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Posted: 2 years ago

Welcome to the official forum centre for all 

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 stories!


This thread will contain the links to all stories made on EDKV 2!

Let's get to know the categories included-

One-shots- The story should be posted in One post itself. The length doesn't matter!

Two/Three shots- The story should be posted in Two/Three posts respectively. The length doesn't matter!

Short Story- The story should be posted in 4-10 posts. The length doesn't matter!

Fan-fiction- The story should be posted in more than 10 posts. The length doesn't matter!

Drabble- Short story with around 100 words in a single post.

Miscellaneous- All miscellaneous creative posts will be included in this! 

All writers will be allowed to make a single post and update it whenever they wish to.

Please add a summary so that the readers get a basic idea!

While posting your work categorize it as shown above and paste the links.

Eg. Member 1 makes a post:

One shot-

The moon

Member 1 edits the post after a month to add a SS and it looks like this-

One Shot- 

The moon

Short Story-

The sun

DO NOT make separate posts for each of your artwork!

DO NOT chat under this thread!

If you have any queries regarding this post please post them in the Chat Club!

P.S- Permission by DushtKanya!

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Posted: 2 years ago

Pranushka_723 (Lavanya)



  • A SuVan drabble based on post-leap scene in the Army where both Suman and Shravan are at loggerheads!


  • Again a post-leap SuVan drabble based on the sacrifices and feelings of Capt. Suman Tiwari!



  • Shravan's POV post-leap!



  • It's Shravan's birhday and Suman is at her NCC camp. Will they meet and celebrate his birthday?

Khel Khel Mein

  • Suvan wish to go on a date but will they be able to overcome all trouble? Various fandoms come together either to support SuVan or hamper their date. The result is comic!

Bhul Bhulaiya!

  • Suvan have planned a date but Anika gate crash them. How will Suvan enjoy their date? Many fandoms come together and help Suvan. It's a comic OS again!

Lost In You

  • Suman is attending an wedding but ends up meeting someone there. What will her reaction be?

The Musical Fest!

  • A musical fest has been organised at the Cantonment. Peep in to know what funny, cute happenings occur!

The Moon Is Beautiful!

  • Shravan has confessed his feelings for Suman but does Suman feel the same? 


  • Shravan backs out from blood donation at the last moment and something unwanted happens! Peep into read the after-effects!


  • Set in post-leap scenario. Shravan has revealed about his relationship to his parents. Peep in to know what occurs next while Suman awaits the results.

Short Story-

United by Love

  • Suvan get separated due to a misunderstanding. They meet again but will they be able to come together this time?

Serendipity (Ongoing)

  • Devraj Malhotra has won he case and is free of all allegations. This news has given Suman's life a 180 degree turn. Peep in to know what will happen next when Suman will meet Shravan once again!
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Posted: 2 years ago



--- Drabbles ---

An Enchanting Agony


  • Two broken lovers find the beauty in pain and suffering together

Broken Hearts


  • Sometimes our words don't match what is in our hearts. Broken hearts must hide their true feelings. 

Kaise Hua


  • Shravan and Suman finally perform their play and Shravan accidentally reveals his true feelings for Suman 


--- One Shots ---

Ajnabee Ehsaas (Strange Feelings) 


  • Suman experiences odd feelings of attraction and possessiveness towards her friend, Shravan. Is she falling for him?

The Night is Still Young 


  • Suman steps into Shravan's Civilian world and they go to a party together where nothing goes right. Will their relationship be affected?

Call You Mine


  • Shravan and Suman have been dating for a while and they argue whether it is time to let everyone know of their relationship. Will they be able to reach common ground?

Clash of Ego


  • Suman draws Shravan's blood in the army and they both reminisce the time when there was a blood donation camp at their school but so much as changed between them since then. Will their ego let them accept their true feelings for each other?

Because It's You


  • Suman becomes curious about physical intimacy after reading a romantic novel and scandalous thoughts come across her mind about herself and Shravan. They discuss intimacy and consent but will they both feel comfortable to go onto the next stage of their relationship?

Forever and Always


  • Shravan and Suman are in a long-distance relationship as Suman is an army medical student and Shravan is a cadet. They cannot stop missing each other and realize that distance cannot tear them apart until tragedy strikes. 


--- Fan Fiction ---

A Thousand Years - Completed


  • Two teenage lovers are separated by an unfortunate event but they meet again years later in the army. Fate reunites and separate them multiple times in their lifetime. Their love is constantly challenged by heartbreaks and life-changing events. But, their eternal love is strong enough to overcome it all. Will those who are made for each other finally find their way back to one another?
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Posted: 2 years ago

Hey there

Welcome to BUCKY's fiction index...

Drabbles :

Boon and Bane

It's Shravan and Suman's wedding day but Suman's waiting for Major Malhotra to arrive...

Indefinite Proposal

Shravan decides to take Sumo out on a movie date and confess his feelings. Will the escapade be successful?

I Shall Never Tell

A Short Poem and Drabble depicting Shravan and Suman's agony of love.

One Shots : 

Forever And A Day

Shravan and Suman discuss their ambitions, future and the relationship they share while out on a drive through the streets of Bhopal.

Two Shots : Ongoing

Forbidden Love

A feud between the two neighboring families leaves the star crossed lovers torn apart. Will they have to meet behind everyone's backs? What happens if a secret is out?

A comical take on the duo we've come to adore.

Fan fictions :

Advices and Apologies

Shravan regrets breaking Suman’s heart, the girl who has his now. If only he could mend it. Can Shravan sort things out and win her trust back?

To what extent will the civilian go for his army buddy?

(Picking up from where episodes halted during the 2020 Lockdown)

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Posted: 2 years ago

My creations-

What women want- A SuVan OS- https://www.indiaforums.com/forum/topic/5175410

Shravan OS- WITH ME…. ALWAYS! - https://www.indiaforums.com/forum/topic/5173967

SuVan FF- Soul Mates - https://www.indiaforums.com/forum/topic/5174271

SuVan SS- Steal ur Girlfriend! - https://www.indiaforums.com/forum/topic/5178555


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Posted: 1 years ago

Life without you:


My first story here in forum...

and BMing here <3

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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 

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