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:::Update 1:::Gifted:::Page 1

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:::Update 1:::Gifted:::

It was dark in the Raichand Mansion where Abhay sat sipping his goblet of blood deep in thought at the new Honour he was supposedly getting for making his clan proud of finally capturing their enemy. The leader of the Werewolves a deadly enmy of theirsout for their blood. A war between the Cold One and The Hot Blooded killers. Centuries had passed. A millenia gone but their thirst for the others blood never wavered.  Abhay was mourning the death of whatever little freedom he had. Nobody understood the dark despair he was embroiled in and never getting out of this cycle of death. It was never his wish to lead an army of vampires. It wasn't his choice to even be a vampire in the first place.
Haseena and Chand gently patted Abhay's shoulders in pride of their son's accomplishments-Bravo Abhay for doing what even the Superiors themselves haven't been able to do. U made our names light up in the Vampire World.
Abhay still drinking sat in silence looking like he had the wind knocked out of him.
Haseena huskily motiona's running her finger's through her son's hair-What's the matter Abhay? U should be excited about this promotion. My son the leader of our clan.
Chand felt like his heart expanded with love for Abhay-This is a once in our lifetime opportunity Abhay. These moments of glory don't come knocking on our door. Seize it Abhay. I always knew U were special Abhay right from the moment we turned U. It was your destiny to be a great Leader. U have all the qualities of a true fighter. A true Messiah for us Vampires bringing us to victory. U are intelligent with a strategic mind outwitting our opponents wit for wit; and your strength exceeds anywthing we've ever seen in vampires or in any other supernatural being. Embrace it son. This is your reality. This is your legacy. As it is ours to be the parents of a leader.
Abhay placed his goblet down spilling some of the contents-What about what i want? My desires, My needs, My wishes or am i just another Champion for our kind like a sacrificial lamb to the slaughter huh? I don't crave much in life other than being left alone by everyone. I never asked for any of this. Its not me.
Chand moved to the chair opposite Abhay watching his disturbed eyes-Son we never asked for this either but fate, the cosmos, nature itself has created us and so has the higher power above us had this predestined all along.
Abhay falshed his eyes at Haseena-So we are bloodsuckers who want to bleed dry any living breathing creature and to rule over them its not me.
Haseena looked into Abhay's eyes-This is your love for the weak speaking isn't it Abhay. U love an underdog because U feel U are one but you're not Abhay. U are so mych greater than you'll ever know son because U show courage and Heart which is against our very nature to feel yet here we are. This isn't about Pia is it? U can never have a normal life with her as much as i want U both together it is against the laws of nature. U will kill Pia eventually. You've seen the proof yourself. Our enemies have used her against U.
Abhay got up feeling antagonized by the wolves cunning plan to use Pia as bait underestimating his rival Jeh's intelligence placing family over love-Then maybe its time we play by their rules. Play them against themselves. They want to play family politics using love as their weapon. I will break them from the inside.
Chand smirked at Abhay's sudden burst of rejuvination-That's the spirit of a leader Abhay. This is why your the chosen one.
Abhay rolled his eyes-I'm an unwilling leader father. I haven't accepted this title and unfortunately nor can i refuse it. I am in the same predicament i was in before only worse.
Chand blurted out-Remember Abhay, Pia maybe your priority but the Vampire world along with the Werewolves all know your greatest weakness is this very human U keep protecting. Saving Deepanita from our clutches had initially infuriated the Superiors but now they feel it is your responsibilty not ours to take Deepanita down forever.
Haseena willed Abhay on-She is now a wounded She-Wolf and won't start licking her wounds till she finishes us off for good Abhay. She'll use Pia. You've seen the insanity in her eyes. This time Deepnaita can not be spared son. Don't think for one minute this dimuniative woman you've seen will slow down. Her obsession has only been growing Abhay.
Abhay finished with intent and fire relit in his eyes-Don't worry Mom this time i'll get the the crazed deluded woman. I won't let her hurt my loved ones. I promise i won't spare her or allow my judgement to be clouded.
Alina felt like her whole world was colliding and she was being suffocated by her families pressure of performing magic. She wasn't an inborn killer. This was not her destiny. Alina detested her sorry life. Born into a Werewolf clan was her greatest misfortune and being blessed with robotic killing machine brothers was a curse she'd much rather live without. Alina felt sorry for herself. She didn't want to hurt Abhay ever. He was like her other half. He made Alina feel like the most special girl in the world. and there was no way her family were going to take him away from her. He was her only friend and her only love she'd ever had the pleasure of knowing. Abhay was her life and she knew how to protect him only she'd never felt so weak and helpless in her entire life than now. Alina was groomed from a very young age to take over from her mother but 3 years ago she'd killed her father accidently with over exerting her powers. Her mother till this date never forgave her. Alina strived for affection from her family but their regimental approach to attacking and maiming their enemies was their only goal. Alina was the heiress to a blood feud and she had no choice in this matter. To save her family from herself her Mother had taken out security measures against her. Not even when she was locked up for her own safety appeased her mother's thirst to take Alina's humanity out of her and instilling her with rage but it all failed and now her brothers wanted to kill her. They wanted to make her pay for allowing Pia to get free and straight into Abhay's arms. Alina found solace in knowing Pia was safe with Abhay with a myriad of envy. Alina saw Abhay as the reluctant Hero ok leader because he always led Alina and people he cared about to a safe haven. Why couldn't Jeh and her family see what she saw in Abhay? They were so consumed by hate and revenge. Abhay reminded her of herself only he was loved by his parents and she was unloved by her family feeling the tears dripping down her cheeks.
