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:::SoulMATE-Ek Anokha Rishta:::

First Fanfic based on Abhay from his point of view.
The index/update are posted on this page. So Any new readers can feel free to read it without having to click through all the pages.

 Abhay Raichand is a very reserved kind of guy. He likes his own company and hates people specially girls. His family have never stayed in one place for too long. He has a dark secret he's been hiding throughout the centuries from everyone along with a few deadly buried ones. Everything changed for him when Abhay met the love of his life.

Piya has lived a life of loneliness. She is an orphan and just got into a prestigious University with a scholorship. Trouble seems to follow Piya around but her knight is finally here to save her from herself.
Panchi Dobrial is Misha's older sister very organized and bossy. Loves charity work. She is in her final year at University.
Misha Dobrial is Panchi's younger sister who is an outgoing bubbly person who likes to take in strays. She will do anything for those she loves. She likes to crack jokes and start fights with people she dislikes.
Kabir is a rich,  fun loving guy who all the ladies love but he's reserved his heart for that one special lady.
Tanushree is a spoilt rich girl crazy about power, money and wants whatever she sets her sights on.
Lexie (Laxmi) is a super witch who came in to help her great great great grandfather in his quest to protect Piya from all dangers. She has a thing for Kabir but Sid makes his mark on her.
Pari (Parvara) is the first cousin of Lexie and Lux. She has come in to protect Piya in her wiccan pack.
Lux (Laxman) is Lexie's older twin brother and is a cousin of Pari. He doesn't like jis ancestor Abhay and loves Misha.
Sid (Sidharth) is Panchi and Misha's older brother. He is also Piya's half brother who is a werewolf. Doesn't like Abhay due to their conflicting nature.
Link to my 3rd FF BLOOD TIES
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Niceee ! I likeee itttt..... :)

Continue soon. And add me to the PM list. Smile

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Posted: 2010-10-31T09:45:54Z
love the intro. pls pm me when u update. n update soon. thanks

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Contents Page
:::ParT 1 Page 1:::THE ARRIVAL:::
:::Precap-ParT 2:::FIRST DAY UNI:::
:::ParT 2:::FIRST DAY UNI:::
:::ParT 3 Precap&Update:::THE  FALL :::
:::Precap-ParT 4:::THE PARTY:::
:::ParT 4:::THE PARTY:::
:::ParT 5 Precap & Update:::THE Daze:::
:::ParT 6 Precap & Update:::THE JOrnal Book 1:::
:::Precap-ParT 7:::THE DiscoverY:::
:::ParT 7:::THE DiscoverY:::
:::Precap-ParT 8:::A new Bond:::
:::Precap-ParT 9:::A new kind of Love:::
:::ParT 9:::A new kind of Love
:::Precap-ParT 10:::Dance OF Love:::
:::ParT 10:::Dance OF Love:::
:::Precap & Update-ParT 11:::Dear DiarY:::
:::Precap 12:::Forgiveness:::
:::Update 12:::Forgiveness:::
:::Update 13:::Journal 2:::
:::Update 14:::The Rekindling Friendship:::
:::Precap& Update 15:::Secret Liason:::
:::Update 16:::After Effects:::
:::Update 17:::Surprises:::
:::Precap 18:::TLC:::
:::ParT 18:::TLC:::
:::ParT 19 Precap & Update:::Meet the parents:::
:::Update 20:::Aftermath:::
:::Update 21 :::The Plan:::
:::Precap and Update 22:::Hurt:::
:::Update 23 :::Winter Solstice:::
:::ParT 24:::LiviD:::
:::Precap 25 :::GateCrash:::
:::ParT 25 :::GateCrash:::
:::ParT 26:::SIDHARTH:::
:::ParT 27 Precap&Update :::The meeting:::
:::ParT 28 Precap&Update :::The Greeting:::
:::Precap-ParT 29:::Demo:::
:::Update 29:::Demo:::
:::Precap 30:::The Meal:::
:::Update 30:::The Meal:::
:::ParT 31 Precap&Update :::The Concert:::
:::Update 32:::Broken Illusion:::
:::Update 33:::A NeW OrDeR:::
:::Par34 Precap&Update :::Another Day:::
:::ParT 35 Precap&Update :::Reignition:::
:::Par36 Precap&Update :::WaY bACK:::
:::Precap-ParT 37:::Shield:::
:::Update 37:::Shield:::
:::Precap-ParT 38:::For U:::
:::Update 38:::For U:::
:::Precap-ParT 39:::New Phase:::
:::Update 39:::New Phase:::
:::Precap and Update 40:::HOLI:::
:::Precap 41:::Honour::: Pg 94
:::Update 41:::Honour:::
:::Precap and Update 42:::Aprils fool:::
:::Precap & Update 43:::The Calling:::
:::Precap 44:::The Turning::: 
:::Update 44:::The Turning:::
:::Precap 45:::The Change:::
:::Update 45:::The Change:::
:::Precap and Update 46:::After Shock:::
:::Precap 47:::Daddy Issues:::
:::Update 47:::Daddy Issues:::
:::Precap 48:::The Proposal:::
:::Update48:::The Proposal:::
:::ParT 49 Precap:::Hen night & Stag Do:::
:::ParT 49 Update :::Hen night & Stag Do:::
:::Precap & Update 50:::Deathly Hallows:::
:::Precap 51:::Closure:::
:::Update 51:::Closure:::
:::Precap Epilogue:::Happy Ending:::
:::Update Epilogue:::Happy Ending:::
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:::The Arrival:::


