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::Other FF:::

Click the link to read them based on a vampire's rise and fall from darkness to light. 

My Sixth FF

My Seventh FF
My Eighth FF on ABHINA aka Abhay and Alina
My Short Story
Abhiya Group FF Written by Aysha, Tanzie, Shivani, Swati and Gauri
:::One Shot Guess Whose Back? Abhay:::
:::One Shot I'll bring U back:::
:::One Shot Dance Off:::
:::One Shot The Runaway Bride:::
:::One Shot Second Chance Sid and Mets:::
:::One Shot My Disasterous Hell:::
:::One Shot I Dare U::: (Based on events after Birdie's engagement)
:::One Shot Kiss upon Kiss:::(Based on the after part of Danchi's engagement)
:::One Shot Destiny's Child:::
:::One Shot Magic Potion:::
:::Funny One Shot:: Lightening Bolt:::
:::One Shot::Abhina::Mine To Have & To Hold:::
:::Funny One Shot::Abhay, Alina, Maithali::The One:::
:::One Shot::SidMetz::Lock Me In Your Love:::
:::VIvian VIshal SIdhanth AT One Shot::GROUPIES:::
:::One Shot Rise of the Phoenix:::After Abhay gets staked

Based on the show Iss Pyaar Koh Kya naam doon?
:::One Shot ::Desi Cocktail Party All Night Long:::
:::Short Story ::Arnav & Khushi's Valentine Wedding:::

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It was wrap up time with the shooting over the girls had tracked down their idol Vivian, Vishyal and Sid with grave difficulty. Their bodyguards were always around them disuading the girls from getting anywhere near the men. It hadn't put them off from freeing their hero's from the spell they'd been under.
Aysha, Rukhsar, Ritu, Nabila, Tashu, Peehu, Charu, Mish and Shafaq entered Vivian's caravan where he was getting undressed admiring his fine physique before barging in. Rukhsar found it difficult to stand in silence feeling very faint as she blew the door wide open with her wiccan Powers. Nabila let out a squeal of sheer joy having set her fiery eyes on Vivian's cute dimpled shocked face.

Vivian backed away from the girls-U shouldn't be here! Security! Security!
Mish rolled her eyes at Vivian-Listen up we are here to save U.
Vivian listening but he was a little wary-From what? U girls are invading my personal space. (He saw Ritu staring at his toned abs)-Its not good to stare at people
Ritu winked-Hey there's no harm in looking so where is your bodyguard?
Vivian appeared puzzled by this question-I don't have a bodyguard.
Aysha muttered-Vahbiz the evil woman who keeps U away from all of your friends so she can have U all to herself in vain hopes of landing a show with U. We've come to rescue U from her hold and return U back to normal. Back into the fun loving guy U used to be. 
Tashu laughed-Yeah she's been hoarding U all to herself. Poor U. U don't have any friends left. She's really taken the fun out of U hasn't she? Maithali's done a good job with her spell girls. Time to get the real Vivian back but theres a secret U don't know about.
Vivian tried to get out of his caravan but the girls had a good grip on him. They were enjoying the feel of his hard body on their hands. Peehu felt like she'd won the lottery. Vivian flustered-I have money in my black shirt.
Charu looked disgusted-We aren't touching your gross shirt dude. Its not been washed for over a year and U can smell it from here.
Vivian curled his lips-Budget costs. Us vampires don't get any funding. All the humans get all the best gear and Jeh he gets to wear colour while i'm stuck with black. Why do U think there's no romance being shown between me and Sukriti. Its only when i take the shirt off can i breathe again. I guess they think if i hold my breath i'll look more authentic as a vampire. Ekta maiya enjoys it when i take my shirt off between takes. I wish i'd get recycled clothes if there's not enough money in the funding just like Alina and Panchi's clothes are swapped and Sukku gets to wear Tushaar Kapoor's clothes from Golmaal for Halloween Party. 
Shafaq gave Vivian a sympathetic look-Don't worry we'll buy U new clothes. Although we'd rather see U topless.
Vivian lit his eyes up-U would do this for me?
Rukhsar with depth in her choice sighed-For U we'd do anything. We've risked getting past your bodyguard, the screaming fans and the cast and crew of PKYEK for U. After all we love U more than anyone on PKYEK. More than Sukriti does as Pia and all the cast and crew members. Vivian U aren't who U think U are. You're Abhay Raichand.
Vivian was dumbfounded needing to sit down-U girls really love me? But i am Vivian not Abhay. He's the character i play.
Shafaq smiled helpfully adding and showering Vivian a little replay of the past-See Maithali cast a spell on U so U think U are Vivian and pawned U off with Vahbiz aka Panchi so no girl can touch U. She is a scary woman so her plan worked. Now she will come to claim U but we need to save U before then.
Ritu still holding on to Vivian-See and now we have to act swiftly and help Vishal see that he really Kabir and in love with Tashu. We had to make him think he is happily married with another lady so he will be safe. 
Charu mused-What about Sid? He's dead.
Aysha laughed-No we kept him in the deep freezer just like Maithali did with Abhay. We are trying to rehabilitate him using our spells. So girls U all ready.

