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good yaar continue soon  Edited by pratiksha2009 - 2011-10-20T06:04:39Z
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I was hoping someone would write on this topic. Continue soon. I always love your OS s
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Abhay racing on his mission to find this elusive potion using the incomplete map and the stone to find the next piece of the puzzle. He'd struggled to do this alone but thanks to the naivety of Alina he'd got more than he'd bargained for. Abhay felt bad for using the poor girl to attain this cure but he had no choice. Finally he'd arrived at the location of the last piece of the map. It was located in the Jungle near Pandher Quila. How was this possible he thought? Both paces had an importance to his past. Abhay used his bare hands to dig the dirt to find this buried paper. Abhay managed to find a chest. He got it out opening the compartment to find it had a mould. Abhay placed this rock into the slot making the box click and then it started opening itself out till there was no noise coming from it.

Abhay needed Alina to read the last part of the map. He had to get to the key and cure his Mother.

Jeh was with his sister lambasting her for her stupidity placing their entire family in danger was on his way to Pandher Quila yelling the hell out of Alina-Oh don't cry Alina. This is your mess i am having to clear up. I will never forgive U for betraying us for this so called one sided love. Abhay loves nothing. He is a heartless b****d. U are a magnet for everyone to use. U are just useless Alina. U maybe charged with Power but U are as thick as a brush. No wonder huh a heartless dimwit would want to make relations with a brainless good for nothing of a so called leader. U both make a brilliant pair. Shame U were as blind as U are stupid to see the leech never wanted U. If that leech gets to that map before U i am going to skin U Alina.
Alina stammered helplessly feeling saddened by her brothers brutal words unwilling to buy the mere thought of Abhay ever using her-Your wrong about Abhay. I won't let U hurt him. U want the damn potion U can keep it just stay away from Abhay. And stop calling him names. U can call me what U like but leave him alone Jeh. He did nothing to U.
Jeh saw Abhay outside of Pandher Quila looking his daring evil self fuelling Jeh's rage-Then what is the leech doing there moonlighting with his newest rodent? I've heard of loners but this creep is looking very sus to me sis? How can U love a thing as ugly as that. Has he cast some kind of spell over U to be so stupid?
Alina stumbled between choked sobs-Abhay used to live here so obviously he'll come here. Its Maithali's old place. Why do U have to be so cruel?
Jeh fumed-Because its the only way i can get through to U. Love has U blinded. Do U know what this potion can do if it gets in the wrong hands? We will be finished and then its bye bye to your love story. 

Abhay had whizzed out of there in a flash feeling like he was being watched. He could smell wet dog smell meaning Jeh and his sister were on his trail he had to get Alina alone. Meaning he had to seduce her to get what he wanted. Meaning another round of heavy burden on his aching shoulders. The girl had done his back in with her overtly public display of affection. She was showing everyone he was hers only. How was he going to get Alina alone with Jeh around her all the time? Maybe Jeh needed a dose of the Raichand magic to make him comply with his demands. He was an expert at playing Khurana's at their mind games. Jeh seemed like he was getting bored of Pia brushing him off all the time. Maybe he wanted to bat for the same team? Abhay smirked at that thought. He didn't put anything past Jeh.

Meanwhile Maithali had Deepanita right where she wanted her. The wolfess looked sly as they came but she needed to exact her revenge on Pia and Abhay. If Pia was dead it meant Abhay was all hers again. She'd made the mistake of her life allowing Pia to live freeing Abhay from his prison but now Abhay was diverted on a mission to save his wretched excuse of a Mother Haseena. It was easy to control Haseena. With great power came a means to breaking anyone she deemed weak and bring them to their knees creating a diversion for her to strike her plan in action. It took meticulous dissecting only a mind like hers could come up with. Killing T to get her plan in motion had been the first step to bringing the Raichands down. Abhay would beg for his Mother's life and as predicted her Vampire Lover had done exactly that. He was on a mission to get the potion only it wouldn't heal Haseena but amplify Maithali's power tenfolds meaning Abhay would be her slave. 

