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::Other FF:::

IS PYAR KOH KYA NAAM Doon? One shots and SS based on ARNAV Raizada's emotional journey from business tycoon to a LOVER
:::One Shot ::One Moment Can Last A Lifetime:::
:::Short Story ::Arnav & Khushi's Valentine Wedding:::

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My Sixth FF
My Seventh FF
My Eighth FF on ABHINA aka Abhay and Alina
My Short Story

 Abhiya Group FF Written by Aysha, Tanzie, Shivani, Swati and Gauri
:::One Shot Guess Whose Back? Abhay:::
:::One Shot I'll bring U back:::
:::One Shot Dance Off:::
:::One Shot The Runaway Bride:::
:::One Shot Second Chance Sid and Mets:::
:::One Shot My Disasterous Hell:::
:::One Shot I Dare U::: (Based on events after Birdie's engagement)
:::One Shot Kiss upon Kiss:::(Based on the after part of Danchi's engagement)
:::One Shot Destiny's Child:::
:::One Shot Magic Potion:::
:::Funny One Shot:: Lightening Bolt:::
:::One Shot::Abhina::Mine To Have & To Hold:::
:::One Shot::Abhay, Alina, Maithali::The One:::
:::One Shot::SidMetz::Lock Me In Your Love:::
:::VIvian VIshal SIdhanth AT One Shot::GROUPIES:::
:::One Shot Rise of the Phoenix:::After Abhay gets staked
:::One Shot LOVE BITES:::

Madhubala ek ishq ek junoon FF based on the world of Bollywood RK and Madhubala
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:::Being Human:::

:::Feel the rushWink:::

In Mumbai Abhay and Pia had settled into their new life in a new place; a small little flat shared between them. Pia had selected most of the furniture and the decor while Abhay did most of the renovating. They'd made new friends and were in a live in relationship which was a boon. It gave Abhay a chance to get to grips with his new birth. Pia had helped him ease back into his human life which took a lot of getting used to. He kept forgetting he wasn't invincible any more. Abhay kept trying to pinch himself at every juncture in his new life. Everything felt brand new to him. Abhay had gotten more than he'd bargained for. Being human was everything he'd wished for and more. He'd missed feeling alive again. Only Pia had ever made him feel this way as a vampire but when she wasn't there he'd felt empty again. Abhay missed food the most as a vampire so he'd savoured every morsel of every type of food. Pia had insisted he do whatever his heart desired. Mainly it was keeping his human emotions in check that had caused him the most problem because controlling his rampant hormones had been proving to be difficulty to him because seeing Pia in most of her sext outfits had often made him take cold showers. The only part of being Human he hated was not being with his parents. He missed them a lot. Abhay had never thought he'd ever leave his family like this but the last words were embedded in his brains that he would always remain their son. He hoped to see them again one day. He never got to see them in three months but Pia was all the family he needed. They were each other's rock. 

For Pia it was three months of revelations seeing Abhay bloom into her not so perfect ABHAY. As a vampire he'd been so immaculate but as a human it was great to see him take his baby steps. It shocked the hell out of her when he'd first cut himself accidently and smiling with joy at finding being human so facinating. Then eating food was a struggle because he'd either eat to hot food burning his mouth or he'd choked on his food swallowing too fast. Then there was the handiman Abhay who'd struggled fixing their new home but she enjoying seeing him break a sweat thanks to his ripped body often causing her a problem. It gave her goosebumps. Pia saw the place was filled with candles her favourite strawberry red candles with the scent wafting in.

