not restricted myself only to comedy." - Sumeet Raghavan
"I don't believe in comparing and I am not a comparative person." - Aatish Kapadia
"It feels great when you get such kind of a role which relates to you" - Bakhtiyaar Irani
Tee and Bee has become a brand: Tanaaz Currim Irani
"I am thankful that I can easily relate to the character of Liza" :Tanaaz Currim Irani
Analysis of TV shows which have gained high TRPs!
"Having a theatre background helps you to become flexible" : Rupali Bhonsale
Shows celebrating Raksha Bandhan!
Televison shows celebrating Ganesha Utsav!
Liza and Ronnie Dsouza welcome Deva Shri Ganesha on Badi Door Se...!
Popular faces and singers on the set of upcoming show Family Antakshari # Baithe Baithe Kya Kare!
Tanaaz and Bakhtiyaar to groove on the Garba beats in Badi Door Se Aaye Hain!
Navratri fever among TV shows!!
Dance mania on the sets of Badi door Se Aaye Hain!
TV actors support Swach Bharat Abhiyan!!
As a producer our job is to spot finest talent to make a best show - JD Majethia
We have full freedom to improvise our characters - Sumeet Raghavan
The characters are well sketched in the show so they are all identical - Bakhtiyaar Irani
Amit Varma to enter Badi Door Se Aaye Hain!
Sangram Singh spends his day with under priviliged kids on Children's Day!
Its party time in Badi Door Se Aaye Hain!
Sunshine Colony goes Retro for New Year's on Badi Door Se Aaye Hain!
Sankrant celebration in Badi Door Se aaye Hai Hum '
Its 'Makar Sankranti' celebrations in TV shows!
Exchange of roles in Badi Door Se Aaye Hain!
Jaswinder Gardner enters Badi Door Se Aaye Hain!
Bigg Boss contestants who are successful!
Romance, dance and fun in SAB TV's Badi Door Se Aaye Hain!
Actors speak about their plans of Holi!!
Sumeet Raghavan performs at Rann Utsav
Badi Door Se Aaye Hai leads missing from the SAB TV's Holi celebration SAB Ka Rangotsav
Actors talk about Women's Day!
Badi Door Se Aaye Hain completes 200 episodes!
Pradeep Duhan to enter Badi Door Se Aaye Hain!
Ghotala family to groove on the dance beats on Badi Door Se Aaye Hain!
A love triangle between Manav, Anna & Sharad!
Who will Anna choose as her partner in SAB TV's Badi Door Se Aaye Hain?
Kabhi Neem Neem Kabhi Shehed Shehed!
Actors wish on the occasion of Gudi Padwa!
It is very hard to impress me - Rupali Bhonsale
When Pradeep Duhan laid on an ice brick
Bakhtiyaar Irani turns a director!
Actors and their pranks!
I enjoy working with Bakhtiyaar Irani: Sumeet Raghavan
Rupali Bhosle gets a surprise letter
Varun Hemraj Khandelwal to re-enter Badi Door Se Aaye Hain!
Nimisha Vakharia turns lawyer on Badi Door Se Aaye Hain!
Hats Off Productions' next on SAB TV!
Ghotala Family to fall into another trouble on Badi Door Se Aaye Hain!
Celebration of Janeu - Brahmin festival on the sets of Badi Dooor Se Aaye Hain
Amit Varma to enter Badi Door Se Aaye Hain!
 Top 10 Families on Indian TelevisionWill the world come to know about aliens residing on earth in Badi Door Se...?
Vandana Pathak and Dipesh Shah to feature on Badi Door Se Aaye Hai!
Aliens get a taste of Mumbai's lifestyle in Badi Door Se Aaye Hai
"I am doing a Marathi film after 25 years" - Sumeet Raghavan
Badi Door Se Aaye Hain completes a year!
Difficult to sustain comedy: Sumeet Raghavan
Bakhtiyaar Irani takes English Lessons on Badi Dooor Se Aaye Hai
 Urvashi Dholakia Turns Alien!
 Bhakhtyar Irani, actor or reality actor!!!
 Badi Door Se Aaye Hai completes its successful 300 episodes!
 Fire on the Sets of Badi Door Se Aaye Hai!
 Check out: New faces on Badi Door Se Aaye Hai!
 Ronnie becomes Ronnieta!
Actress Aaditi Gowitrikar to be a part of Badi Door Se Aaye Hai!
 Sumeet Raghavan to lose his memory in 'Badi Dooor Se Aaye Hain' !
 Sumeet Raghavan to loose his memory in 'Badi Dooor Se Aaye Hain'!
 #Christmas Special: TV celebs share their Christmas joys and wishes!
#BestOf2015 : Top 5 Supernatural Characters of Indian television!
Check out: Is Manav Ghotala's lost son, 2015 ?
 Check out: Navina Bole to create a new love triangle on a TV show!
Valentine Special:TV actors talk about their Valentine!
Badi Door Se Aaye Hain to witness two new entries!
Manjushree Kulkarni to play a flamboyant character in her next!
Bakhtiyaar Irani loses 18 kgs for his show Badi Door Se Aaye Hain!
A New ANGLE in Sumeet Raghavan's life in 'Badi Door Se Aaye Hain'?
Checkout: Sumeet Raghavan's epic look in 'Badi Dooor Se Aaye Hain'
  Is Badi Door Se Aaye Hai not bidding adieu yet?
Look which Balaji actor is entering in an Alien show!
#MothersDayspecial: Look how important are mothers for our favorite TV celebs!
Look which actress is trying her hand at cricket!

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