Deepanita begged to be released-Just let me go. Who the hell are U?
Maithali smirked flashing her icy blue eyes at Deepanita-I'm your worst nightmare b***h. I brought U here so i can get what i want?
Deepanita could sense a deal coming up as she weakly enquired-I'll give U anything U want. U are so powerful. But who Are U?
Maithali filled in her dark story putting it short-I am Abhay's downfall. Maithali has spent the last two hundred years waiting for Abhayendra to get back to me but unlike some scorned women out there i have not spent those years in vain crying. I spent them at Hogwarts learning amgic with the most powerful wiccan's there will ever be. Now i can morph into anyone i want to perform the deadliest of magic there has ever been seen by any living being. See i have placed my self to good use that even U cannot get the better of me Deepanita or your family. Magic has to be honed, nurtured and not left to rot away with old age. Maybe U should have sent your daughter Alina to higwarts this way she'd have handled both U and the Raicahnds on her own and i would never had to step in. I want payback from Pia and teach Abhay nobody gets the better of Maithali. I want to take down the Raichands and their vampire clan for daring to betray me. They took away everything from me . My Abhayendra is no longer mine. She had the audacity to take him away from me. His first Love. Abhay will only ever be mine. Pia will never have him. I need your Potion not to cure Haseena but to finish the existance of all vampires.
Deepanita pondered-What about U?
Maithali gave a hysterical laugh-I don't care about me. I never have. All i want is Abhay even if it means him dead than alive. I want the potion. And the end of the vampire line. I want this all to stop. I wan an Ending to this chapter. Even if it means i need to come to my enemy for help i will do it. Those vampire idiots have made the wrong guy a leader he is too busy trying to hide his relationship with his fragile human LOVE. And your daughter is the biggest idiot i have seen. A vampire is playing with her emotionally and mentally and she is too cooped up in her fairyland to see she is being used this too for his human and for a family that is powerless against my magic.
Deepanita struck a deal-U are controlling Haseena. Only U can do what no other could. I'll give U what U seek. I to have magic in my blood.
Maithali laughed eyes gleaming full of evil in them-I have seen the magic with my very eyes your clan are worthless. Jeh has fallen under the spell of Pia making him weak and unpredictable while Alina is also weak and U are in hiding. Now to enjoy the real goods. (Maithali got her crystal out magnifying her powers smiling at Deepanita) Don't worry. This crystal is a reflection on my powers it only makes my magic grow on a larger scale. I am good enough alone but i need U to get that potion from your daughter.
Deepanita felt the roped loosen freeing her-Oh i'll get U what U want Maithali. 

Pia followed Chand to where Haseena was being held captive by the chains around her witnessing Chand's human emotions of being in despair oat the thought of losing his spouse. She overheard everything. Abhay was trying to cure his Mother. She was sick. Haseena could smell Pia from a mile off.

Chand to Haseena-Abhay is close to getting the potion Haseena. He is on the hunt for the last piece. Alina will help him.
Haseena looked at Pia-Alina will help Abhay?
Chand mused-The girl is besotted by Abhay. If he tells her to jump she'll do it. Just pray he gets U this cure or i will not survive without U Haseena
Haseena chimes softly-This thirst is too much Chand. My throat is burning for blood. Abhay has done all of this for me. He hurt Pia for his Mother. For his family. Pia is separated from Abhay because of his duty as our Leader. He's sacrificed so much for a mother who has shamed his clan and harming humans. If only Jeh wasn't so hell bent on making Abhay's life a misery then he'd have chosen another path. Alina is our only hope
Pia confronted Haseena-It was U. Misha was attacked by U and Abhay is protecting U. I can't believe he did this to me again. Kept me in the dark. 
Haseena gave Pia a helpless look-Pia i didn't mean to hurt anyone but i am being controlled by someone. A woman powerful enough to weaken me. Forgive me. Please. By the end of this night i may never get this chance to apologize (Haseena cries tears of blood) My son is out there fighting to save me. Try to forgive him Pia. He meant U no harm. All he wants is his family and your happiness. Alina is the key to ending this. See reason behind my son's behaviour. It was the only way to get Alina to help us..
Pia is moved by Haseena's cries-Auntie i have seen your heart. I know U are saying the truth. I am angry U hurt my sister but i am not blind. I know the truth now. Don't worry i will help U. I gotta go find my stupid boyfriend.
Chand thanked Pia for understanding-Pia for what its worth we are gravely sorry for the inconvenience. If this was another time and place...
Pia nodded-I know Uncle. I just wish Abhay had more faith in me than doing this all alone. I could have helped him. Better late than never..

