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:::Group FF ABHIYA:::Sands of Time:::

:::Evil has another name. ABHAY RAICHAND and GOOD has another PIA JAISWAL. Both from the opposite tracks in life. One's a DEVIL the other an ANGEL. Can 2 beings collide and cease to exist becoming one .:::
Abhay Raichand
Abhay is EVIL to the core Hates all things that live all he wants is the women and BLOOD. Lots of BLOOD. Blood, blood, blood. He has no humanity, no compassion and certainly has no patience for being told what to do. 
Pia Jaiswal
Pia is an Angel who cannot bear to see the world torn by this CREATURE holding nothing but darkness all around him. She falls for him. To make the WORLD heal again but will she lose herself in the process of fixing a mistake

Authors are Aysha (Matwamango), Tanzie (Phoenix.Xeelan), Shivani (Shivanirajput), anjali.K (Anji), Gauri (pkyekrox), Ronee (Purple.nights), Manasa (mandy1024)
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::Other FF:::

Click the link to read them
These are all written by MATWAMANGO aka AYSHA.

My Sixth FF

My Seventh FF
My Eighth FF on ABHINA aka Abhay and Alina
My Short Story
Abhiya Group FF Written by Aysha, Tanzie, Shivani, Anji, Ronee, Swati and Gauri
by Aysha(matwamango), Lalmirch28( Fiza), Sunshine(Sanajana)
:::One Shot Guess Whose Back? Abhay:::
:::One Shot I'll bring U back:::
:::One Shot Dance Off:::
:::One Shot The Runaway Bride:::
:::One Shot Second Chance Sid and Mets:::
:::One Shot My Disasterous Hell:::
:::One Shot I Dare U::: (Based on events after Birdie's engagement)
:::One Shot Kiss upon Kiss:::(Based on the after part of Danchi's engagement)
:::One Shot Destiny's Child:::
:::One Shot Magic Potion:::
:::Funny One Shot:: Lightening Bolt:::
:::One Shot::Abhina::Mine To Have & To Hold:::
:::One Shot::Abhay, Alina, Maithali::The One:::
:::One Shot::SidMetz::Lock Me In Your Love:::
:::VIvian VIshal SIdhanth AT One Shot::GROUPIES:::
:::One Shot Rise of the Phoenix:::After Abhay gets staked

Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? One Shots and FF based on a business Tycoon Arnav Singh Raizada and a small town girl Khushi Kumari Gupta
:::One Shot ::Desi Cocktail Party All Night Long:::
:::Short Story ::Arnav & Khushi's Valentine Wedding:::
Madhubala ek ishq ek junoon FF based on the world of Bollywood RK and Madhubala

Other FF's by me check them out from past 3 years based on the show Kucch Iss Tara about a mentally challenged dual personality disorder girl Kanya and the trials she has to face with an arrogant business tycoon.

These R all my 7 Fanfics

3.Soulmate http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=927948&PID=15890606&#15890606

FF and OS Works by Princess_Xeelan aka Tanzie

FF and OS Works by shivanirajput aka SHIVANI

FF Works by swatiluvsabhiya aka Swati

FF:abhiya:ETERNALLY TOGETHER:ch30 pg81 04/01/12

FF by mandy1024 aka Manasa

FF and OS Works of pkyekrox aka GAURI

In the library An ABhIya OS:

Dhak Dhak Karne Laga!! An AbhIya Fanfic!!

Do Dil Dhadhak rahe hai aur awaz ek hain AbhIya FF

Happy New Year!! An AbhIya OS
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Part 1 BLOODLUST  Page 1 written by...Aysha aka Matwamango

Part 2 HEY CHICAGO page 11 by...Shivani aka shivanipandit
Part 3 CRIMSON BLOOD AND WARPED MINDS page 17 written by...Ronee aka Purple.nights
Part 4 Dazzled page 29 written by Tanzie aka Princess_Xeelan
Part 5 Sweet Valentine page 35 Written by Aysha aka matwamango
Part 6 Restless Monster page 44 written by Tanzie aka Princess_Xeelan
Part 7 Just A Kiss Under The Rain page 52 written by...Ronee aka Purple.nights
Part 8 Epiphany  page 60 written by...Anji aka anjali.K

