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:::The One:::

Abhay had begun his mission to bringing Alina to getting him the very sought after Potion apprently it had healing properties among other. Abhay had to get this Potion so he would no longer be a vampire and maybe he could cure Maithali from this disease along with all the werewolves. If it could give life and take life why not power? Unfortunately he had no idea what this potion was capable of. All he wanted was a little space away from all the women in his life.
Alina brought Abhay to the secret location where Maithali was already waiting for them. Maithali wanted in on the action-Maithali what are U doing here?
Maithali gleamed in delight-U think i'd miss the grand finale? I haven't spent all my life trying to gain power so someone else will take it away from me. I know U think helping Abhay will win U brownie points and into his heart but trust me he is as stubborn as they come.
Alina frowned keeping Abhay guarded away from Maithali-U have no idea who i really want Maithali. Abhay is my friend. I want to help him rid his disease. Maybe his Mom will get cured.
Maithali grimaced stomping at Abhay and Alina shifting them aside-Get lost losers.
Inside the cave she saw the elusive potions. Maithali's eyes changed colour-Now i will rule and nobody can stop me. (But she couldn't get to the potion.) Why can't i ...
Alina smirked-Because this potion was only meant to be guarded by my loevly hands. Clear away leech.
Maithali funed hissing at Alina-As soon as U move i will snatch the potion from your hands.
Alina smiled cutely enjoying Maithali clearly annoyed-Do U ever have any other expression that being p****d all the time? I thought vampires were supposed to attract people to them not scare them to death. Why can't U be more like Abhay.
Maithali stuck her nose at them-And be a bore. Causes are not my scene. I've seen humans destroy their own by backstabbing they are worst of the lot. Abhay misses being a human only he's more human than they'll ever be.
Abhay took a little sip of the potion and transformed into a human again. He was expecting to feel different but he felt the same. Abhay morphed but nothing happened. It worked he was a human agaian and now he could be with Pia forever.
Alina chanted over the potion allowing Maithali to drink from it only it would change Maithali forever as she gulped down the liquid hoping to gain power from it. It was thought whatever U wished came true. Maithali wanted her love back.
Alina saw the changes to Maithali softening her tone at Alina-Now Maithali; U want Love to be recipricated back right? (Alina closed her eyes seeing something she wished she had not seen and felt something she wished she had not felt but it was a realisation that shook her and blurted) I love U MAITHALI. More than anyone i've ever loved. U are the embodiment of everything i desire. Only i can tame U Maithali.
Abhay could feel his heart beat faster and the shock on his face-But Alina U told me U loved me now U wanna leave me? For Maithali.
Alina brushed Abhay's comment looking at her counterpart like this was all surreal-Abhay U can never love me. U said U love Pia and I guess i am drawn to Maithali. She is like me only she had U and she lost U wheras i never got this opportunity. I admire U Maithali and i want us to be together. Damn guys this Potion is a real trip. Abhay i was drawn to U because i am U. See Pia is Maithali hence why she bears a stark resemblence to Maithali. And i an U but born as a female. This is a whacked out life we have here. So all this time i thought i was in love with myself but really Maithali is who iam supposed to be with.
Abhay shell shocked tries to reason with Alina-U have to be kidding me?
Maithali smiled back at Alina's warm angelic face-U really admire me but i am so evil. I don't understand and then it was all clear before her eyes seeing what Alina or importantly who Alina was.
Alina touched Maithali's cold skin-Not by choice but by nature. Maithali i want to show U the world through my eyes. We can be good together.
Abhay mused-But she's a woman?
Maithali gave Abhay a glare-So what U men have been a disappointment. Whenever we want a little love U run ten miles. As a human i had to force U not now. Us girls know the score. We get each other. Besides technically she's U but in a different package. I have my Abhay back I have U back (She hugs Alina) To hell with Power now i have my WORLD at my feet i don't need anything more.
Abhay now wary-Alina does this mean U love Pia?
Alina looked at Abhay like he grew some horns-Are U crazy? I can never fall for someone as demanding as Pia. She reminds me of my mother. They are both scary women. The questions, the commands, i've done it worn the T-Shirt Abhay. No more. Good luck with Pia Abhay i don't grudge U of her love U are both lucky to find each other and bear the others craziness but i've lived in a crazed world long enough. I'm a free bird and i can't let Jeh anywhere near Maithali. (Turns to Maithali) Will U be mine forever?
Maithali nodded too eagerly being a reformed born again human glowing in Alina's love-Alina i'll always be yours but what do we do about us being girls. 
Alina smiled sweetly-I'm a super powered witch i'll come up with something my Love (Winks at her) Abhay U go be with your Pia oh and U need the cure to save the rest of the vampires. Its all in your blood now. Just make them drink a little from a cup and they'll be back to normal.

Abhay felt very strange being around Alina. As a vampire he now understood why she gave him a weird dark feeling. It wasn't because she was evil or a werewolf but because she was him. How was he ever going to see her in the same light again. To think he was dating himself. Jeh sure had one strange family. No wonder he hated Alina if he couldn't stand him as a vampire.

Jeh came to stop Alina overhearing the whole conversation looking at Alina with shock-Ew Abhay is my sister. Could my luck get any worse. I have the hots for Abhay and here i have him living as my sister under my roof.
Alina looked at Jeh-Chill bro. I am still your sister just means U can't fancy Abhay no more. Go find a nice girl somewhere and stop this Abhay fixation. I should have put U off of Abhay now. He is me after all.
Jeh pulled a face-My sister is Abhay. Damn i need some medication fast. I think i'm losing my mind.
Maithali hissed at Jeh-U already lost your mind the day U met Abhay. (She laughs) I can't believe U loved Abhay what does this mean for Pia? 
Alina had to fix her brother's screws tight so she made him sip the magical potion turning him into a girl so he could fall for a guy and be ok with it. Unfirtunately for Jeh he ended up falling for Panchi

So Alina and Maithali lived happily ever afterWink
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res suku pic is shocking \

can't believe u actually did this Shocked alina n metz ?Shocked LOLpoor jeh ended up wid birdie but alili LOL n bechara abhay he didn't understand what was happening wid both the girls LOL nice hun must say Embarrassed
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ROFLROFLgosh!!where did u got this idea...u made me ROFL...omg poor jeh!!i feel bad 4 him yaarLOLLOLEdited by madhuri16 - 2011-10-26T09:30:45Z
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LOL really good. 
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Super Entertainment! Fantastic OS.ClapClap

Aww...Maithali and Alina-Potion ne bana di jodi!Alina is female version of Abhay. ROFLI'm happy for Malina(Maithali+Alina). LOLWhy should boys have all the fun!!!EmbarrassedWinkLoved Jeh's Dialogue-Ew Abhay is my sister.LOLJeh and Panchi-Wah wah kya jodi hai!ROFLROFL

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LOL. Really good one. tnx 4 pm.
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