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::Other FF::: 

Click the link to read them based on PKYEK about a vampire, ABHAY RAICHANDS, impossible LOVE story and his rise from darkness to light.

My Sixth FF

My Seventh FF
My Eighth FF on ABHINA aka Abhay and Alina
My Short Story

Abhiya Group FF Written by Aysha, Tanzie, Shivani, Swati and Gauri
:::One Shot Guess Whose Back? Abhay:::
:::One Shot I'll bring U back:::
:::One Shot Dance Off:::
:::One Shot The Runaway Bride:::
:::One Shot Second Chance Sid and Mets:::
:::One Shot My Disasterous Hell:::
:::One Shot I Dare U::: (Based on events after Birdie's engagement)
:::One Shot Kiss upon Kiss:::(Based on the after part of Danchi's engagement)
:::One Shot Destiny's Child:::
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:::One Shot::Abhina::Mine To Have & To Hold:::
:::One Shot::Abhay, Alina, Maithali::The One:::
:::One Shot::SidMetz::Lock Me In Your Love:::
:::VIvian VIshal SIdhanth AT One Shot::GROUPIES:::
:::One Shot Rise of the Phoenix:::After Abhay gets staked
:::One Shot LOVE BITES:::

IS PYAR KO KYA NAAM DU? ONE SHOTS & SS based on Arnav's love being realised by a mere small town girl
:::One Shot ::Desi Cocktail Party All Night Long:::
:::Short Story ::Arnav & Khushi's Valentine Wedding:::
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:::An adrenaline pumping action filled OS:::

Caring for humans had brought Abhay nothing but misery thanks to his penchant for loving what was against his nature in the form of the delectable Pia Dobrial. Abhay would never regret burning in the fire of LOVE because it gave him food for thought and a cause worth fighting for. Love bit him him hard and now he was infected with this virus wanting to find a resolution and a solution to all of their woes. Alina had been bitten by Abhay's lovefilled eyes. Alina had Love bites all over her HEART but she knew the reality was far from the truth being Abhay loved another and she'd always be a friend. For Abhay even this was accepted. Alina wanted unity and peace and would side with Abhay no matter the outcome even if it meant she was a casualty in all of this. Abhay had taught her what Love was all about having starved of it her entire life and Pia was the human friend she'd never counted on showing her what True Love was really about. The pair had taught her True Love was accepting each other as they truly were and not be afraid of what the world thought of their love. Dying in Love and living for each other despite all the obstacles that may be in your way. Yes Alina knew everything about ABHAY and Pia's eternal lovestory making waves in the supernatural world but it didn't stop Alina from falling for Abhay nor Jeh falling for Pia. The couple had an aura that could make anyone fall for their Pure HEART.

Abhay saw Alina ward off her mother with her Powers. He was impressed by the new found bravery shown in her eyes. Abhay had been too busy fending off werewolf goons circling around him in a pack. They were all after his Soul being the Leader of his clan had presented Abhay with untapped Powers. Unfortunately for him it meant everyone was too busy trying to enslave him for Power. Now all the werewolves were gathered round to finish what they'd started and Abhay was wanted by the Vampire Superior who wanted to rid all vampires of a SOUL. 

Alina struck her mother with the same Powers that were charging at her with the blue sparks flying towards her-Mom U have to stop this war! We can ...
Deepanita raged-What insolence Alina? This is why U are a weak Queen. Our people have lost all faith in U as their leader.
Alina was distracted by her clan in werewolf form lunging at Abhay falling down bleeding as a splinter scraped against her flesh making her yelp in pain-Abhay!

Haseena saw Alina badly hurt againsta tree and saw the She-Wolf about to attack her son stepping in to protect her cub. Haseena fanged out mentally engaged to take her enemy down titling her head side to side and began flying into action. Both women fought it out but Haseena had the edge outsmarting Deepanita who was suffering from overconfidence while Haseena picked the nearest stake piercing it through Deepanita's Heart-Nobody lays a finger on my Son.  

Haseena revelled in her enemies demise and drank her enemies blood with joy. This hunt had tasted sweet because it was the taste of success.

