FF:A twisted Love:Abhiya Update 18 May pg 149

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New Fanfic on our beloved couple. This is the outline for whats to come. If U guys like it let me know. I'll get started on the first update.

All my FF's have moved to the FF Corner

Abhay a spoilt rich brat witha hidden secret. He cares for nobody but himself.
Piya is sweet yet can give as good as she gets. Doesn't suffer fools and says it how it is.
Misha a true friend to Piya and gives hell to those that prey on the weak.
Tanushree is a rich girl who doesn't have a brain
Ruhi a maneater. She wishes.
Kabir the local college Hero. Every girls dream boy.
Danish a player with serious problems
Sidharth the mysterious freak hiding a dark secret.

:::Update 1-A NEW BEGINNING::: Pg 1
:::Update 2-The UNknown Stranger:::
:::Precap 3-The Bust Up:::
:::Update 3-The Bust Up:::
:::Precap 4-The Punishment:::
 :::Update 4-The Punishment:::
  :::Update 5-The Mad Emotional Pull:::
  :::Precap & Update 6-Mad as Hell:::  
   :::Precap & Update 7-A New Dawn:::
 :::Update 8-ReNewed Obstacle:::
  :::Precap 9- Meloncholy:::
  :::Update 9- Meloncholy:::
:::Precap & Update 10- Confrontation::: 
  :::Update 11- Inner Turmoil:::
:::Precap & Update 12- The Warning::: 
 :::Update 13-Movie night:::
:::Update 14-Christmas:::
:::Precap and Update15- Christmas Party:::  
:::Update 16-Healing:::
:::Update 17-New Year:::
:::Precap and Update 18-Let me In:::
 :::Precap and Update 19-DiscoverY::: Pg 29
:::Update 20-Possession::: 
:::Precap and Update 21-Slowburn::: Pg 34 
:::Precap and Update 22-EmotE::: pg 36
 :::Update 23-Face Off:::pg 38
:::Precap and Update 24- News Blast:::  
:::Update 24- News Blast:::pg41
:::Precap and Update 25- Jealousy:::  Pg 43
 :::Precap and Update 27-Cooling Off:::pg 47  
:::Precap and Update 28-The TournamenT:::pg 50 
:::Precap and Update 29- PrizE:::  PG 53
:::Precap and Update 30-The Hunter:::pg 56 
:::Precap-The HunteD:::pg 60 
:::Update 31 The HunteD:::pg 61 
:::Precap and Update 32-Finding Maithali:::64
:::Precap 33-Spiritual Swap:::
 :::Precap 34- Sleeping Beauties:::pg70
:::Update 34- Sleeping Beauties:::pg70
  :::Precap and Update 35-Recoup::: Pg 77
  :::Precap and Update 36-Timing::: Pg 77
:::Update 37-Seduction:::86
 :::Precap 38-Seduced:::90
 :::Update 38-Seduced:::91
:::Precap 39- Purge and Find:::pg96
 :::Update 39- Purge and Find:::pg97
:::Precap & Update 40:::Morning After Dark:::
:::Precap and Update 41- Manic Mode:::pg105
  :::Precap 42-Buzzin:::pg 110
 :::Update 42-Buzzin:::pg 111
  :::Precap 43-Intrigue:::pg 114
:::Update 43-Intrigue:::pg 115
:::Precap and Update 44-Orphanage::: Pg 120
:::Precap and Update 45-Daddy Love::: Pg 125
 :::Precap and Update 46-Commodity::: Pg 128
:::Precap 47- Intimidate:::pg 133
 :::Update 47- Intimidate:::pg 135
 :::Precap 48- Club's on fire:::pg 140
:::Update 48- Club's on Fire:::pg 141
:::Precap 49- Indecision:::pg 148
:::Update 49- Indecision:::pg 149

