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:::Other FF:::

Click the link to read them PKYEK about ABHAY, a vampire's Love for a Human girl, Pia.
My second FF
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My forth FF based on Jisha-Jay and Misha

My fifth FF
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My Short Story
Abhiya Group FF Written by Aysha, Tanzie, Shivani, Swati and Gauri

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:::One Shot LOVE BITES:::

IS PYAR KOH KYA NAAM DOON? OS, FF & SS based on ASR'S Love for a cheeky desi girl Khushi Kumari Gupta
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nyc intro dr...
cont soon
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:::Update 1:::Star Struck:::

 Update 2:::Cinderella:::pg 10
 Update 3:::Object of My Affections:::pg 15
:::Update 4:::Attack of the Chicks:::
:::Update 5:::Retribution:::
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:::Update 1:::Star Struck:::

A sheer silence made the still night seem as if it was a night of death itself. No matter where Abhay had escaped to nothing ever changed. The season all took their turns. The years flew by. People came; people went; yet everything was still the same for Abhay. He was bored with life itself. Immortality wasn't all it was cracked up to be. He rued the day he died for love perishing with his brother and raised back to life like the pheonix. Abhay had died for his first and only love Maithali only to be bitten by his own brother in his bid to win her heart. Such a shame how his chapter had ended before it even began. Only now as a vampire there was no fire; nor life in them just darkness and a thirst for blood. Insatiable thirst for blood he'd now gained control over thanks to his foster parents Chand and Haseena. Life stood still for them. Vampires walked amongst the living as if they belonged to the humans but only they were cattle to them. Abhay quit drinking blood and was now roaming around earth searching to fill a void in his empty life.He thought he'd find it in this peaceful quiet town of Dehradun. Little did he know he would meet creatures he'd never set eyes on before. Girls who'd spin his world and turn it upside down.

Act 1

Abhay caught the sound of a hummingbird  in the form of a girl whose voice was filled with despair in trouble. Abhay was used to saving people. He was given the nickname Messiah by most people he'd crossed paths with over the centuries causing a rift with his folks disapproving of his saviour act. They weren't keen on his Heroic nature because it wasn't the ways of the vampires. Abhay found himself running faster and faster. For some reason this girls voice unsettled him. Her shrieks were deafening his senses. He'd rushed nearer to the danger zone. No she wasn't alone. She had company. Two other passengers but for some reason unknown to him their call wasn't near enough loud to his super hearing abilities. This astounded Abhay. 

Abhay used his super sight to see their car was going over the edge of the cliff and the driver was the girl who'd unhinged his very essence. His very molecule screamed to move swiftly to her side. He raced over using his super strength to shift the burning car around. 

Abhay shouted at the two girls inside-GET THE HELL OUT! NOW!

Abhay saw the very girl dangling on a branch out of the car. He was floored to see her face clear as day. Her face was exactly like Maithali's. He could smell her. She was human. Abhay rushed over  to save the girl with the curly hair grabbing her arm and lifting her up. She clung to him like a second skin trembling profusely eventually Abhay began to pull her away from him. Pia peeped shyly at him as if he were some shiny jewel she'd found.

Pia breathed a little erratically as he took her breath away. He had this effect on women in general. Vampires were very attractive beings even the ugly ones had an appeal.
Misha and Panchi both got out of their car with Abhay's help as the doors were stuck kneeling down to hug Pia in their arms. Finally both the girls checked the cute guy who'd saved their lives. They too were enthralled by his  immaculate greek Godlike face. Abhay had to tip the car over the cliff so that the girls would be safe away from the car blowing up. He'd risk exposing his vampire self to the girls.

Abhay was out of his shock mode and into his community service mode-Pia U need to start breathing slower. Your in shock.
Pia murmered thickly watching Abhay's intense eyes stealing her soul away from her managing a meagre-I would if you'd stop looking at me. You're a little hard to take in. (Then realised what she'd just said biting her lips) U saved us. Thanks! May we ask for your name?
Abhay blurted a little too soon-Abhay Raichand.
Pia loved the way his name rolled off of her tongue gazing with stars in her eyes at Abhay-Abhay (Pia's eyes were only fixed on his automatically glowing at his sizzling starry eyes) U were totally fealess like your name. (Found herself unsteady on her feet so Abhay rushes to her side involuntarily as a reflex to help her. Pia gives him a kiss on the cheek) My Hero!
Misha was simply shell shocked by Pia's forward approach to Abhay-Pia (Tries to drag Pia away before she loses her mind completely) He's hot and all but we don't know him well enough. 
Pia hushed Misha turning her bored gaze at Misha for being cautious-Come on Misha. See the positive side of life for once yaar. God sent him to us for a reason. He sent him for me.
Misha rolled her eyes at Pia-Oh not this destiny crap again Pia! Why did we have to have a dreamer in the family?
Pia moaned-Why did we have to have a pessimist in the family?
Panchi sandwiched herself between Misha and Pia stopping their bickering-Girls. How are we going to get home? And Pia is limping. How are we going to get her home?
Pia groaned back-U can carry me. I don't weigh a thing. Panchi U need to lose weight anyway. U can do some light lifting with me as your dumb bells.
Panchi let rip a slight sarcastic laugh-See U girls poke fun at my weight but U expect me to carry U all the way home. No Way! U might have had a concussion and how am i going to keep U awake?
Misha joked-Your voice is enough to send me to sleep now Birdie Pia.

