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FF: Advices and Apologies

Shravan regrets breaking Suman’s heart, the girl who has his now. If only he could mend it. Can Shravan sort things out and win her trust back?

To what extent will the civilian go for his army buddy?


Hey guys, I wrote this FF, picking up from where we were left off in the show.

Do check out the first chapter in the subsequent post if you liked the little blurb.


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Chapter 1

Shravan glumly looked out of the window. It was drizzling. Odd for a mid-winter's Bhopal night but it had gone unnoticed. 

All memories of that day flashed before his eyes. How had he been so stupid to let some imbecile clowns take advantage of him. He was glad in a way to have broken up with Devika before matters had gotten serious between them though. But Sumo? How on earth was he going to cajole her, convince her of his sincere friendship, apologize for his childishness. He remembered her shattered face and it still sent chills down his spine. He had never seen her lose grasp over emotions barring only when it came to her father or the army. All the more, he had promised to never hurt her yet hadn't managed to keep it even for the night.

All the previous attempts had gone out for a toss. Sumo wasn't going to be fooled by some circus trick or a charming toothly smile which had all the other girls swooning.

"Maybe I should ring Bunty". The thought vanished as quickly as it had popped up. “Or perhaps not”. Shravan felt sorry for his dear friend who always stood by him like a solid rock. The shining cuckoo made a visit out of his pretty bird house to reveal it was 2 am. "Blimey! I cannot after all call anybody at this hour."

He strutted his way down the staircase. The lights were out, in his house as well as the neighbour's, as he peeked. "Of course", he thought to himself. "It'll be morning for them in a couple of hours" , and let out a half-hearted chuckle. He drew the curtains and made way to the sofa. Shravan saw some books lying across the table and made a definitive guess of Avani studying till late hours.

"Shravan?", said a quiet yet firm voice. Shravan flinched back alarmingly cause he hadn’t been expecting his father rested on one of the dining chairs in the dark of the room. Shravan guessed that he was working, from his half tilted laptop screen and that he had dozed off, by his watery red eyes.

"Shravan had you been studying?"

The question woke them both up from their sheepish states. Shravan thought of lying but he knew he fooled nobody. The truth was he was scared of lying anymore, to his friends, his family, his teachers. The grim look on Shravan, made Devraj to soften his glaze.

“Negative, I thought so. Avani was here accompanying me a while back..." His eyes widened as he checked the time on his wrist watch. "Living with army neighbours has certainly taken a toll on my late night tolerance", he laughed. He narrowed his eyes as if suddenly remembering. "You  should be sleeping son! Your principal wouldn't be so pleased with you turning up late for sch..."

"Sorry Papa, I am going to try to be a better son from hereon", Shravan cut him.

Devraj knew. Something was amiss, for his son had never really cared for anything in his life. Sulking or regretting was something sort of a foreign body in his blood. He hastily stamped down his half-titled laptop screen and perched himself on the  lounger to be nearer to the sofa chair Shravan was now seated on. 

Shravan felt his father’s soft pat on his shoulder. Isn’t it strange how quickly parents can decipher changing moods? Devraj had grown to be a stricter Dad but even Shravan couldn’t deny of him being a hands-on father.

“Beta, I know that army school can be tough”, he said finally, almost reassuring if Shravan was listening.

“And that I am a little too harsh on you at times”

“No Papa, it’s because I deserve it.”

Devraj let out a soft smile and patted harder this time.

“Look beta, I believe one cannot change their future. But one can certainly put in efforts to expect a better future."


Shravan was confused if he had heard his Papa right. He felt as if it were straight out of Sumo’s mouth.

Shravan gulped harder while Devraj's smile broadened from ear to ear; completely bereft of any slumber signs now.

“You sound just like Sumo”, Shravan said under his breath.

“Suman? Where did she come from?”

“Hold on, is this something to do with Suman? It is, isn’t it? Now come on, tell me what it is.”

Shravan confessed the truth and narrated how he had hurt the Colonel’s daughter without meaning to.

"I never thought things would go that sour, Papa. I was a fool to let it happen to me. I feel sorry for hurting her ", he ended.

"I see", Devraj spoke after ages. "It is natural for Suman to feel hurt." Shravan was surprised to see a relatively calmer Devraj. "Papa, aren't you mad at me?" Shravan asked mustering up courage.

"That depends. But then who doesn't commit mistakes. I can know Suman must mean a lot to you. Had it been not, you wouldn't be here asking your Dad of all people."

“But Papa...”

“I know Suman. She would never act against sense. Don’t let go of her Shravan”

“She won’t budge, Papa. Maybe I should just give up.”

“Listen beta, if there’s anything I’ve learned living with Colonel Saab is to never give up. On anything in life. And that true determination never fails."

“So Sumo shall forgive if I’m obstinate enough in my efforts?"

“Well that can’t be said son. You can always ask for forgiveness but  cannot guarantee for it to be accepted each time. What’s more important is how long you’re willing to take the ride.”

Shravan watched intently at his father’s strong figure.

“Never choose a renegade life, son. Especially during a relationship’s trying times. I’m sure Suman won’t turn a blind eye to your heartfelt.”

“You believe in your buddy, don’t you?”

“Yes I do”, said Shravan vehemently. A question he always knew the answer to.

“Then go for it puttar. I believe in you” , Devraj patted the hardest this time.

“.....and from what I’ve gathered; Suman has already managed to bring out those changes in you which I was incapable of for all these years."

Shravan looked away shyly. A rosy tinge creeping upon his cheeks. Devraj had now gotten up to the dining table to gather his laptop.

“Now off you go, it’s almost 3”, Devraj commanded. “I wouldn’t want your principal summoning me first thing in the morning."

Shravan followed obediently. His father had mustered up his lost spirits again. Or perhaps everything seems to work in tandem when you know your parents believe in you. He jutted out his chin with determination. He wasn’t ready to let go of his buddy just yet.

Shravan and Devraj exchanged glancing smiles before exiting to their respective rooms.

The rain had stopped outside. It always does. Shravan awaited a newer dawn.


A/N : Writing after a long gap and it feels so good drawing out the pen again. Sorry I wrote this chapter off the cuff, so to ignore any grammatical faux pas you may come across. I had a few impending assignments to take care of and this chapter/story took longer than it was supposed to lol! I hope you enjoy it.

I’ll proofread in a while and make the necessary repairs.

Comments are really appreciated. Silent readers, keep me in your good wishes :)

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Chpt 2 - Pg.4 | 14th May

Chpt 3 - Pg. 6 | 21st May

Chpt 4 - Pg.7 | 23rd May

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Here's my res even before you post the chapter.

Can't wait to read it Buckysmiley31


Great start Bucky!smiley20

A well written chapter! Loved the convo between the father-son duosmiley27 Is Devraj too shipping Suvan?smiley42 So Shravan will manaofy his Sumo now with more spiritsmiley40

Can't wait to read the next chaptersmiley9 but you should take your own timesmiley10

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Omg omg omg BUCKY!!! I loved it! Honestly, I like how Devraj and Shravan had a heart-to-heart conversation. This is much needed in the show as he is always shown yelling at Shravan. Can't wait for the next update!

Posted: 23 days ago

when devraj complimented suman!! loved the moment

Posted: 22 days ago

Awesome update. Loved father & son's conversation. Waiting for the next update. 

Kanikka Kapur Mohit Kumar Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 

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