Pia saw that look again in Abhay's gorgeously rugged virile face in his violet shirt out of his bed trying to make himself some dinner making her giggle folding her arms-Abhay you're not day dreaming again are U? That's supposed to be my line of expertise. And who said U can get up to make yourself some food. I know i am a rubbish cook but i can heat things up for U. And why are U lighting candles huh? Is there something U want to tell me. (Teasing Abhay with innuendoes playing with her eyebrows.)
Abhay grabbed Pia around her waist-Don't mock me Pia U know you'll end up paying for it in the end. Its not my fault all the guys are after me despite me losing my vampire powers. Maybe i should weigh up my options huh after all variety is life and U did say to try everything once in your life.
Pia gave Abhay a stern look shifting him back to bed-U have been warned Mr. Lots of bed rest for U. I'm not going to warn U again Abhay. U aren't my Byronic Vampire Hero any more. U are my very sexy human boyfriend now and one who isn't feeling too well.
Abhay groaned sulking-But...I feel better Pia. Honest. My fevers gone. I am perfect...
Pia wasn't taking any nonsense from Abhay. He was proving to be a very bad patient-Your first cold Abhay. U can't even stand up straight and U are trying to pass your cold to me. Not good.
Abhay felt a little guilty for making Pia look after him so much. He felt like a kid who had to be mothered-U should go College Pia. I can manage. I told U. I am feeling better. I don't have the sniffles any more.
Pia went over to the kitchen area nad heated the can of Chicken soup for Abhay. She'd tried to make home made soup burning the entire cotent. She was not going to risk poisoning Abhay with her cooking. Then she transfered the contents into a bowl and brought it over to Abhay. She sat on their bed and started feeding Abhay. He slurped the soup slowly. Pia handed Abhay a napkin to wipe his mouth. She got a blanket for him to keep Abhay warm.
Pia wrapped it around Abhay and gave his cheek a light kiss-We are in this together Abhay. Going to College without U would feel strange. I like taking care of U Abhay. I know U don't like me fussing over U but ...
Abhay saw the pride it gave Pia-I am still not used to people especially U doing anything for me Pia. I keep thinking i still have my powers. Im feeling much better now.
Pia beamed-We'll U don't have powers anymore and i will decide if U feel better or not. I was thinking we could play scrabble. Lets see if U still have that photographic memory of yours and if U truly are more intelligent than I am.
Abhay gasped at Pia's blatant attempt to keep him busy-U will make a sick man play games? U are taking advantage ofpoor little me. (Abhay pulls a pout)
Pia giggled at Abhay's mere attempt at faking his sullen look-Awe is my baby feeling the pressure? I'll go easy on U.
Pia went over to the games section to grab when Abhay rushed off his feet-No!!!
It was too late Pia had already gotten the game pack but luckily she missed what was in the draws.
Pia gave Abhay a worried look and then saw Abhay grab a handful of red rose petals sprinkling them all over her and then Abhay was kneeling on one knee with an amused look-What is this Abhay? (He brought out the little box from out of his trouser pocket handing it to Pia)
Abhay sighed softly-I wanted it to be a surprise. Like i said i had U under false pretense. I recovered from my cold since yesterday and spent most of today setting everything in its place. We've spent ever waking moment together apart from Today. Sorry i had a frind of yours call U out. Will U do me the honour of spending every waking minute for the rest of our lives Pia. Will U marry me?
Pia plastered a very happy look on her face hugging Abhay-Yes!
Abhay was looking very confused-Yes to what Pia?
Pia forgot Abhay could no longer read her mind-Yes i'll marry U (Jumping right into Abhay's arms kissing his soft warm lips) and by the way this is a very romantic way of proposing when U are on your sickbed. And very unexpected and not at all corny or filmy.
Abhay was still feeling low-U aren't just saying this?
Pia planted Abhay a kiss on his lips-What does my kiss tell U? U can propose to me any way U like Abhay i'll find it the most romantic proposal ever because it was U who proposed with your heart in it. Now are U going to place to ring on my finger or do i have to do it?
Abhay got the ring out and placed it on Pia's finger-It fits. I was hoping we go out for a special meal. Just the two of us. To celebrate.
Pia eyed Abhay-Is this why U were dressed up so smartly Abhay huh? I should have known better.
Abhay sheepishly gave Pia his cutest smirk-Does this mean no competition on who is the smartest?
Pia pretended to think-We'll call it quits. U fooled me and i erm pretty much am clever seeming as i saw this coming. I love U so much Abhay more than life itself. 
Abhay felt the love in Pia's eyes and played a little with her curls-Does this mean i can't flirt with the College girls?
Pia teased back-If U love your life then yes U can't flirt with any more girls Abhay otherwise i will have to give U as good as i get. Nobody messes with the soon to be Mrs Pia Raichand. Now that we are officially engaged we can take the next step in our relationship Abhay.
Abhay saw Pia's playful eyes lock his into surrender-Oh i don't like where U are going with this Pia?
Pia circled her arms around Abhay's waist again-Oh U won't like where this is going Abhay but You'll Love it.

Both Lovers spent the whole day making out with their lips playing at each others senses. Abhay broke it of and moved Pia to their bedroom so she can get dressed for their night out where they wined and dined enjoying the finer things in life. Abhay had paid special attention to detail making sure everything Pia loved was there for her like her favourite food to her desert. 

They both danced the night away in each other's arms swaying in each others arms living their blissful life in their own perfect little world. 

Pia whispers to Abhay softly-I wish this night would never end Abhay.
Abhay teased back-But i do Pia.
Pia smacked Abhay-How could U Abhay?
Abhay curled a smirk-So we can get married fast.

Scene fades.

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Ayesh. I knew this was coming.ROFL
Chalo update fast.

Oops!! I am the first one. Now u cannot complain.LOL

I loved it.  Day Dreaming
I liked the carefree n playful Abhay. And Abhiya...were so beautiful...all platonic but so passionate.
Human Abhay is more complicated now that we know our Vampy so well. But you did a great job.
Luv u.Hug
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Ayshu loved it both of them r so happy and u wrote it beautifully u r the best ff and os writer hugsEdited by strawberryrashu - 2011-11-28T12:25:33Z
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Posted: 2011-11-25T14:51:47Z
wow nice story plz update soon
pm me
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Brilliant Update!Clap

Loved the way Pia was helping Abhay to Adjust to this new environment & his proposal.Day Dreaming Already i'm so happy that he's no longer a vampire and leading a normal life.Smile Thanks a lot for this Lovely OS and Pm.Big smile
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