Alina was still running when she collided into Kabir's car. He was kind and offered her a lift. Should she go in and endanger him or continue running. Her brothers petrified the life out of her-Kabir there's some wolves...
Kabir opened the door-Alina don't be frightened of wolves. I'm here i'll protect U. We can out race them.
Alina was very afraid-Kabir... U ...don't know...
Kabir saw a very anxious Alina give him the jitters there was something so unsettling about her-Alina don't be so frightened. I'll take U home.
Alina shook her head-No! (A little animated she could feel the palpitations) Kabir please drop me off to Abhay's. Only he can save me. Only he can protect me.
Kabir alarmed by this news-Alina is there something going on that i should be aware about?
Alina got in-Jjjust dddrive Kabir. I don't have time to explain. All U need to know is i'm ok really i just need a friend and i can only get him as Abhay. Kabir U can't tell Jeh or Neel. They hate me right now.
Kabir calmed Alina down-Don't U think they'll hate U even more if U went to Abhay? How is this sensible Alina?
Alina frantically revealed-My brothers are complicated just like my family. Abhay's my only friend here Kabir. Don't say anything against him. He's saved Pia, Misha, Panchi and myself. I am forever in his debt.
Kabir smiled back to Alina feeling her words were genuine and maybe Abhay was sweet to girls but nasty to guys after all men just didn't like the competition and Abhay was a threat to both him and Jeh-I won't say a word. I promise now relax.
Alina saw Kabir slam the breaks with a Wolf's glowing yellow eyes staring back at him startling Alina with renewed fear-Damn it!
Kabir saw Alina bolting out being chased by the wolf so Kabir would be safe. Jeh wouldn't harm Kabir yet. So long as Kabir was in the dark he was safe.
Alina tumbled over a branch flying over and rolling down the hill into a tree. Her brother came closer towards her. Jeh and Neel glared brilliantly in wolf form about to strike Alina when Alina screamed loudly as a defensive armour raised her arms directly at her brothers injuring them closing her eyes. She saw them yelp in pain. Neel went back to attack her again and Alina continued to use her scared reaction to feul her powers making it her most powerful weapon against her brother.
Alina pleaded with her brothers feeling her powers get drained and her own temper took over but the thought of Abhay kept her sane-I didn't want this. Any of this but U keep pushing me till i break. I am not a monster. I am not like U. I just want harmony. I just want my brothers to love me. I want to be loved and not be repulsed by U. (Cries uncontrollably at the vision of her brothers wounded running the other way) I have to get away.
Deepanita Khurana blasts Alina with a mental link-U dare hurt my sons Alina? U dare go back on this family.
Alina heard her mother chatnting a spell filled with black magic-Mom please don't. Don't.
Alina saw a shadow from behind it was Arnab dobrial saving her from attack and she bolted out of there leaving Deepanita with Arnab and Kabir looking worried for Alina.
Deepanita calmed her rage replacing it with a fake smile-Oh its U! I was looking for Alina. We had a little family dispute and she's taken off. Jeh and Neel haven't found her yet.
Kabir decided to stay quiet for Alina's sake. He gave Arnab and Deepanita a lift back home.
Pia Dobrial was in a fine mess than ever before. Her boyfriend Jeh was so sweet to her yet at the same time she felt like he was a complete stranger around Abhay's presence. Pia wasn't in love with Jeh and nor will he ever make a place for himself in her heart despite how hard she tried to replace Abhay it wasn't happening. Abhay was permanently embedded in it and only death alone would take him out of there. Pia was an emotional wreck highly drugged up in Abhay's love. It was all about Abhay for her. She lived, breathed, ate, slept Abhay to the point of despair. Pia was going insane. He whiplashed her around like a boomerang. He threw her, then reeled her back in then again the whole cycle began where she chased him and he ran away from her or Abhay would chase after her in the name of saving her. Pia had lost count of the times Abhay had saved her life only to murder her emotionally ripping her heart out of her chest and them trampling all over it. Pia dreamt of a time when Abhay would be all hers. Pia was no longer rational, everything she felt was illogical and undeniably undefinable. Pia wished she could scream but the bubbling emotions she'd buried and masked with a thin veil of hatred for Abhay no longer protected her failing heart.  After what her sisters had told her about Abhay having a secret had only feulled her need to know what it was so she could be Abhay's Pia again. Abhay had said himself there are things he can't tell her about why they could never be one. It couldn't be as diabolical as Abhay was making it sound nor as dangerous as her whole family including some of the gossips were making out.