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n plz pm me after an update
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A new day at a new place. Location Dehradun. These people sure knew how to pick a place. Small towns were apparently less risky. Abhay didn't care. Hasina and Chand may think they control him but seriously they needed to chill. Abhay shifted around with them from place to place. They had several homes around Asia. They never stayed in one place for too long as they never grew old which raised serious questions. It worked well for Abhay. He got bored of the scenery. Nothing seemed to make him want to hang around. The only thing that pleased him was Blood. Women. Fights. Mind games. Abhay didn't have much respect for humans. They didn't deserve it. Heck they were worse than animals cheating their own blood if they had to for Love, hatred, Success or money. He hated people who spoke back to him. Or even worse those that liked sticking their nose in where it didn't belong. This was their main reason for their move. He broke a guys arm in the last state in Madras. He had to have a plaster cast on. Hasina got scared so they jumped ship to avoid any questions regarding the incident. The Guy got what he deserved. He should never have pryed into his business. Snooping around stupid photographer. Abhay knew he should have kept his eye on the ball. Compel him but he couldn't help enjoy the guys pain. It maybe painful for him but to Abhay it was fun.
Of all the places to be Dehradun sucked big time. The place lacked something. Not hot spots. Nothing seemed to happen here apart from the forestry. This place seemed like the perfect location to shoot a horror movie. Abhay could see the beauty in night. The stillness. The stars. The moon ever changing. It was a crescent shape. The darkness seemed to be part of him. Story of his life. He looked behind him. He beat Hasina and Chand in the race to their new mansion. He wondered what their cover was this time. Last time he was their orphan nephew. They didn't look like each other. Obviously they weren't his parents. They died long ago. Abhay entered the gates breaking off the padlock with his bare hands. There was a welcome Mat just as he opened the door. He took his rightful place upsatirs and stayed there. Abhay looked at his new room. Needs a makeover. Abhay decided to do a few paintings at sunrise. He had lots to do. People to scope out. Find his posse of meal tickets. With his charm it wouldn't be hard. Tomorrow their delivery would be coming in with some of their antiques. His designer clothes will hopefully arrive by then. He love Armani and Gucci and the colour black suited his mood.
The next day Pia
Pia looked at her documents stating that her mother Sugandh wanted her to go to Dehradun Mount College. She'd worked so hard to get a scholorship to this place. Pia hugged all the nuns at the orphanage where she grew up. They treated her with so much Love yet Pia had always felt lonely. They were like family to her but She had no family. Pia was greatful that finally she could make a new start. It was a hard life there. Kids came from broken homes or were orphaned like her. It wasn't easy. U had to fight for your rights there. Some were friendly and others made life hell. She'd learnt to toughen up through the 8 years she spent there. It made her grow up before her time. She had her bags packed. All her paperwork sorted to hand in the next day. She headed off on a local bus to make her long journey. Pia made sure she carried something to drink and a pepper spray. Who knew the kind of people she'd come across. Part of her was excited and the other was afraid of the unknown. She'd never travelled alone before. The bus had stopped at this eatery and then made way to a bus stand.
Pia looked at the map. She followed it to a train station which was heading for Dehradun. A few more hours before night fall. This journey was tiring. She took a mini nap. Pia then started listening to her mp3 player to Bruno Mars. She loved his voice and his songs were great. Little further to go as she checked the map and the signs. She came off the train and sat on the bench trying to find further directions to the hostel she'd be staying at. It was over on the other side of the tracks. She decided to take the short cut. She went acoss the track. All was well until her feet got stuck. Stupid shoes. She tries to free herself but it made no difference. Pia could hear another train coming and closed her eyes.
Misha hugged her Dad trying to get him to stay up late for a late night movie. Anything to avoid waking up early. She didn't want to go college. Her Mom had red her the riot act. If she wanted a state of the art motorbike for her birthday then she had to work hard for it by passing her exams. She'd already failed 1 year. Misha didn't like studying. It was always graded and she always ended up with the worse marks. She didn't like to do any research. Just play pranks on people. Her best friend Kabir had failed a year already. It was because of this her mother wanted Misha to study hard and stay away from trouble. Misha knew if she sucked up to her Dad then he'd give into her which he Did. They had family night in. Panchi was always such a Mummy's girl helping her out in the kitchen. Fair enough after all after her wedding the house would belong to Misha. The Queen. Soon it was time to go sleep but it would not come. Misha wondered what this year would bring.
Dehradun was running low on excitement. Misha wanted to travel the world after she graduated in 2 years time away from her mother back packing. She loved to feel free. Independent relying on herself. She thanked God that she was gifted with parents like hers who loved each other and cared for her and Panchi. Her sister was the clever one in the family more like into her creative side. Panchi was into organizing charity events and fun day fo Mount College funds. While Misha didn't mind helping out so long as it wasn't her taking responsibility for extra curricular activities. Misha finally let her wild mind hit the Pillow.
Kabir spent the day cruising in his car with his cousin Danish trying to enjoy the last day of holiday. The next day was all about being chained down to assignments and boring lectures. He'd failed 2 years in a row. His father came hard on him stating that if he wanted his allowance coming in then he would have to work for it. No easy way out. He needed him to take his education seriously. This time he knew he meant business. Kabir couldn't believe his father thought he was leading Mr Dobrial's daughter astray. She was the instigator behind all the messing about they did in class. This time he'd have no choice but to up the ante. No more girls for him this year either. Well maybe 1 or 2 depending on who's hot. He'd only just broken up with T. He only dated her coz she was a dumb girl and was popular. He regretted ever hooking up with her now. She needed her head checking.
Kabir drove Danish off to his place. Danish was his brother in many ways. He was his cousin. His partner in crime when it came to girls. Kabir knew about Danish's wondering eye. He felt bad for Misha but loyalty to family came first. He'd keep his secret. Besides he hated to admit it but Panchi was a little uptight. He didn't blame Danish for straying. She needed to relax more.
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hey really interesting story! update soon...waiting for the story to start unfolding...
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Awesome post! Big smile

You know I have always been a fan of your FFs, and this one rocked! :D I love the starting! <3 Abhay's kinda dark here.. not mysterious, but a deep dark shade which comes close to 'evil'. Love it! Embarrassed

Thanks for the PM. And continue soon! Hug
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nice oneClap.....even i love GucciEmbarrassed
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Posted: 2010-11-23T01:56:05Z
amazing start i love it..Clap 

Abhay wears designers! we will never  see this in the showLOL..

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hey amazing
update fast
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