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Waiting. . Update soon!
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Kya kahu ayshu kya trip describe ki and abhiya ke chote chote convo cho sweet kaha tha na ur the best hugsEdited by strawberryrashu - 8 years ago
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update soon..m waiting...
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cant wait to read the SS. Update soon!
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:Chapter 1::Living the Dream::

On the train Journey to Mumbai which was paid for by Misha's pocket money for Pia to spend in Mumbai they'd sat holding each other like they'd never held each other before. Pia had thought she'd lost Abhay forever and then to have him back as a human was icing on the cake. Pia wasn't bothered how she had Abhay human or vampire meant no difference to her so long as she had him in whatever form she could but being human meant Abhay would no longer keep fighting her. They could be together for as long as they shall live. Pia felt bad for the sister she'd lost thanks to Maithali who'd taken her revenge and almost took Abhay from her forever making her feel sad again but it was Jeh she had the most hatred for at his audacity to kill the love of her life and have no regrets or remorse for it. Pia shrugged him out of her mind because all she wanted to think about was her new future with the guy she'd been dreaming about since the moment she'd laid eyes on him. Abhay kissed Pia's tired eyes refusing to sleep just in case he wasn't there again. Abhay was missing his Mom and Dad too much. One day he hoped to see them again. He prayed he saw them again. They were his whole world and now all he had was Pia. She was all he needed but part of him felt like his heart had been torn out of him. Abhay was still a little shell shocked by what this meant for him after all this was his greatest wish he'd ever had since he was a vampire. Abhay saw Pia kept her head listening to his heart thumping away forgetting he had a heart again. Pia kissed Abhay's chest where his heart was busy skipping several beats at Pia's mere touch.

Pia smiled wearily at Abhay stroking his chest with her hand stating the obvious-Its like music to my ears Abhay. U are really alive like magic. U don't miss your old life Abhay? 
Abhay cupped Pia's face in his hands-Pia this is all i ever wanted to be Human again. To be with U as a normal guy who doesn't run the risk of killing his girlfriend. My old life brought nothing but danger to U Pia but so does this new one but at least i don't have to worry about my being the reason of killing U. Now we can truly be together Pia. I sometimes feel like i need to pinch myself to feel if this is a dream.
On that note Pia pinched him making Abhay yelp-Just checking if we are both dreaming.
Abhay smirks revealing a full blown smile taking Pia's breath away. She saw his cute dimples for the first time-Maybe i should pinch U in return see how U feel?
Pia tore herself away from Abhay holding him in an embrace then leaning in for a kiss on those human rosy lips-Hmmm U taste better as a human Abhay good move. (Abhay's smile widened) Good. Now i get to die every time i stare at your cute dimples. I thought U as a vampire was hard to get over but U in this avatar is just as bad Abhay. Looks like i'll be dreaming wide awake..
Abhay smirks now in satisfaction-Ok your sweet talk has saved U from my pinching U.

The train jerked pushing Pia straight into Abhay's arms. He stroked her long lustrous curls with his fingers with the other he wrapped Pia around him-Pia U should sleep i'll keep watch.
Pia frowned at Abhay twitching her mouth-U won't sleep then neither will i Abhay. You've had a long night and now you're weak. We'll wait this night out together ok? Then we can find a place to crash for the night.
Abhay smirked already sorting the problem out for Pia-Oh we'll deal with it in the morning.

Finally dawn approached and they were in Mumbai the city of dreams. Abhay holding Pia's hand stepped off the platform and started making his way through the city with ease surprising Pia. Abhay kept a straight face and then they'd been to visit a few flats wanting to give Pia all the comforts of the World at her feet catching Pia's reaction like a snapshot. He noted down which flat made the biggest impact on Pia and then finally placed a deposit on it. Pia was taken a back by Abhay's decisiveness capturing his playful glint in his eyes as soon as she  walked into their bedroom. Pia blushed deep red coming into Abhay's warm embrace. For some reason she couldn't resist placing her hand over his heart again.

Pia smiled at Abhay cutely-So Abhay Raichand what else have U been keeping from me huh? (In a teasing tone playing with his hair) U don't have a secret girlfriend laying around somewhere in Mumbai i should know about huh? U know this place like the back of your hand. Were U aspiring to be a big shot Movie star?
Abhay smiled again revealing his dimples making Pia suck in air. He was going to cause a heatwave within her she thought thickly. Abhay read Pia's mind smiling at her even wider-I only have one expression Pia and that's looking wooden. I don't think i'd have cut it as an actor and for your first question i have been too absorbed into my own...
Pia saw Abhay's smile disappear-I was only joking Abhay. I didn't...
Abhay beamed-I know. I have moved around a lot in my time Pia. Mumbai is a place where anyone can get lost in the crowd. It was an ideal place for us to train not to feed on humans. Now its ideal for us never to be found by anyone human or supernatural and i know every inch of this place Pia. I can show U everything i know here.
Pia was impressed-Good to know i'll need my personal guide to show me all the hot spots so i can wine and dine U. Where did U get the money for the deposit Abhay? We left with nothing other than Misha's money.
Abhay smirked softly reminding Pia of his jaw dropping good looks again-Dad has left me some property in an alias name i sold it to buy this place. I guess they knew about the impending dangers coming our way and wanted their son to be comfortable. Now start sprucing this place up Pia and make it look like our home. Give me a hand.

With this they both started dusting and cleaning the place till it was spotless. Finally Pia and Abhay crashed on their bed worn out from fatigue. After recharging their batteries Abhay went out to get a takeaway Pizza, some fries and chocolate cake for dinner and a bottle of Coca Cola. They sat round the floor as their furniture hadn't arrived yet other than the bed they'd ordered. Abhay almost choked on his food forgetting how to eat properly. Pia patted his back to help him out and then got him a glass of water to drink.

Pia to Abhay-Are U ok Abhay? (Her eyes were filled with concern) Try eating a little slower baby. 
Abhay laughed-U think eating would be the safest thing on the planet. Don't worry Pia your Abhay is stronger than this. I won't die this easily.
Pia covered his mouth with hers scolding him-Don't ever talk like that again Abhay. Don't even joke about death not after...
Abhay saw the fear in Pia's eyes again-Pia we are safe. U don't ever have to worry. We will find our feet here. I know of the best colleges dealing with Data. We'll enrol in one as soon as possible ok? From now on all i want to see in your eyes are tears of joy. Actually i don't even want to see any tears in your eyes. Deal.
Pia nodded. Abhay was all she wanted but this seemed like it was all too good to be true.
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