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::Other FF:::

Click the link to read them based on ABHAY, a vampire sworn to live in darkness but a light soon changes his blackness.

My Sixth FF

My Seventh FF
My Eighth FF on ABHINA aka Abhay and Alina
My Short Story

Abhiya Group FF Written by Aysha, Tanzie, Shivani, Swati and Gauri
:::One Shot Guess Whose Back? Abhay:::
:::One Shot I'll bring U back:::
:::One Shot Dance Off:::
:::One Shot The Runaway Bride:::
:::One Shot Second Chance Sid and Mets:::
:::One Shot My Disasterous Hell:::
:::One Shot I Dare U::: (Based on events after Birdie's engagement)
:::One Shot Kiss upon Kiss:::(Based on the after part of Danchi's engagement)
:::One Shot Magic Potion:::
:::One Shot:: Lightening Bolt:::
:::One Shot::Abhina::Mine To Have & To Hold:::
:::One Shot::Abhay, Alina, Maithali::The One:::
:::One Shot::SidMetz::Lock Me In Your Love:::
:::VIvian VIshal SIdhanth AT One Shot::GROUPIES:::
:::One Shot Rise of the Phoenix:::After Abhay gets staked
:::One Shot LOVE BITES:::

IS PYAR KOH KYA NAAM DOON? OS, FF & SS based on ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA'S money makes the world go round outlook.
:::One Shot ::One Moment Can Last A Lifetime:::
:::One Shot ::Desi Cocktail Party All Night Long:::
:::Short Story ::Arnav & Khushi's Valentine Wedding:::
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:::One Shot:::I dare U:::