Pia could feel Abhay's embrace even now from his heavenly loving hold that made her forget her woes and only live in the moment with Abhay. There was no place like being in the arms of Abhay's no other safe place in the world than being with him and she craved and hungered to be his in every way possible. Everyone else disappeared from Pia's world and only ABHAY lived inside her mind, body heart and SOUL. Pia had always had a feeling of a paranormal activity around Abhay but he always made her feel like he was not of this world. The emotions he evoked out of her were indescribable. She didn't have the words to describe it and now as always she'd decided to go in search of the answers herself at night thanks to her trusty good friend Loogle. Pia knew she was tired but there was one man who'd claimed he was brainwashed or better word for it had his memory's wiped out placed by new ones not the same as she'd undergone but Abhay wasn't going to give her what she needed and Pia didn't have time to wait around. Pia braced herself holding Abhay's name as her motive and as her strength to undo the damage she'd struggled to overcome.

Pia saw her father with Kabir and Deepanita on their way back from somewhere. Pia took the short cut and met the man she waited for. W*F? This old man! It was Chai Wala Baba. How did he know how to use the internet???

The old man coughed and smiled back at Pia-I see you've remembered me from your travels my child. Don't be alarmed. Take a seat.
Pia wasn't used to being around little Dhaba's reluctantly seated opposite him-Are U CB?
Chai Wala Baba nodded his eyes sparkled mischief-My  Son thinks of me as CW. As in Chai Wala Baba thanks to me drinking tea here all the time and spinning a few stories. So i see U want answers.
Pia frowned-I have tried everything from meditation to latching myself to familiar old places nothing works.
CW-Its simple Pia. Let your heart do the talking. Think of one person U truly wish to remember for it is he who holds the key Pia. Love took away your memory. Love will bring it back.
Pia cried out of frustrations-But How? Abhay won't give...
CW smiled flashing his old wise eyes at her-Abhayendra! Yes he is stubborn. He holds himself back for love. He is too cautious especially with U Pia. He'd protect U from the world itself even at the cost of is death. Abhay did this so U may live Pia. His first love isn't U but Maithali. Draw her out and the rest will be history. 
Pia now puzzled-But Maithali is a dead Princess. Abhay's a what??? Abhayendra! I've read about them.
CW saw something flash in Pia's doe eyes-My child i cannot give U what was taken from U. It is the works of a supernatural being but no power can withstand the power of true LOVE. This is your greatest weapon against all of your weakness's. U are special my child. U gave heart to one with no identity. Only U can save him and yourself. U are the chosen one Pia. U broke all the rules and when the time comes U will take your place. Its nigh i can feel U waiting to burst out Pia. 
Pia wavered-I don't understand Baba.
CW vaguely responded-I only came to give U clues not answers my child. U want to regain your memory work harder and allow LOVE to consume U all over. The old Pia is waiting to merge with U. Let her take over. U will only grow stronger and trust in your heart not your mind. The mind plays tricks but the heart is forever true.
Pia defended-But i have! I have given myself to Abhay.
CW laughed-U call that giving. Giving yourself to another person while U love another is cheating Pia.
Pia moaned-But Abhay won't have me. He won't take me.
CW now understood why Abhay had to take drastic actions with this one. She was all questions and no action sighed-It is not about Abhay taking U back Pia. Its about accepting Yourself whole heartedly taking Abhay in all of his glory the good and (Morbidly answers) Bad. The old self did this with grave difficulty but the new U must do this with no bars holding. Allow love to drown U and stop fighting it. Stop fighting Abhay and own him in your heart.
Pia scoffed-How? 
CW laughed-Join all the dots Pia then U will find what U are looking for. U must reach the depths of your blank mind and find yourself. Bring her out. Oh and by the way U will help end a war spewing between the cold ones and the warm blooded ones. Good Luck my child. 
Pia asked-How do U know all of this?
CW had a glint in his eyes-I have wise eyes my child. U are the Chosen one Pia. Power awaits U.

Pia turned her back to Chai Wala Baba and turned back and he was gone. Like poof smoke. Finally Pia in deep thought found her way back home feeling like she had an epic battle to fight within herself. Pia entered in her home to her bed and let herself float into it crashing down. Fire was an answer Pia thought immediately. Maithali and the fire along with Abhay. How was she going to get a dead woman out? By taunting her maybe? Was she a ghost? What was this s**t about being the chosen one? Chosen for what?
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loving it alina and abhay and Pia new triangleBig smile
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Res...will edit soon...
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