Pia groaned again only this time Abhay had no choice but to pick her up unable to bear her in pain. Pia let out a gasp and showed her delight by bearing a wide smile-Oh my! (Blushing scarlett) Thanks!

Abhay nodded but struggled to understand why this human had such an effect on him. Her slight discomfort was like he was feeling her own pain which was not a welcome change at all. He hated caring but found himself unable to shut this star struck teenager in his arms. Abhay had the perfect cure for Pia but with her sisters around he couldn't use it. Abhay inhaled Pia's perfume filled with floral. She smelled of pure light. Pia was full son sunlight to his own moonlight. Abhay couldn't help but check Pia's face  staring at him as if he were the most beautiful thing in the planet. He knew the look all too well but Pia had no business going all moonie eyed at him. She'd learn very fast loving him was like loving death itself. Abhay felt like he was undressing Pia with his eyes and Pia too felt this direct contact. It was almost like their souls knew each other on a personal level already.But Abhay had no soul. Pia wished she could speak but felt tongue tied around him. He was simply irresistibly too delicious to spoil the mood by opening her big mouth. Abhay saw in Pia every little detail down to her marks on her forehead. No doubt this girl was an accident prone waiting to happen.

Misha too couldn't help but stare at Abhay. Her heart never raced for any guys before but for the first time she'd felt her very core shake. Misha began feeling a little left out and wished she was in Abhay's arms instead of her sister.  Yes Misha was in love with Abhay or was she lusting after him? Misha had no idea what love was or how love really felt. Maybe it was an infatuation but only time would tell how she really felt. Because right now Misha felt like a toddler about to throw a tantrum. The only thing stopping her was  not to make a scene in front of the hunkilicious hot He-Man or her very own Superman? 

Panchi too felt a pull towards Abhay besotted by this brooding creature who'd come straight out of thin air as their saviour. Lucky Pia she thought to herself being carried by Abhay. Panchi would make sure she got Abhay's number to make him hers. Panchi felt a pang of jealousy at the baby of the family getting all the attention again but this time it was off of someone only Panchi wanted.

Abhay had to shake Pia's intense eyes drinking thirstily at his own gaze and shifted her around. Big mistake now she was even closer towards him and he could hear her blood pumping seeing her veins throb. He could hear her heartbeat frantically beating at an alarming rate.

Pia managed to speak up finally being knocked out of her beautiful trance to see Abhay's own face appear in distress-Am i too heavy for U? I (Hesitates a little not wanting to get out of his strong arms) I can walk!
Abhay eased Pia's concerns-Trust me U are as light as a feather. So don't go worrying about me.
Pia smiled back-So are U new here? Never seen U before.
Abhay nodded-I'm here with the parents! We are drifting through on business.
Pia asked-Do U have a girlfriend? (Waited for a response with bated breath hoping the answer was a no!) I mean U know...
Abhay heard her voice trail off-No! I had one who looked exactly like U! (Why did he say this?) Didn't end well.
Pia found her hopes raised-Cool! (Sounds a little sincere now) I mean now U can move on to something better. (ME!) Are U staying? (Please stay! Please stay!)
Misha overheard the conversation-Pia's asking probably because she needs a 24/7 on the clock minder. Pia has a habit of attracting danger. Her scars are her war wounds with the world itself. So are U staying in town? (Great now she sounded like a lovesick teenager) I'm Misha by the way!
Abhay finally answered-I might do! (He had to know Pia! Against his best judgement he had to understand what this meant. Surely this wasn't just a coincidence. Abhay saw Pia's eyes gleaming with pure joy) After an hours walk we are finally here.
Panchi mused-How did U know where we live?
Abhay smirked-Telepathy. I have powers.
Pia blurted dreamily-U sure do!

Panchi opened the door with her key letting Abhay in as he took her to her room allowing Pia to guide him. He placed her in her bed and gave her a kiss on her forehead healing her wounds and then whizzed around to her feet massaging the muscle sprain with his marble hands.

Abhay headed down and met the parents while Pia dreamt of a dream not of her own but of Abhay's life.
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Nice first update! Abhay has already met Piya, and as always Piya is mesmerized by him! Wink Eagerly waiting for the next part! Continue soon Smile
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Cool Smile Abhay is stuck between 3 sisters n an enemy? Sounds super interesting. Plz update soon.
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Ayesha ...Im a deewAANIof ur  style of writing...Loved it...Abhiya,Mishu...N Panchi ,Metz ofcourse...Looking 4wrd 2 it...Pentagon lob ishtory...LOLLOLLOL...
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