Part 9 Official Introduction page 69 written by Gauri aka pkyekrox
Part 10 Blast From The Past page 76 written by Manasa aka mandy1024
Part 11 Love Story 1650 Page 84 written by Anji aka anjali.K
Part 12 The Date Page 93 written by Gauri aka pkyekrox
Part 13 Game Player Page 98 written by Aysha aka matwamango
Part 14 Lost In Darkness Page 110 written by Anji aka anjali.K
Part 15 Powerless Page 121 written by Aysha aka matwamango
Part 16 Hitting The Target Page 134 written by Manasa aka mandy1024
Part 17 Lost Battle Page 140 written by Anji aka anjali.K
Part 18 Better The Devil U Know page 148 written by Gauri aka pkyekrox
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Wowww... Nice:-) waiting,
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written by AYSHA

It was the liquid all vampires sought with greed. It burnt their throat gifting vampires with the eternal life of their victims. The taste was like heaven in its purest form making them wilder than their usual selves, it was an aphrodisiac not to mention that BLOOD was not their life but it also gave them strength to be the fittest of the species. Abhay Raichand wasn't just enthralled by it to the point of losing all control over himself in its lust. Abhay smirked at the victim he was currently draining out with satisfaction as the liquid was quenching his thirst relighting him with need again. Yes the girl had put up a fight after he'd used her and abused her and now he was discarding her frail, limp body to the side.

Abhay wiped the blood from his mouth with his hand and then disappeared like the thief in the night on to his next prey. Wow he thought to himself. This day and age was so much better than the last century he'd swarmed out of. Women were literally offering themselves to him on a plate whereas before it was all done behind closed doors. Abhay wanted so desperately to feed again. Girls didn't take in the nutritious care of themselves some lacking in iron a side effect from their dieting he thought wryly. Abhay strolled to a female entering a nightclub flashing with neon lights and he smirked at her luring her into becoming her next prey simply by dazzling her with his icy blue devilish eyes.

The girl gave him a seductive smile biting her lips walking in her come get me walk placing her hand on his chest now filled with desire-U are new round here? Never seen U before.
Abhay mused softly reeling her into the fly trap-I arrived here just this night looking for a good time. Do U know anyone who can provide me with lots of entertainment?
Tatiana's eyes lit up with mischief-Oh i think i can provide U with plenty of entertainment. I'm Tatiana by the way. And your name is?
Abhay gave her a simple trademark half smile, half smirk filled with arrogance in his voice-Abhay Raichand. I love a girl waiting to tame me and match me in entertainment but o don't think a girls been born yet to rein my thirst or my hunger.
Tatiana loved the sound of his voice resonating full of sexiness and boy she wanted this guy so bad-I think i maybe that girl.
Abhay highly doubted this because the girl wouldn't live past a night, not on his watch anyway because all he wanted from her was to play with her and then drink her dry. He playfully chided-That's what all the girls say to me before they become just another number.

That night this is exactly what Abhay did to her. His entire existence was spent like this repeating the cycle but he loved his loneliness because he never tired of the freedom he had from it. No family, no ties, no conscience, just a void he had to fill. Now he needed to feed the animal aspect of his being and find a guy if not a vampire to tear apart just for kicks to pass the long night before he retired for the night.

Now up above an Angel had been followng this deadly creature for the past few centuries disgusted by his heinous acts of violence not to mention his need to sin in a way that was unforgivable. Pia could not bear the pain in those humans she'd seen become dinner and another victim to this monsters violent ways. Pia was told not to meddle in the affairs of the mortal realm for this was just another test humans had to face on their own. Pia didn't see how this was a fair fight that a vampire could create such a rift in the whole universe and how they should not intervene. Pia had to do something to help these people. Her brothers and sisters were all going to be mad at her for veering off course.

Pia wasn't sure if what she was doing was right or wrong but she couldn't hold back any longer. Could an Angel do the unthinkable and reshape an entire being? Could she...kill the monster from within...? Pia stared down a little longer watching the eyes of her target...?For a demon he sure had the most mesmerising, dreamy, spellbinding look about him but his aura was all off. It was all black just the way he dressed she thought. Pia only saw his murderous rampage he went on. The carnage left behind had devastated humans he'd killed off and their souls were damaged forever. 

Pia couldn't take any more. Enough was enough and she took a leap of faith.
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loved the update a lot...
so this is a group ff...?
can i join in?
please pm me next time and continue soon...


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very nice concept please continue and give me your pm 
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Originally posted by swatiluvsabhiya

loved the update a lot...
so this is a group ff...?
can i join in?
please pm me next time and continue soon...


This is a group FF written by myself and TANZIE and others are welcome to join just let me know when U want to update and we'll take it from there. 
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