Jisha FF ADDICTED 2 U-Final Update 5 Oct pg 106

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Misha Dobrial the fiesty tomboy watching both her sisters fall for men and suffer a heartbreak worth a hundred Hearts shattering is hell bent on steering clear of ever giving away her precious heart to anyone. Misha had suffered her own problems with a crush on a gay dude and Shankar who had toyed with her by his own games. Never ever fall in love.
Jay had a love hate relationship with Pia Dobrial. He hated the Dobrials. Detested the girls for what they stood for and for their appalling taste in men. More like monsters. Love was just a word used to lure in victims. No he would never become another victim. It was bad enough his own brother Neel was a sucker for his enemy Panchi Dobrial

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Abhiya Group FF Written by Aysha, Tanzie, Shivani, Swati and Gauri
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nice idea
plz start it
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:::Update 1:::Clubbing it:::

Misha as usual her chirpy self decided all the girls needed a girls night out. Her sister Pia was a little on the wild side but she wasn't one for drinking. Misha was about to change this tonight. Misha had her reputation as the party animal to maintain. It would take Pia's mind off of Abhay. She'd been obsessing over the guy for too long. It was very unhealthy. To make matters worse she'd made a rookie mistake of renaming him as Armaan. Misha was still kicking herself for this error. Keeping up with all these lies were becoming too difficult for her. Misha felt Pia needed a distraction in the form of her enemy Jay. Both of them were so stubborn and kept clashing. Misha remembered how Abhay and Pia began their love/hate relationship in the same manner. This was a new love story blossoming from hatred to something good hopefully. Misha would help Pia move on.


Misha to Panchi-Birdie U coming na to the club?

Panchi places her hand on her hip-Partying is for U guys I am too sophisticated for all this Misha. Take Pia with U.

Misha scowled-U are coming with me and this is final.

Panchi sat down in front of the computer getting started on the promotion for the Drama class she'd been working hard on-Why is this so important Misha?

Misha responded back-Because our baby sister is asking far too many questions and I am making too many mistakes around her. Covering one lie after another is taking a toll on me. I am the expert on lying and this is making me want to go on the straight and narrow. I need U to back me up. I want Pia to move past the old and enter a new chapter. Sometimes its almost like she's another person Panchi and then his face or even his name brings back the old vulnerable Pia back.

Panchi made her decision-Sure I'll come but its not my scene.

Misha teases her sister cocking a half grin-Yeah right Birdie. Pull the other one. I've heard the grapevine. U have become the residential heartbreaker. This is not healthy for U Birdie stringing on these dumb boys. U need a real man and a real healthy relationship. Not some temporary eye candy. So this Neel is a new boyfriend right? Give him a chance. He seems like a decent man.

Panchi did a U-turn on Misha-Is this why U have avoided the boys of Dehradun Misha. I don't see U doing anything different.

Misha answers firmly-At least I am not hurting anyone Birdie. I am strictly unavailable to all men. I don't think there is a guy good enough to handle me anyway. But U are hurting people Panchi. What goes around comes around big sis? Its called karma.

Panchi heard Pia coming out of the bathroom-I don't want Pia to find out about me OK.

Misha muttered under her breath-Another secret. This family only knows how to conceal secrets from others.

Pia wore a purple mini dress with a matching top showing off her midriff-Are we ready to go?

Misha nodded-Yeah.


Jay in one corner with his brother Neel checking out the scene. This place wasn't like London. It wasn't the same atmosphere but it would bide their time. All this day Jay had only had thoughts of one girl who'd made him want to tear up the whole joint. Pia Dobrial was getting under his skin in a bad way. Their war with words was very animated. Pia was an infuriating girl and so was her sister Misha who was always around her like a shadow. Did they always have to hang out with each other. He had no respect for the Dobrial girls. Misha was one of those who was boisterous giving his team a run for their money on who could pull off being a better guy. Misha maybe a tomboy but she had emotions. Why not play on her feelings like Panchi was doing with his lovesick brother who made a stupid mistake by falling for Panchi. Jay would play all three sisters off against each other. Unfortunately for him he had no intention on making Pia fall for him but Misha as impossible as it sounded would be a great accomplishment. No he didn't find Misha attractive. But her warrior attitude peaked his interest. She'd make a great adversary. While Pia would be easily swayed by him impersonating the love of her life Abhay. He'd already gotten to her.


Jay was chatting up one of the girls he'd taken an interest in flirting with her-So U want to dance.

The girl smiled back-Sure (He took her to the dance floor bopping their heads up and down swaying to Don't want to go home by Jason Derulo. Jay nuzzled the girls neck with his mouth and then looked up to see the one girl he hated so much) Are U Ok?

Jay tensed up holding the girl in his arms a little too tight-What?

The girl pushed Jay off of her-You're hurting me man. Jeez. U want a rough girl find somebody else.


Jay let the girl showing dirty looks at Pia, Misha and Panchi Dobrial. His enemies had entered the grounds ruining his mood. He couldn't take his eyes off of her. Off of them. What bugged him the most was his brother Neel giving Panchi the goo goo eyes. How many times had he warned him not to let a girl get the upper hand but does he listen to him.


Misha nudged Pia-There's your partner in crime.

Pia's face went still looking at Jay-Look at him staring sat us like he wants to kill us.

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res! i take AWFULLY long in unreserving; i promise i will unres by tomorrow! (:


i LOVE the concept. i saw some of your replies to people about how pia and misha are gonna try & hook the other sister up .. and how jay is gonna try and 'play' both of the sisters; and the whole 'two strong minded indivudual thing;  for starters, i absolutely adore the plot you've planned for the story. what makes it even more awesome is the fact that jay isn't attracted to misha yet. it starts with jiya and makes it way slowly towards jisha. 

i love your writing style; you've explored the dobriyals beautifully & i can NOT wait for the update, seriously. AMAZING concept, amazing update! :D 
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A fresh and nice track Aysh...continue soon
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nice ffClapClap
nice start & looking forwad 2 ur story 
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Originally posted by Nidhsara

A fresh and nice track Aysh...continue soon
This is all Misha's story. I have written plenty of FF's for ABHIYA. Its about time i wrote one on Misha. She deserves some limelight. I find her more intriguing than Panchi. Misha's too cool for school attitude is rocking and her zest for life is refreshing.
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Originally posted by poojahanda

nice ffClapClap
nice start & looking forwad 2 ur story 
Right now i know it doesn't seem very Jisha centric but its how these two strong willed individuals come together which will be interesting from a writers point of view.
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