Everyone gathers around the main hall while the adults spend their sweet time mingling the youngsters all come up with a fun way to chillax. Jeh was getting strung up watching Abhay with Alina. He only alliowed Alina to date Abhay so he could get close to him. They had a score to settle. Jeh wasnt as mad at Abhay for killing his brother now or hurting his Mother as much as he was with Abhay for being so chipku with Pia and Alina. This vampire wanted everyone who was close to him. Jeh only wanted to be close to Abhay. Why was Abhay so aloof to his feelings thought Jeh? He never noticed how much he was stalking him and taunting him just so the vampire would talk to him. It was true what they said that Vampires werent the smartest of the species. Jeh swore mentally at how close Abhay was to Alina. Jeh wished Alina would stop clinging on to Abhay like he was her sweater. Jeh had noticed how Puia was staring at Abhay with daggers. What was it about Abhay that forget all the girls going gag over him even men had the same effect.
Abhay was getting very uncomfortable by Jehs constant ogling of him like he was some meatsuit. Jeh looked like he was gearing up for a spicy tandoor ki lamb and he was the juiciest cooked chicken he'd ever seen. He always knew Jeh had a secret crush on him but he was edging more to the psychotic levels of deewanapan. And now he had Alina wrapped round him like he was a piece of clothing to her making her feel like she was wonderwoman while Pia sandwiched him with hot sauce about to burn him with her fiery chilliest hit. Abhay wwas more petrified of Jeh than the girls he could handle them both all it took was sweet talking them but Jeh wasn't going to melt. He was on the prowl for him and only him. If it hadn't been for Chand's insistance of making Alina prey to his fake love then he'd have bolted ages ago. Pia had frieghtened him with her angry outbursts earlier like she was going to ring his neck there and then he'd never seen her so vicious before and it kind of made him feel proud that she wanted him with so much passion.
Misha borught back Abhay's attention-Hello Romeo. We are all waiting for U. We are staring spin the bottle. Can U get your mind back on us than dream about Alina.
Pia mentally cursed Abhay thinking he was so dead if he is even remotely thinking about playing both Alina and herself in a game set up by Chand-Yes Abhay i know Alina is your new love but U can continue with this some other place than display it out in the open.
Alina blushed still holding Abhay tightly like he was a dream she was trying to hold on to-I've never played this game before.
T muttered-Obviously. Nobody would have given two hoots about U before.
Jeh annoyed raised his voice making T jump-U better keep your trap shut about my sister T or i'll show U your place. Loser woh nahin tu hai. U came here unannouced like the despo U are with your Chamchi.
Misha laughed at Jeh's outburst-T U are welcome to stay and join in the gamnes. Let's see if U have more balls than brains.
Ruhi giggled sat next to Angad unable to take her eyes off of Alina and Abhay. They'd shocked her-So lets spin the bottle shall we?
Panchi sat next to Danish holding hands as she coyly smiled at Danish feeling so nervous inside fearing something would go wrong. Misha started rolling the bottle on the ground. Everyone watched it spin and pointed at Angad who jumped up with excitement. Ruhi clapped her hands for her boyfriend.
Misha deviously grinned-So truth or dare Angad?
Angad pulled a cute smile-Dare! Dare!
Misha grinned with mischief-I want U to go dance with T for a minute and make her head spin.
T pulled afce feeling repulsed by this-Ewww i am not touching that loser.
Misha gave her an ultimatum-Do U want to redeem any of your street cred T? U have already embarassed yourself enough and one dance with Angad isn't going to do U any harm.
Kabir dared T on-Are U chicken T? Is this the real reason huh? I mean U claim T is the best at everything then prove it. U were always a sucky dancer. We've seen the Rajastani cheap dance by the way was a let down. U weren't in sync for starters.
T stomped-Ohhh I'll show U.
T grabbed Angad and let him dance with her as he spun her around and around making her dizzy. Angad let go of T and T kept wobbling on the spot  with Abgad trying to steady her but she fell over him on the floor. Misha and herfriends burst out laughing.
Ruhi made her disapproval be known to Angad crossing her arm. Angad let go and went back to his seat next to Ruhi-U could have let her hurt herself.
Angad gave a sheepish grin-Sorry. Forgive me huh?
Ruhi cooled down-Ok. Fine.
Angad spun the bottle around with it landing on Kabir who was up for anything-So Kabira what do U want? Truth ya Dare?
Kabir mused-i want the truth.
Danish laughed-Right bro. The girl U love the most U have to tell her exactly how U feel this too in front of everyone. I know who she is so i'll know.
Kabir nervously moved slowly watching the girls reaction hedging to Misha smiling at her-Misha! (Gulps taking a quick look at Danish, Then to Pia and Panchi feeling his palpatations and his heart was hammering like crazy) Woh. erm we are friends right. I've known U the longest so I love U the most. (He closes his eyes and speaks honestly) I LOVE U MISHA. (Opens his eyes again) I LOVE U.
Misha beams-Oh so sweet. I love U too Takur. See it wasn't so bad. U are my best buddy.
Kabir's face deflated-But we are more than buddies right?
Misha was confused-Right time to move on y'all.
Danish shook his head at Kabir for not seizing the moment-Tera kuch nahin ho saktha.
Kabir spun the bottle around with it now landing on Alina who was beaming with Pride at how confident and accepted she felt especially by the guy she loved the most. Abhay-I'm not feeling too gutsy so i'll stick with the truth.
Kabir asked-So (Feeling naughty) Have U had your first kiss yet?
Alina flushed scarlett shaking her head-No (Hiding her face looking away towards Abhay making Pia cringe but she was a little relieved.)
