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::Other FF:::

Click the link to read them based on PKYEK about a VAMPIRE'S impossible LOVE STORY with a FIREFLY. Can she change his life forever.

Eternally Book contains contents for 16+
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Abhiya Group FF Written by Aysha, Tanzie, Shivani, Swati and Gauri
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IS PYAR KOH KYA NAAM DOON? OS, FF & SS based on ARNAV'S outlook that money is more important than LOVE. All he cares for is his sister
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Madhubala ek ishq ek junoon FF based on the world of Bollywood RK and Madhubala
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:::Kiss Upon A Kiss:::

Chand mentally connected with Abhay (I want U to take advantage of Alina. Do as we say Abhay. Go now.)

Abhay saw Pia in her bedroom searching for the missing ring under the bed looking rather sexy with her angry look making her eyes even bigger. Pia rolled her eyes at him for having chipkoo Alina all over him. If he thought he was going to get her to calm down after he flaunted his new girlfriend in her face then he had another thing coming thought Pia sadly. Abhay gave Pia his lost soul look eating her fury away a little but not much. If only Pia understood my Dilemma thought Abhay weakly but she wasn't having any of it. So he thought he'd take advantage of this situation right here and right now.

As soon as Pia got up Abhay grabbed Pia firmly so she couldn't break free from his hold pushing her towards the wall pinning her there. Pia struggled to get free-Abhay let me go now!
Abhay smirked softly making Pia connect with him-Not until U forgive me Pia. I know i am hurting U but i can't help it. Dad wants me to do this so i am only doing what i feel is right by my family but i only LOVE U. I will only ever LOVE U Pia. No other woman comes an iota near to how i feel for U. 
Pia was listening. Whenever Abhay spoke of his undying love for her it always made her her take notice-I can't bear to see ALINA with U. Her hands all over U. Everyone saying U look perfect together when its me who should be with U Abhay. I can't bear it to even see her talking about how much she loves U when nobody can love u like i LOVE U ABHAY. NOBODY! 
Abhay came close so their faces were within touching distance-I know Pia. Your LOVE made me alive. I am alive when i am with U. Lets just have this one moment where its only just the two of us Pia.

Pia thought to hell with being p****d off at ABHAY. She wanted a little loving time with Abhay in her bedroom. She wanted to mark Abhay with her lips so nobody could claim his luscious lips made for only her. His lips would only touch hers.

Pia saw Abhay coming in for a kiss on her cheek so she took the bull by the horn moving her head so he kissed her lips instead. She made him deepen the kiss and Abhay saw the naughty look in Pia's sparkling eyes full of fire for him. He'd gladly burn in that blazing fire burning through Pia. Abhay then  let go of his hold on the wall bringing Pia closer to him his body pressing against hers holding a handful of hair and bruisng Pia's lips with an intensity shocking their very system. Abhay then broke the kiss and gave Pia a smirk which then curled into a smile.

Pia gave a proud smile at seeing the effect she had on Abhay-Now U have my stamp all over your lips Abhay. If U ever want more then i suggest U start playing nice with me or i may have to reconsider my angle with Jeh. (Winks at him)
Abhay not looking at all impressed by Pia's outburst-If that's a threat then i guess i'll have to make Alina practice her kissing techniques with me Pia seeming as U have it already in the bag huh?
Pia grabbed Abhay by his shirt-Oh U better not even dare to breathe another word of this to me Abhay or i'll have to place U in a body bag actually scrap that i'll place Alina in a body bag and gift wrap it to U.
Abhay kissed Pia again-There U go Pia i love it when U talk like this. It brings out the naughty girl in U. Just don't break my heart Pia. (Touching Pia's heart indicating he was on about her heart and not his literally.)
Pia felt her heart would break out of its protective shell straight into Abhay's hands-Abhay I'll give U all the LOVE U need but just don't play with my heart. Alina is really in LOVE with U and i'm scared that after all this time i'll lose U again. I don't think my heart can take it again.
Abhay caresses Pia's cheek-Alina's actually making me get a stiff neck. My poor shoulders ache with her leaning on it so much and my arms are literally out of the sockets and in Alina's care. I'm afraid she's going to dismember mey body parts and keep it locked away with her.
Pia shrugged-I know why do U think i am feeling so insecure Abhay. We are hurting both Jeh and Alina.
Abhay thought to himself oh gtreat Jeh my nemesis who pretends to hate me but secretly loves me so much he can't bear to see either his siter or U with me-Jeh is a big boy Pia and Alina needs to toughen up. We can help them together. 