Pia ran back to the Khurana house in the hopes of running into Alina and Abhay. It was the last place Abhay was at and Chand had passed on the message of him going back there. He needed Alina for the key and to read the last part of the map. Pia was cursing Abhay thinking she was going to grill him with her emotional torture on him. Abhay's battery was always so low when it came to being put on the spot. He was willing to woo the entire Khurana family just to make ends meet forsaking her for the thrill of doing this all alone. They were a team but as usual Abhay loved working SOLO. His problems were her problems.  Abhay was hers alone and there was no way a Khurana be it Jeh, Deepanita or Alina were going to take him away from her. Pia always thought vampires were supposed to be the cunning and suer agile beings but Abhay had proven her thougts all wrong. Pia was going to state her authority over Abhay. Finally Pia arrived at the Khurana mansion but there was nobody home.

Abhay was now back outside the Khurana mansion. Jeh was quick on his trail but Alina kept her brother at bay using her powers to confront Abhay. Pia was waiting in the shadows overhearing everything between Alina and Abhay.
Abhay to Alina showing her the other piece to the map-Alina i found the last part. I need U to help me...
Alina shot Abhay her deadliest of looks-What the hell is this Abhay? Is my brother telling the truth? Am i just a step to getting what U want? Am i freaking pawn for U to use to save your mother? Tell me Abhay. My brother is a calculated evil SOB at the best of times but he has never lied to me in the past. This is all for a cure isn't it? For your mother.
Abhay tried to deviate from Alina's questions-This is all just a misunderstanding Alina. I do love U.
Alina mentally pushed Abhay back-I want to believe U but i can't. I am being played. U are the only good thing in my life Abhay. Just tell me the truth. I deserve to know if what this is; is all fake or do U genuinely love me?
Abhay closed his eyes-Alina as a eader to my Clan i have responsibilities i take very seriously. There has only ever been one girl in my life and she stillresides there. I can never rip her out of there even if i wanted to. She is a permanent fixture in there and no magic can replace her. U are my best friend Alina. I wish i could feel more for U...I know i have lost U forever. I am soryy that i played with your heart but it was out of desperation. I loved spending time with U. I really have and that was not fake. I swear to U. I just need to save my Mother. I have to save her even at the expense of my own life.
Pia felt her tears of raw emotionand relief that Abhay was still ehrs and not anothers at the same time she could see his remorse at betraying a dear friend for she had done the same to Jeh.
Abhay continued to plead with his voice breaking full of emotion kneeling before Alina with his hands before Alina-I have never bowed to anyone before Alina. Please help me. As my frined and as someone U loved help me save my mother.
Alina's rage took over her raising her hands in the air as lightening struck around the mansion crying-Its Pia U love isn't it? (Abhay remained silent)U had to break me Abhay. U had to raise my hopes, my spirit; as the only gift i ever thought i had and turn it all into a curse. I wish i could kill...
Pia was very afraid-Please U can't do this to Abhay. U want to fire at something then let it be me. I seem to be the problem in everyones life. Abhay i know everything. I saw your Mom. She is not looking good. Alina U must understand we are your friend. This will never change. Abhay has only ever wanted the best for U and so have I. Don't hurt him please.
Alina laughed crying-U think i could harm my LOVE? I am not Jeh. I don't hurt what i Love. Oh U didn't know the truth behind Jeh. U don't want to see him when he's angry and Abhay is one vampire Jeh loathes with his very core. (Extends her arm out to Abhay for the paper closing her eyes to unveil the hidden print revealing the location of the potion) Its there. (Alina held Abhay's hand with Pia huggung Abhay shielding him with her body) Pia U are very lucky to have found Abhay but i have not forgiven U Abhay for ruining my life. I CAN'T LET HASEENA FALL PREY TO MAGIC. ITS NOT FAIR ON HER.
Jeh screams at Alina-Why did U?
Alina gave Jeh a vacant expression-Because i love him Jeh. He might not love me the same way but i can't see him hurting. If i have to i'll lay my life for him; guarding him from the world, from my own family but i can't hurt him even if he is not mine. He was never mine to begin with. Maybe U should accept this and move on.
Abhay, Pia, Alina and a muted Jeh raced to the old abandoned place in the woods an old holding place for werewolves. Alina got her key from her chain to open the the box inside a safe in the walls to find they had a surprise encounter by Deepanita Khurana. She got there using her achaic magic to stop everyone in their tracks laughing hysterically like a mad woman.