Alina moved the bottle slowly but her embarrased stated played havok with her powers making it spin faster and faster landing on Abhay-Truth ya dare Abhay?
Abhay smirked happily but inside he felt like he was being suffocated by glares coming from Pia and Jeh-I'll stick with Dare.
Alina was stuck for words so Misha stepped in.
Misha beamed-I want U to give Alina her first kiss.
Abhay watched Pia, who was biting her lips and digging her nails into her skin, While Jeh looked at him like he was about to snap his neck and Alina bless her was litterally shaking inside-Okay. (Abhay planted her with a fast kiss on her cheeck feeling the hot flesh of Alina's smooth skin)
Abhay swiftly turned the bottle around until it landed on T-So T i'll let U have a little dance with your best friend seeming as U both love it so much.
T did as she was asked. Then she did the same spinning it landing on Pia. T was going to have fun with Pia plotting away making Jeh, Pia, Alina and Abhay really uncomfortable-SO Pia U chicken for a Dare or do U want the truth.
Pia braved-Dare.
T connived-Kiss Abhay.
Pia's eyes grew wide in shock.
T chided her-Oh i see U need permission from boyfriend Jeh huh? I can see how much trust he has in U.
Pia bit her lip with aseertiveness-I am my own woman. Jeh is not my keeper.
Pia came closer walking towards Abhay and kissed Abhay slowly on his lips shocking everyone by being so bold. Abhay melted his mouth with Pia's until everyone around them disappeared leaving only them fused emotionally, mentally lingering. It felt like it lasted forever the kiss.But to Pia and Abhay it wasn't enough.
Misha saw Jeh about to react and Alina's eyes were brimmed full of anger. Misha cleared her throat breaking Abhay and Pia's perfect bliss.
Pia saw the look on everyones face and felt a little shy.
Jeh was fuming like a deranged lunatic at Abhay then back at Pia standing abruptly in her direction scolding her for this betrayal. He saw Abhay smirking with Pia still lost in Abhay's magnetic gaze. She just could not pull herself away from those intoxicating eyes ignoring Jeh's rant. Jeh grabbed Pia by the arm accusing her of going too far with a kiss on the lips when a kiss on the cheek would have sufficed. Abhay's lips were only reserved for him and no other woman's.
Pia felt Jeh's hand tighten on her arm brusing it a little so Abhay intervened putting a stop to Jeh's temper tantrums.
Abhay mocked Jeh-I know U want a little taster Jeh but don'r be so rough with Pia. She's just an innocent girl whose fallen for the Raichand magic. If U want a demo then i'll give U one.
Jeh let go of Pia stalking a little close to Abhay-U keep your hands off of Pia. U have a girlfriend of your own now. Focus on my sister.
Abhay smirked whispering to Jeh-Oh i'm focused on your sister alright maybe U should focus more on your girlfriend so she won't look at other men for attention Jeh. If U haven't noticed all the girls more or less want a piece of me what can i do if i am so wanted. If U haven't noticed i am not even interested in Pia when i have your sister in my arms. She's hot bro. Quit gawking at me. U are starting to give the wrong impression of what sex U are into. Men or women? Or are U a sadist and fallen for a vampire? Are U secretly in love with me Jeh?
Jeh hulked pushing his chest out at Abhay-U think your so smart Abhay? I'll get U soon you'll see. This time no woman will get in the way.
Alina stepped in to stop her brother and Abhay getting into a fight-Bhai please stop it. It was all just harmless fun. Leave Abhay alone.
Pia pleaded with Jeh-Don't ruin my sisters engagement party please Jeh?
Jeh nodded-Fine Pia for U i'll let it go but i'm upset with U for pulling such a cheap shot like this. U have a boyfriend and U didn't once think about how this will make me fee.
Misha joked-Do i sense a little bromance going on here between Abhay and U Jeh?
Jeh backtracked covering up his feelings of jealousy towards Pia kissing Abhay-Of course he is my sisters man. No other woman should touch him.
Pia sat back down with Misha helping everyone gain their composure. Pia spun the bottle again landing on Jeh. He was so peeved at Pia but she didn't care.
Jeh answered-Dare.
Pia quizzed him to-U can do whatever U want with whoever U find is Loving. But it has to be aguy.
Jeh headed to Abhay making him stand still moving slowly towards him.
Abhay knew Jeh would not use violence in front of everyone but he seemed like he was going to give him the lip treatment so Abhay whizzed out of Jeh's hold bolting out of the party session leaving a disappointed Jeh heartbroken at not getting a piece of ABHAY love. He decided it was because he was a guy.
Jeh cursed his own fate. I want Abhay so much but he keeps running away from my love. I think about him so much but he doesn't even care about me.
While Abhay thanked his lucky stars he got away from a lustful event. He couldn't handle being wanted by Alina, Pia and Jeh and now he was wanted by his father Chand who was cross with him for ditching Alina at the party. Abhay didn't dare to move a muscle now thanks to the effect he had on humans and supernaturals
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awesome & interesting pm me when u updated
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Sounds real interesting. So now its Jeh too, turning this love angle into a quadrangle? ROFL So now Alina has to compete not just with Pia but with her bro too? D'ohPoor gal LOL
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pm me dear whenever u update n nice starting
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pm me jab update ho jayega
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ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL too good yaar ayesha. I cnt stop myself from laughing at Ajeh trackEdited by abhayfan_dishu - 2011-09-28T10:07:46Z
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