Another day another move.  Abhay could not believe that 15 years had already flown by in Kerala and now he has to move again.  He wasn't bothered by this not like he had any friends. Just him, his Mom and his Dad. Dehradun was the next stop more like they were back in the same town this whole wretched thing started from. He so did not want to go there but his parental advice were big things will happen in this town. Abhay could sense something not quite right with this place. After all he'd been through he thought this nightmare would be over. He feared nothing but something was bothering him. Something he couldn't put his finger on. Maybe it was nothing but this was like dj vu.

Dehradun changed a lot over the centuries the place still had a wild side to it that he loved but it was more modernized. Pity he loved the simplicity of the place before but at least there wasn't going to be many people to deal with. He still had a problem dealing with everyone's heart beating so loud which was a distraction in itself.

Finally they arrived at the mansion they'd bought at an auction looked extravagant made for the filthy rich. Abhay's family accumulated so much wealth throughout the centuries from artwork, to jewelries, they amassed in acquiring countless properties around the globe. Abhay felt really great. He raced up the stairs looking out the window at the moonlight. How much beauty was in the night but not a soul in sight on the paths of darkness just the way he loved it.  

Abhay could smell something in the air or should he say someone. He was normally good at drowning out the sounds of people after centuries of practice but this was calling him. Enticing him. He kept going through the motions of should he check it out or leave it. The last time this happened was when he first turned. Everything was so intense in those day but he felt like he was reliving that moment again. No way was he going back there best to avoid it. Not let anyone break all that hard effort he'd gone through.

Abhay could hear his Mom opening a bottle while his Dad took a seat near the fire place. He rushed down for a drink of red.

Abhay-"So what do we do now that we are here?"

"We are the Raichand's in this place so we are not using past aliases. We have a new identity. This time Abhay don't screw this up like you did in London son."

Abhay (In a serious tone) -"Dad that was over 100 years ago. We weren't exactly discreet over there thanks to a few friends causing trouble"

Mr Raichand-"First thing tomorrow you will be going to the University of Dehradun. Make sure there's no trouble. Make a good impression."

Mrs Raichand-"Whatever you do don't blow our cover. No smart answers. Be apart of this new generation. Join all the clubs you can but no showing off ok."

Abhay-"Yes Mother!!!!!! Anything else you might like to add."