All the girls showed Vivian their magic one by one displaying their love for him.

Vivian was in awe of the girls-U really do love me more than Vahbiz, Sukriti and if U claim i am Abhay then U love me more than Maithali and Pia.
Aysha touched Vivian's cheek-U should see the AT we run in your honour. We defend U against everyone from Pia to even Maithali herself. Nobody can love U like we love U. We have made mince meat out of anyone who so much as says one word against U.

This was the moment Vivian feeling true love surpassed the spell he was under and fell for all of the girls-U opened my eyes for this i will be forever in your debt. No more Pia to put up with her million question and her suspicious eyes, No more Maithali who'll use me as her serving boy and no more bodyguard duties from miss media hungry. 
Rukhsar wanted a treat-Hey we saved U don't we get a reward?
Vivian answered sweetly-We'll all go on individual dates my treat.
Mish moaned-No freebies round the Jungle right?
Vivian responded with earnest-Jungles a little scary for me too many wolves around. I don't want to risk any of your lives there and Jeh or Ritwick is a little possessive when it comes to who has the most female followings.
Nabi smiled holding his hand-U are one cool vampi!

Vishal entered Vivian's caravan-Dude times Up U don't want to go to the club or is Vahbiz...
Vivian scoffed slinging on his white shirt on-Vahbiz can go find another muppet to rule over. I'm not her boytoy. Bro sorry about ditching U guys that will never happen.
Vishal saw all the girls in the room and met Tashu's gave ho was blushing away-U are cute. Who are all of these girls?
Vivian with pride in his voice-They are all my groupies. Apparently we have a lot of people in love with us but we have fallen for the wrong grils thanks to our script writers.
Vishal came out of his own spell as soon as Tashu touched him-Wow i really am Kabir and U are the most beautiful girl i have ever seen.
Tashu blushed leaning over for a cheeky kiss on his cheek feeling very giddy inside-Wow!
Vivian relayed-I'm taking the girls on individual dates? U want to take Tashu?
Vishal nodded-Sure do. I can't wait.
Peehu blurted eagerly-We have to save Sid first. Bring him out of the chiller. He's been gathering dust at Pandher palace listening to Maithali's orders in her fortress. She doesn't like werewolves and Sid's punishment is to rot there and listen to her talk about Abhay all day and all night long. I'm sure Sid has fallen for U now.

So the gang head to Pandher palace to free Sid who starts making a beeline for every girl who helped him out of his prison.

Sid cockily states licking his lips-So which one of U ladies wants a hot date with the BOD! (Reveals his built up body) I'll let U toch and i promise i won't bite. I've learnt being bad isn't so good. My brother winds up with all the ladies.
Charu announced-I'm afraid your fanbase has shifted to Jeh. You've been missing a while so the girls got bored but we'll help U find a girl who will only ever love U. After all we are the VIVISI GROUPIES and we love U all. First task buy all three of U clothes. Don't look so worried Sid and Abhay we are the real fashionista's U won't go wrong with us and we'll break anyones legs if they even say anything bad about U. 

Ruksar was the first girl along with Ritu to openly flirt with Vivian while Tashu kept all the girls away from her Kabir.
This is when Maithali and Pia entered the scene and the wiccan coven bound their spells to eradicate their competition by binding both Pia and Maithali as one Being and making them see the error of their ways and showing them that their true love is a normal Construction boss who will build them a palace and give them the crystal clear relationship they desired so much

This is where the real fun began as the GROUPIES helped Abhay find himself and to his real LOVE the girls from the VIVISI AT. He got tid of his ugly black Jacket and remained true to his real fans.
Sid went on Facebook in search of his true LOVE ARCHIE! 
Kabir got engaged to Tashu.
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res...omg!!wat r u up to????LOL
.ayesha that was fantabulousHug...amazing!!!...u freed abhay of his black jacket...n vabhizHug...thnx a lotLOL...u cracked me up with this.LOL.LOL...
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Res Ayshu! ROFL
lukin 4ward 2 all of us in da OS!
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oh god ... save my vivisian'sTongue
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wow... i will miss everything..
PKYEK...most importantly.. HB..ATs...VIVISI..
haww...it's been almost 1 month...i haven't spammed well..
well... waiting for this awesome shot...WinkLOL

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Omg dii all of us in d OS...luking forward to it
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