Deepanita pushed Pia back with her powers-Oh i wish i could kill U like an insect but U have someone much more powerful than I waiting to end your wretched life. (Tuts)Abhay U really know how to pick them. How do U make all these women fall for one as weak as yoursel yet U choose a frail, limp sorry excuse for a human as your soulmate? U had Maithali a powerful vampire and someone who is more on your level, tey U choose this lousy imitation. U had a chance to form an alliance with my daughter but then again she is pretty dumb so i must praise one good taste for not choosing her as a Loevr.
Abhay bellows angrily-Alina is not weak. She is stronger than U give her credit for.
Deepanita laughed-Yeah right i can see how strong she is. Its why she led U here and not finished U off when she had the chance. I wish my daughter was a boy then maybe she'd ave made an interesting choise for a common enemy Abhay.
Jeh looked baffled-Mom finish him.
Deepanita smirked-Son; Abhay has an enemy waiting for him. An enemy of my enemy is my friend and i can't let her down.
Jeh mused-Mom just end this vermins life now. Forget...
Deepanita was about to take the potion from Abhay's hand when Alina broke the spell allowing Abhay to go free. As mother and daughter squared off-Go Abhay! Save Haseena.
Abhay left with Pia as Alina kept both Deepanita and Jeh where they were to save his mother reaching the Jungle where Haseena was being kept captive by her prison made up of silver Chains. Pia held the potion trying to hand it to Haseena but they were thwarted by T who was sneering venomously to the Raichands and at Pia.
Maithali hissed at the pathetic love story that was Abhay and Pia. He was always carrying her like some rag doll-So U managed to get free huh? I knew that She-Wolf was emotionally weak. Werewolves may consider themselves to be mentally stronger of our species but they are controlled by their rash emotions. Aggression should have burnt U but Alina is not cut out to be the leader Abhayendra. U stood a great chance with her than with this human.
Abhay growled at Maithali-T. What...? (Then he saw the eyes. It resembled the same deadly look Maithali used to give him as a vampire) It can't be? Let me save...
Maithali hissed with her acid tongue-Save your sorry excuse of a family. Vagetarian vampires who are weak by nature. I came to collect Abhay. I want her head (Looking at Pia) and Your LOVE. I don't care how i get it but i will get what is mine. U will never be hers. Only i can ever love U Abhayendra. I waited 200 years for U to let a human who is nothing compared to me in power or as a being to sweep U away. I have mediated a lot this past Year Abhay finding away to morph into another human. I chose this sorry form of a human so i'd go unrecognized. Times a ticking Abhay. What do U value more? Love for this pesky human or U can excahnge it for the family who gave U new life in return for me. Your only one true LOVE?
Abhay knew with Maithali this was never going to be about him being hers but about her takiig Pia's life. She'd never let her go free-I'll be yours Maithali if U let Pia go.
Maithali hissed-Sorry bargaining is not on the table. U lost this right after U gave me up for her.
The potion was being led levitating telekinetically towards Maithali when Alina had made her appearance. She was impressed by the power that was Maithali. For one thing she truly was very powerful and her love was felt through her. Maithali stared at Pia choking her with her powers with Abhay frozen still.
Alina gave Maithali a look of empathy understanding how the vampire was feeling but there was a difference between the two women. Alina felt Abhay was in immediate danger so she let go of Deepanita and Jeh racing here to protect her friend with her life if it came down to it. Jeh was glaring at T for daring to hurt Pia. T was smiling in glee at the sorry mess that were known as werewolves.
Alina broke Maithali's spell over both Abhay and Pia channeling her fury well for once. Her brother Jeh leapt in to fight Abhay hand to hand combat. Deepanita had broken free
Alina power blasted Maithali power for Power. Both were matched equally. Vampire versus werewolf as Alina kept Maithali busy. Allowing Abhay to fend off Jeh with a bloody battle ensuing. Pia was trying to out manoevre Deepanita getting hold of the potions keeping her safe for now. She took the potion to Haseena allowing her to take a sip. Haseena was cured.
Maithali spat as her eyes gave Alina the chills-Abhay decieves U and U asre out to save him. What kind of Werewolf Are U?
Alina spoke up to Maithali-The kind who places Love and freindship above everything. I am still a human Maithali which is why i hold Abhay close to my heart. Your love is destructive. U can't truly love Abhay until you've sacrificed everything for him. I am willing to give everything from my family to my life for him.