Mrs Raichand (Handing the drink over to Abhay) -"I mean it Abhay we have a lot riding in this town so doin't spoil it. You know the drill keep a low profile at night and a high one in the day. Stay away from the other side of the river just like we agreed. You know what the outcome will be if this is broken right and don't make a mess with your food. "

Abhay (Takes the silver cup to his moth and licks his lips) -"I get the whole thing don't worry guys i won't let you down again. I promise."

Abhay walks out rolling his eyes. He had to get out of there his Mom was going to be a killjoy that's for sure. Abhay stormed past in a rush.

Mr Raichand-"Do you think he'll be able to stick to the grand plan."

Mrs Raichand-"For our sakes i hope so. This place holds too many memories for our family. Anything can go wrong and we have to be alert. This time we will succeed."

Abhay heard all of that conversation. They had no idea what this place meant for his dead heart and his mind. Speaking of mind he realized he shouldn't have left in a hurry. He felt a tug pulling him in a direction he had no intention of going past but this call was too great. The smell was so divine like nectar. What was it that was making him go after this invisible chord he could see a light shining. He could feel the despair. Abhay found himself out of the woodlands into a clear path. He'd ran a few miles within a minute.

Abhay looked forewords and saw her from afar. He stopped in his tracks. His mind kept flashing back and forth from past to the present through the centuries that flashed all the way to when he was innocent, a new born and lost frozen in time. How was this possible? He hoped his eyes ever so focused eyes with night vision were wrong but there was no mistaking her. He'd be foolish to even think she was a figment of his imagination. Abhay knew that his gifts allowed him to do and see what no mortal could ever fathom was possible. Her smell took over his senses, it was so familiar he could see her face more clear than it was before after he got over the initial shock. He knew she was human. He felt himself move. She turned herself to face him it seemed. She seemed lost.


Abhay-"What the???????????????????????"

Abhay moved at lightning speed and saved her from the tempo. She looked at him as he held her with one arm whilst he held the tempo back with the other. He didn't have time to scold the driver as he knew it was all on the girl. She should have been looking where she was going. He raced out of the path into the woods. Abhay saw her eyes shut. He knew it was shock as he could feel her heart beating. She was so beautiful it took him a while to get himself in check. How she looked like someone he knew so well. It hurt to even think. He was torn like he was being haunted by this beauty that lay in his arms. She smelt so good. Enough to eat. NO. He tried to hold his composure. Abhay told himself off. Think think.........Abhay looked at the girls back-pack for details. Maybe he could help her and be done with her. He had to get away fast. He thought he'd quenched his thirst but this was for something else.

Piya. So that's who she was. She's not a figment of my imagination and she's not back from the dead. She's a student. What? Dehradun University on a scholarship? Great just my luck. Why? She's supposed to be at the girls hostel. Fine looks like i will have to take her there. What on earth was she doing walking at night on a road where anything can happen. Abhay felt his anger rising. No way first things first drop the girl and be done with that but she looked like an angel he could feel his burning throat. Abhay don't even go there. Finally Abhay runs with Piya and drops her off the girls hostel undetected knocking on the door and hides. An old lady takes Piya in and checks all the details with a note from Abhay.

Abhay rushes off to his mansion with his thoughts all focused on Piya.


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Wow awesome add me to ur pm list
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Posted: 2010-10-31T10:57:12Z
Firstly, thanks a lot for the PM. Hug

OMG. That is a brilliant start.. I really really reallly liked it!! Embarrassed

I loved the way how Abhay is trying to control his senses, his thirst, for Pia. And.. I really wanna read more! Big smile

Continue soon. (:

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Posted: 2010-10-31T11:03:35Z
U'r welcome. I already had this story set out in my mind so it was an easy write. I'm glad U liked it.
Originally posted by Akanksha0701

Firstly, thanks a lot for the PM. Hug

OMG. That is a brilliant start.. I really really reallly liked it!! Embarrassed

I loved the way how Abhay is trying to control his senses, his thirst, for Pia. And.. I really wanna read more! Big smile

Continue soon. (:

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