Pia saw Jeh scurrying fast towards Abhay after their own altercation. She'd rejected Jeh's friendship after learning how he'd attempted to end Abhay's life at every turn. Pia saw the hatred fuelling his hunger to take revenge on Abhay for past dealings. The mere thought of Jeh remotely even ending Abhay's life made Pia quiver. Pia cursed the day she'd ever met Jeh. She'd rued ever befriending him because it was because of her Abhay had faced so many trials. Pia could never allow Jeh to make her weak. Redemption was for those who deserved it and Jeh showed no remorse or change in opinions on ending this bloodshed. 

Pia was faced with her own nightmare. Her deadliest adversary being Maithali. So she'd finally tracked her down-Abhay!
Maithali smirked her evil smirk-Were U born as a parrot. Whenever i see U its always Abhay. No need to worry i came to shut U up for good this time. With U dead Abhay will be all mine now prepare to meet your death.
Pia fearlessly directed her eyes right at Maithali-Try your best Maithali. For Abhay i'm willing to die any death. I can guarantee U he'll never love U back Maithali. Abhay will never forgive U if i die. Do your worst.

Maithali saw red and darted for Pia baring her fangs at her. Pia swiftly turned as fast as she could stumbling backwards to fall to the ground gashing her arm in the process. Pia kept dragging herself painfully on the ground to find anything to use against Maithali. Pia rolled on the ground till she hit herself against a tree and some pointy branches that had fallen off from the tree.

Maithali charged at Pia underestimating the power of a human and her witty mind over matter felt the stab piercing through her heart-U naive helpless human tricked me into a cheap death. U will die!!!!!!!(She ranted) I won't spare U. (Maithali gave up her body and wound up in her astral form attacking Pia) 

Meanwhile Jeh was having fun biting Abhay's neck feeling the cold flesh in his mouth tasting his blood with its intoxicating properties setting him into a haze. Abhay head locked Jeh biting into the supernova skin of Jeh's bare flesh feeling the hot liquid melt down his throat. Both kept gnarling and snarling at each other.

Jeh got free ordering his pups to stand back Abhay was all his after they'd mortally wounded Abhay in the intense fight-Abhay is all mine! Nobody interferes between us.
Abhay muttered angrily at Jeh-Why Jeh? I always knew U were queer but i didn't realise U were this protective over me. 
Jeh uttered in a fit-Were U blind? Can't U see how wanted U are by all of us Abhay? How arrogant and egotistical are U? Ridding a vampire Leader is the icing on the cake Raichand and with your death seals my ascension to being the greatest supernatural to ever live. With your Soul as mine i can rule over all.

Maithali couldn't bear her Abhay in distress. She'd been fickle enough to want him dead before but not like this. Jeh can never win over Abhay. Maithali's  body was gone but Pia was still alive. Maithali overrode Pia entering her body on demand and went to save Abhay with her Powers against Jeh by blasting him with her eyes. Alina too came to Abhay's aid.

Jeh spat out angrily ordering his mutts to attack Abhay-What are U waiting for Kill them all.
Alina whispered a chant in Abhay's ear and placed her hand over him to heal his wounds then Maithali in Pia's body came to see Abhay's condition was worse for wear using her own powers to heal her LOVE.
Jeh hurled both girls out of the way with his Leader POWERS coming into play-Love really bites doesn't it Abhay. U have Alina and Pia but what do i get?
Abhay smirked in pride-ME! (Smiling at Jeh) U get to see what i am really made of. You've been bitten by me.
Jeh rasped-I bit U back U leech.
Abhay saw Pia warding off werewolves by closing her eyes with Alina helping her. Then he focused his attention to Jeh again-Now U are in for an end Jeh. U could have had it all. I only wanted peace but U started this war.
Alina pleaded with Jeh-Please don't do this Jeh! (Cries) I have already lost a mother i can't lose a brother too.
Jeh fumed scolding Alina-U killed her Alina. U think that leech will kill me. U obviously don't know your brother.

The werewolves and the vampires both attack Alina and Pia. The girls are faced stood upright back to back watching the others back. Alina thinks she's protecting Pia by doing this. Both close their eyes and chant and are covered by a protecting magnetic force field shaped like a sphere incinerating all enemies to enter it. Alina's sudden burst of Queen Powers emerge out spiked with Maithali's own powers save them both.