Pia giggled watching Abhay's lips-You've got lip gloss all over your lips.
Abhay licked his lips-Cherry flavour yumm makes me want another kiss.

Pia struggled free grabbing a napkin to wipe his lips when Alina came in ruining the mood. Pia gives Abhay a dirty look leaving him helpless in Alina's care.

Everyone geared up for the spin the bottle game where everyone had fun but Jeh. He was waiting for his turn eagerly but as soon as Abhay came down with Alina his mood went into a stormy one. The stupid fool was walking down all loved up with his sister. Jeh saw Pia was staring at Abhay with Alina. What was it with Pia and Alina. Girls just couldn't resist Abhay's good looks and even Jeh was in awe of Abhay's manly handsome features. It was so difficult to keep his feelings for Abhay hidden. He was supposed to show he wanted to kill Abhay but could never hurt his baby. Well not physically anyway. He wanted him in good form so they could have their own kiss therapy unfortunately Pia always got them thanks to her written contract she'd sighned with Abhay. But all the other girls had signed a secret contract with Abhay that they can only ever kiss him. Misha was one of the worst ones along with Panchi. The Dobrial girls were his biggest threats. All three had alone time with Abhay dancing with him, Kissing him and even moonlight dates while was left all alone with Pia who wasn't even interested in him.

Then Abhay sat down opposite Jeh making Jeh's heart flutter like a butterly. Abhay was looking in his direction. Tonight was perfect. This game was just right for him to get his first taste of Abhay. He sure hoped Abhay wouldn't run out on him like he always did whenever they were left alone.

The bottle stopped on Pia who was being cheered to kiss Abhay chanting Kiss, Kiss, Kiss so Pia obliged and gave Abhay a smacker making everyone in the room shocked all with their mouth open. Pia lost all her inhibitions when it came to Abhay and after the bedroom session Pia had an ABHAY kissathon Habit now.

Now Alina wanted in on the action Too so as soon as Pia was done she too took her chance and gave Abhay a kiss making Pia very angry so in return she gave Abhay another kiss pulling Alina out of the way. Misha got a little confused by what was going on making a rule for every person in the room to kiss Abhay. Misha saw her best friend Kabir and gave him a kiss feeling in the moment thanks to her misunderstanding earlier with Tracker all over Kabira.

Jeh pulled Pia and Alina aside scolding both of them for being so shameless and humiliating him in front of their friends-U girls are so disgusting. U were all over Abhay like a rash. Alina i thought we raised U better than giving yourself over to a guy on the first date.
Alina sheepishly smiled unafraid now that Abhay fed her a little of his shockathon bajaoing power-Hey Pia kissed Abhay so i did the same. He's my boyfriend i have rights over him. What rights does Pia have?
Pia spat back in glee-Abhay's lips were mine first so i have first priority.
Jeh was baffled by this standing in the middle-What about me Pia? I am your boyfriend. U should be kissing me.
Pia moaned-But Jeh he has better lips than U. Look. (She kisses him again) See he is a very good kisser. U need practice. Here U can try if U want. You'll never feel better lips than Abhay's.
T giggled-U are only just finding this out now. Girl Abhay has always been a good kisser he's just kanjjos with them.
Abhay was now getting ready to bolt out of the chaos when Deepanita stopped him and gave Abhay the shock of his life with her very own lipstick kiss on Abhay's lips-Your right Pia he has the best lips.

Jeh grabbed hold of Abhay-U kissed Pia, Alina and now my girlfriend Pia. Now U can't escape me Abhay. U will get a triple threat Khurana style. 
Jeh was about to kiss Abhay's lips when Abhay used Pia's trick shifting his face to the side and Jeh kissed Abhay's cheek. He was so disappointed while Abhay made his escape.
Jeh pulled a glum look-At least i got to kiss Abhay even if it was on his cheek. I am never washing my lips ever again.

