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::Other FF:::

Click the link to read them based on PKYEK about a vampire, ABHAY RAICHANDS journey back to the light.

My second FF
My third FF
My forth FF based on Jisha-Jay and Misha

My fifth FF
My Sixth FF

My Seventh FF
My Eighth FF on ABHINA aka Abhay and Alina
My Short Story

Abhiya Group FF Written by Aysha, Tanzie, Shivani, Swati and Gauri
:::One Shot Guess Whose Back? Abhay:::
:::One Shot I'll bring U back:::
:::One Shot Dance Off:::
:::One Shot The Runaway Bride:::
:::One Shot Second Chance Sid and Mets:::
:::One Shot My Disasterous Hell:::
:::One Shot I Dare U::: (Based on events after Birdie's engagement)
:::One Shot Kiss upon Kiss:::(Based on the after part of Danchi's engagement)
:::One Shot Destiny's Child:::
:::One Shot Magic Potion:::
:::One Shot:: Lightening Bolt:::
:::One Shot::Abhina::Mine To Have & To Hold:::
:::One Shot::Abhay, Alina, Maithali::The One:::
:::One Shot::SidMetz::Lock Me In Your Love:::
:::VIvian VIshal SIdhanth AT One Shot::GROUPIES:::
:::One Shot Rise of the Phoenix:::After Abhay gets staked
:::One Shot LOVE BITES:::

IS PYAR KOH KYA NAAM DOON? OS, FF & SS based on ASR'S journey from ARROGANT businessman to a loving romantic
:::One Shot ::One Moment Can Last A Lifetime:::
:::One Shot ::Desi Cocktail Party All Night Long:::
:::Short Story ::Arnav & Khushi's Valentine Wedding:::
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:::Mine To Have And To Hold:::

Finally the moment Alina had been waiting for finally came to fruition. Abhay was going to be hers forever. They'd been through so much over the past few months from facing their vengeful clans wanting the others blood to overcoming the deadliest of all things possible. Abhay's vicious and super powered ex girlfriend Maithali. It had been a story none of them had expected would reach the climax it had to this day. The only way to gain oeace for both species was being bound in matrimony. It was the only way forward. Abhay had resigned himself to Alina  completely. He'd found a kindred spirit in her and a friend he'd always cherish till the end of days. Falling for the strength she'd possessed not physically because she was a powerful She-Wolf with wiccan powers but the power that flowed through her to want peace which went against the grain of her nature. They were both the same and he found LOVE in her after searching high and low in the darkness. Alina had proven herself on the night she'd taken down Maithali and coming up with a way to unite both species.

Alina never expected Abhay to propose to her in front of their clan that too under pressure. She'd loved Abhay from the very beginning but never in her wildest dreams ever thought this day would come. Deepanita placed Alina's Ghoonghat over her head holding her. Alina looking at the mirror in front of her admiring the bridal glow ion her face.

Alina facing Deepu-Mom i know this isn't what U wanted but Abhay is everything to me. He saved U from Maithali Mom for me. Forget all of this enemity and embrace him as your son-in-law.
Deepu understood all too well how her daughter felt-I'm forced to follow my Queen. I can't believe U are marrying Abhay. U know how much your brother and I love him. Yet U want to steal him from us?
Alina gave her mother the daggers-If U guys had Abhay then there'd never be peace. U and Jeh are already fighting over him with me so U guys have no chance. Besides Abhay loves me so get over it.
Deepnaita rolled her eys-Fine. Have it your way.

Alina turned around heading downstairs alone leaving her mothers side to be with her LOVE ABHAY RAICHAND.
Abhay saw Alina descend down the stairway glowing with her natural beauty coming through seeing the unconditional love she had for him in her eyes feeling pride at the pride fate had chosen for him. ALINA KHURANA was not the woman of his dreams that image was smashed with Maithali turning to the dark side. Alina freed him from the shakcles of the past.

Abhay held his hand out so Alina would take it sitting down next to him-U are looking very beautiful Alina.
Alina blushed-So are U Abhay.

They go through all the rituals of marriage and even doing the pheres right down to placing the mangalsutra round her neck and then they leave the Khurana house.

Alina takes one last look behind to see Jeh crying on his Mothers shoulders overhearing him tell her of his broken heart-Mom mera Abhay. He's left me for my sister. How will i live?
Alina let out a giggle-Looks like Jeh's got a taste of his medicine huh? U really make a lot of lovers wherever U go Abhay. 
Abhay winked at Alina-Not my fault if all the girls and boys want to be with em Alina but the only person i want to spend the rest of my days with is with U. So U have nothing to worry about after all U cured me from my obsessions.
Alina beamed in Abhay's loving gaze-No more Maithali or Pia?
Abhay assured Alina-There is only U and I now Alina no other person will ever come between us.

Finally the Raichands came to their mansion where Alina was astonished to see the decor was done in red roses. She'd expected everything to be black. Alina took her Sasu Maa's blessings to her Sassur's. Abhay picked Alina up in his arms entering with her and then placed her down so she can knock the kalash full of rice with her feet.

Alina smiled softly at Abhay-Now my real journey begins here with U Abhay. We've had enough drama in our lives. No more women interferring in our lives or brother. I can't wait to have and hold U in my arms forever. 
Abhay teased Alina-Does this mean U are going to be doing all the lifting or am i doing it?
Alina took Abhay in her arms lifting him up-I am strong enough to lift U husband taking him up the stairs making Chand and Haseena laugh-I'm so proud of our Bahu. She will teach ABHAY some new rules.

Abhay gave Alina a wink and a smirk-I think its my turn now Alina. I promised to do everything as ONE remeber. U do half the lifting and i do half. Fifty fifty.

Abhay jumped off and took Alina in his arms and into their bedroom where he spent hours showing Alina just how special she was with his numerous kisses all over her body taking her clothes off one by one.
Alina in return ripped Abhay's clothing not having the patience and U all know what happened next.

A few weeks later we have a HYBRID baby named Abeer. He grew to fall for Pia Dobrial so life came a full circle. Peace was restored between the lycans and the vampires. 
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nice oneWink but pia n abeer it means pia luved her sasurLOL great but i never thought about abhina marriage LOL
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res...looks interesting!!!
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awesome post 
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Posted: 8 years ago
 Yipeee I got my hybrid Klaus in form of abeer but he loves peaceErmm
but still I love abeer and I so love u for making abhina child fall for Pia! A happy endingHug
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