Maithali scoffed-I gave my human life for him so i can be with him as a vampire forever but he betrayed me.
Alina had to use her powers on Maithali to make her see clearly for Power and being a Vampire had blinded her from seeing this with clarity.-Maithali i feel for U. I undersdtand U.
Maithali hissed-U loved Abhay for all but 2 days i have loved him over 2 undred years.
Alina smiled darkly-Love is Love time has nothing to do with it. Betrayal is a bitter taste but if U truely love Abhay U would let him go. Be with who he wants than let him swallow all the bitterness U feel. I know for him U would die and kill anyone i would do the same too. He would do the same for everyone. Its why i can never allow anyone to hurt this Angel. Love is a gift not a curse. Abhay taught me this. Fine my heart is broken but Abhay as a vampire showed remorse and compassion. Love does not kill its Love Maithali it only knows how to give. U must learn from Abhay as i have learnt from him. U must feel the beauty of it and not the negative side of it.
Maithali usecd this moment to eradicate the vampires and werewolves from existance by chanting out a spell finishing them off using the potion as the insulator. The superiors came and felt achange in their own powers transforming them back to normalcy. The thirst was cured only power remained.
Alina brought out her magic crytal and used it on Maithali who did the same thing to nulify the other's powers making a shocking change in their persona's.
Maithali shook herself back into her natural form as looking like the old Maithali only she felt lie she was reborn again. All the anger was replaced by tranquility. Alina held Maithali's hand in hers.
Maithali smiled looking away from Abhay ad giving Alina the look of appreciation-Thank U Alina for taking away my curse. My wrath became my own bane in my life. I owe U everything.
Alina too felt a kindred spiritual feeling in Maithali spelling a new dawn-Now we can get back to our life.
Abhay hugged Pia but looked warily at Maithali and Alina-I am yours to do as U please. Just let Pia and Alina go.
Pia clung on to Abhay-She'll have to finish me first Abhay.
Maithali sobbed uncontrollably in Alina's arms-I am so sorry Abhay. I have wronged U. If U can forive me.
Alina beamed in pride for cahnging a deadly foe-She's back to normal Abhay. I have combined her powers with mine and neutralised her rage. She won't ever harm U again or Pia again.
Abhay gave Alina a hug-U are the best friend i could have ever asked for Alina. I just wish we...
Alina smiled with sorrow-I am pleased my Love and my best friend has what he's always wanted. U and I will always be friends Abhay this will never change i just need a little TLC. Lick my wounds but we will be tight as ever provided Pia allows me ...
Pia pulled Abhay off of Alina staking claim over Alina now-I will never get in the way of two friends its another matter had U wanted to take him away from me.
Alina patted Pia's back-Abhay's happiness is my happiness Pia. If he is happy with U then so shall it be. And U are my friend too. I could never take ones love away from them.
Chand and Haseena gave Abhay a hug showing pride in their eyes for their son saving the day-U are our son Abhay in every way that counts.
Abhay held his Mothers hands-Now U are all better i want to say i really love U guys but my place is with..
Haseena echoed Abhay's heart-Pia! Go son and be with her. U have our blessing.
Alina used the potion on her own family to strip them of their powers ending this war. And the rest of the Potion was used to cure all the vampires of their weakness's and use it to keep their humanity in tact.
Alina and Maithali became more than friends making Jeh a little jealous having lost a sister and being left outside the cold. He'd developed feeling for Maithali. Maithali and Alina began searching for love together helping each other find a guy best suited to them.
Abhay and Pia came out to the world as Lovers living happily with the other.
The End
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Fantastic OS Ayesha. hats off to you.
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awesome update yaar, i love the way alina handled situation and make maithli understand everything, her love for abhay is true, and love pia , she love abhay so much even after the fight she tell alina she dont have problem with friendship but she dont dare to take abhay away from her, pia love for abhay is beyond imagingation and that;s why i like about her, seriously in the show they need to more her side anyways nice os, its amaing aayesha

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continue asap

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