 Alina followed Abhay out of the Dobrial party wanting him to explain to her just exactly what it was going through his head. She was confused by the Truth or Dare game. Abhay had kissed Pia on the lips. It was so not fair. She wanted him to take advantage of her and not Pia taking advantage of Abhay's lucky lips. Alina saw Abhay was lost in deep thought turning to face her.

Alina smiled brilliantly at Abhay-Tonight was the best night of my life Abhay. (She gave Abhay another kiss on his lips) I'll never forget this night.
Abhay thought sarcastically neither will I. My izzat was at stake here-Alina i don't want a full Khurana treatment OK. Your brother scared the s**t out of me.
Alina laughed-I think he likes U alot.
Abhay dropped Alina off and headed towards his place fast before Jeh showed his face demanding a full on lip lock.

Unfortunately he took the short cut where Pia was waiting angrily for him wanting to erase the nightmare and make sure the only lips Abhay had on his were hers.

Pia pushed Abhay against a tree-So who else do i have to compete with Abhay huh? My sisters have all had a taste of U, Alina, Jeh and even Lipstick Aunty. Aur kiski kisses churawo ge? 
Abhay wanted no more kisses-No more kisses. I am off kisses for life now. I am never kissing another soul again,
Pia held Abhay's tie dragging him towards her-Oh no U don't we have a long night ahead of us ABHAY. A night where U only kiss me as a punishment for kissing everyone at that party. U let Jeh kiss U. Ewww. I can't believe U let him kiss U.
Abhay declared his innocence-But they kissed me. I didn't do anything. Jeh forced himself on me. Its a good job i remembered that trick U pulled on me. Otherwise i could never have shown my face in public. Sab ne mera izzat par haat dala. And U didn't stop them.
Pia mused-Exactly Abhay. U let them when U could have superflied out of there. I was enjoying U cringe. But the Alina and her yucky mother had their hands all over U not done Abhay. U are only mine to have. Tumhare lips par sirf mera haq hain Samje? Now brace yourself Abhay. This night will define U forever. After this night you'll never wish anyone but me kissed U ever again. I'll make a teacher out of U yet ABHAY. Then U can lead all the kisses while i enjoy them. Now whose going to save your izzat from me ABHAY?Embarrassed
Abhay grinned sighing relief-U can take my izzat any day Pia. It is after all yours to haveWink

Abhay spent the whole night making it up to Pia.

(Abhay thought to himself forget take advantage of Alina. Everyone was taking advantage of him. The only thing he enjoyed were Pia's heavenly kisses. It was bliss in itself making both forget about their hell of an act they were living in pretence but right now was all theirs. Their perfect moment)

(Pia thought she could get used to kisses. It was great practice at seducing Abhay. Now her only goal was to eliminate Alina out of Abhay's life and make people see her as Abhay's girlfriend soon)

(Alina was in Cloud Nine with Abhay's loving memories.)

(Jeh finally got his wish. Abhay's kiss even if it was he who gave it him. It was one step closer to Heaven.)

(Deepanita was revelling in her enemies sweet kisses. He was undoing all their hard work. Winning the Khurana's was easy.)

(Misha found out Kabira was more than a friend. No wonder all the girls were crazy about him.)

(Haseena was proud of her son Abhay for having won over everyone at the party. Their vampire house guests were impressed by the powerhouse that was ABHAY RAICHAND lighting their names in DEHRADUN)
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haila...jeh kafi nahi tha jo dipu bhi add ho gayi. Poor abhay...kiss ka mara..bechare ki izzat lutne wali thi. Pia..alina..jeh! Hey bhaggu. I lovd it. Thanks for pmEdited by peehu24 - 2011-09-30T04:15:47Z
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hey bhaggu jeh to jeh aaj to tumne dippanita ko bhi abhay ki diwani bana diya. bechara abhay. ROFLEdited by abhayfan_dishu - 2011-09-30T04:00:15Z
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Originally posted by abhayfan_dishu

res yahan bhi ajeh LOL
:::I have an AJEH fixation. Kya karu dil se majboor hu? Ajeh ki bina masala nahin hoti. Both are so hot together that all U do is focus on them and the girls become just part of the fixtureROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL:::
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Do cont soonSmile
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Ajeh Again?ROFL
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