Abhay see's his Mother arrive to help him with Chand but he had this covered. Both fight to the dual at death. Abhay and Jeh fly overhead in an armlock. Both tearing the others flesh with their mouths and their claws. Abhay finally managed to break through ripping out Jeh's heart making ALINA scream at the sheer horror before her eyes as she runs to hold her brother in her arms.

Alina's tears spill to Jeh's cheek-I'm so sorry Bhai. I tried so hard to make U see the vampires were not our enemy. You've seen Abhay fight them off his own kind. Abhay tried hard not to harm us but U just wouldn't listen. Now i'm all alone. U did as U promised to the death. Why did U have to be so ignorant. So pigheaded and all this for POWER. For ABHAY's soul. I've emerged an alliance with the vampires. As the reigning Queen U will all listen to me if U know whats good for U. (Looking at the remaining werewolves)  Or U can meet the same fate as Bhai.
Jeh in his final moments kissed Alina's cheek and said his peace-I'm proud of U Alina. Sorrr!!!!!!!
Haseena finished holding Alina's shoulder giving it a squeeze-U will never be alone Alina. We are all here with U. I have always wanted a daughter. Now I have this wish come true. We'll eb your family.

Pia ran directly into Abhay's strong arms.  Abhay's powers on dangerously low now and managed a meagre groan. Pia helped him up-Abhay! I love U.
Abhay gave a weak smile eyeing Pia-I love U too Pia. Your love give's me strength. Its because of U i fight. (Abhay touches Pia's beating heart) This heart is why i fight to survive Pia. 
Maithali saw the devotional love Abhay had for this human girl. The one with a Soul. Maithali wanted this girls life. If Abhay would not be hers as a vampire then as Pia he will be hers. Maithali wanted Power but real Power lay with Abhay. The power of his love-This heart is all yours Abhay. U reside in it. Don't ever think U don't have a heart. This Heart will more than compensate for there being only one HEART. (Maithali now knew how Pia felt like being part of her had opened her eyes wide open. Her soul felt the rush of Pia's pure Aura. It started melting away the icy dark fortress Maithali had been trapped in for an eternity wallowing in this empty vacuum. Pia had shown her what True Love was all about.) I will always Love U Abhay. We will always Love U. (Maithali let out a stray tear touching his face with her gentle fingers. Maithali wished Abahy could always be hers but he could never love her not after what she'd done. If only there was a way for them. Pia felt the human side to Maithali now and became selfless wanting Maithali at one with herself and struck a deal to be one entity. It was possible after all Maithali being supremely powerful)

Abhay whizzed away with Pia to his place now that he'd had the permission to lead a life with Pia. Now Pia had become very wise with the knowledge of the past, the present and the future saw a right future for Abhay and herself. Maithali was a part of Pia now and would always be one. For the first time Abhay had not feared that he would break Pia but he was astounded by her courage and bravery fighting off supernaturals to save him.

Pia cupped Abhay's face in her hand and gently kissed him as sparks visibly flew between them. Abhay was by now overwhelmed by the pull he'd felt by Pia. He saw in his minds eye of a woman forged by a magical white aura around her. This night would remain unforgettable. It was the first of many to come. Pia had found her missing link being Maithali finally making her whole again.

Love had bitten both Abhay and Pia but they'd come out stronger than ever before.
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wow, thats a brilliant OS. loved the idea of letting Maithali live permanently in Pia.Edited by abhayfan_dishu - 2011-11-24T22:12:37Z
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brilliant OS.
loved it ...Edited by -Sonia- - 2011-11-25T04:04:27Z
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nice story plz update soon
pm me
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Awesome Action packed OS.ClapClap

Haseena is truly the best mom , her love and care for her son. I loved the way Alina and Pia were supporting Abhay and the end where Pia and Maithali merge as one. 
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res waiting

Truly brilliant. I loved how u ,made Pia & Metz as one a whole part. Loved it Ayesha. Hoping more will come. Clap
Can I ask u something??? Can u make one ff where Abhiya will be human & faced by other challenges of life. If u ever do that I am just one pm away & will be very happy

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