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::Other FF:::

Click the link to read them based on a vampire ABHAY and his trials and tribulations in falling for a mortal.

Eternally trilogy may contain 16+ so beware
My Sixth FF

My Seventh FF
My Eighth FF on ABHINA aka Abhay and Alina
My Short Story

Abhiya Group FF Written by Aysha, Tanzie, Shivani, Swati and Gauri
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IS PYAR KOH KYA NAAM DOON? OS, FF & SS based on a business TYCOON'S love for a village girl.
:::One Shot ::One Moment Can Last A Lifetime:::
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:::Short Story ::Arnav & Khushi's Valentine Wedding:::
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Pia awakens from her accident feeling tense. Like she'd been shocked out of some place she had escaped with grave difficulty. She'd been sleeping for a long time and now her body was ready to get into action. The fall had done something to her head making it feel fuzzy. Pia was safely tucked away at home thinking about Abhay as usual. Pia could have sworn she'd seen him attack her. Or had he saved her. She had no idea what to think with the guy. He was always blowing hot and cold on her. Maybe he did attack getting sick and fed up of her stalking him all the time. It wasn't like he hadn't tried to murder anyone before. Pia witnessed Abhay attack Deepanita Khurana. Then it didn't explain all the times he'd saved her life only to end it. Pia was so confused.
Pia sat in front of the mirror talking to herself-Abhay what are U? U can't be human. No human has this power over another human. What am i feeling? Why do i feel like i've been here before?

Pia's mind drifts off to a place called day dream where Pia's sub conscience takes her to a place long forgotten only replacing her whole world with a distortion of actual facts. Abhay wasn't a vampire. Pia was it. She was a vampire. Abhay was human with a family. He had a brother called Sid. While Pia was all alone living in darkness with no hope or light. Her father was a vampire. Her sisters were both dead and her mother was alive. 

Pia saw Abhay wanting to embrace him but fear had stopped her from touching him. His blood had made her thraot ache for release. He was driving her senses crazy. Abhay was the only man she ever wanted. Her only hope. Her dream. He was her life. Pia doted on him with devotion. He was her prayer. Abhay was her song bird. He was everything she ever wanted and more. Only Pia couldn't have him. Her need for his blood was too potent. Pia couldn't lose control over herself with him.

Pia felt the flashes of Abhay run super fast like he was going on forward button. Finally he was back to real play. Pia met Abhay in the jungle their usual hot spot-Abhay we can't keep meeting like this? I'm not good for U.
Abhay sat with their picnic basket-Let me be the judge of that Pia. U worry too much. Can't U see how perfectly we fit together? We are made for each other.
Pia smiled wearily at Abhay sprawled laying flat against his chest looking at his beautiful face-U don't know what i am Abhay. I tried to stay away from U but i'm weak. When it comes to U i have no control Abhay. If i lost U i'd have nothing. U are the light to my darkness my love. U are my life. My heart and my SOUL.
Abhay grinned smirking proudly-Good (Kissing her lips) U should go wild over me Pia. I want U to lose control so i can see how much U want me Pia.  (Abhay's glass of wine spilled over as they both tumbled across the blanket in raw passion breaking the glass. Abhay was bleeding making Pia's hunger for blood escape allowing the beast within to take over her eyes changing. Pia licked Abhay's hand clean and ran out of sheer disgust at herself leaving Abhay behind.) PIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was when Pia had decided. Enough was enough. She would never allow herself to ever get caught up in the crossfire and risk Abhay's life anymore. Unfortunately for her this is the same time Jeh had entered to forray. Her ex fiance from another life wanted to kill Abhay for taking her away from him. Pia had to save Abhay at all cost. She had a plan to throw Alina and Abhay together as a couple. It was the only way. Jeh had attacked Abhay once already in broad daylight. Abhay was her life and now Jeh was stalking the Jungle out. 

Jeh to Pia menacingly roars-Pia i will kill Abhay. It won't be long till U are mine. 
Pia to Jeh pleading-Leave Abhay. I'll willingly come to U.
Jeh mocks laughing-Never. Pia he has to die for his stupidity. Nobody gets to kiss your lips but me.
Pia shrieked angrily-U and I have never been together Jeh. Why won't U just accept my offer and leave Abhay.
Jeh gloated-Because i am the only vampire you'll ever love Pia. No mortal will live to see another day to touch U again.
Pia crushed Jeh to the best of her ability but he was a slippery evil SOB. Pia wasn't able to stake him.

Pia had to protect Abhay allowed herself to get caught with Kabir so Abhay would loathe her and move on. Abhay saw the two together and punched Kabir running to the gym to get his aggression out of the way. That very day Abhay went into the Jungle in hopes of seeing Pia. Jeh had taken his moment to strike baring his fangs to bleed Abhay dry power slamming him against a tree. Pia sensed he was in danger and whizzed to protect Abhay.  

Abhay saw Pia's fangs and instead of running he'd embraced her-I love U Pia. I don't care what U are. I love U.

Pia and Jeh had an intense fight but eventually Pia won and wiped Abhay's mind from her existence. This was when Pia placed Alina's face into Abhay's mind embedding her in it. Pia decided to stay in Abhay's life just in case Jeh came back for him despite him vowing to stay away.

Watching Abhay and Alina in a lip lock was unbearable but Pia had to endure this so Abhay would be safe again. Alina was beautiful and in love with Abhay. She'd make him happy if only she'd have known that Alina had tricked Pia into thinking she was normal. Alina wasn't human. Her Abhay was not safe. Alina was using him so she could get to her. Alina was helping her blood brother Neel to finsh Abhay so that Pia could be a broken vampire and beg for death.

Alina to Pia gloating-Poor Pia. Alone again i see. U didn't really think we are that stupid not to take advantage of this golden moment? (Pulls a face) Oh U did? Didn't see us coming did U?
Pia slaps Alina-U b***h! What did U do to Abhay?
Alina laughs with pride-Oh he's under my control. I make him dance to my tune. U haven't seen him in action have U? U don't know what you're missing.
Pia closes her eyes at this sick image-Abhay would never...
Alina full of herself-Oh U sure about this Pia? U certain he wouldn't????????? U don't know what i can do when i place U under my spell. I'm a genious and Abhay is very wild. My very own bad boy. Thanks for making it so easy so i can have him all to myself. I won't share him with anyone. Shame my brother wants to kill him.
Pia hisses-U can't love Abhay if you'd let Neel kill him.
Alina pushes Pia with her powers-Watch us. Loyalty comes before love Pia. (Only Alina had started protecting Abhay having really fallen for him)

It was night time and a few months had passed Abhay began to have feelings for Pia again. The old dormant emotions stirred as soon as he saw her again. Abhay was chasing her like she was his shadow breaking her down emotionally till Pia could do it no more. That very night was when Neel attacked Abhay and almost killing him. Pia had nowhere to run or hide Abhay. She was helpless by his love. Pia couldn't let anyone take Abhay away from her. She transformed into her deadly persona killing off her enemies one at a time. Abhay had unfortunately seen the whole event and went into deep shock. This was down to bloodloss. Pia took him in her arms back to her place where she tried to nurse him back to health only to turn him.

Pia held Abhay's hand throughout the ordeal and made herself feel some of his pain by using a silver chain wrapped around her hand screaming in agony as a punishment for letting Abhay get into a position where this was the only way to save him-My love don't leave me. Abhay please don't leave me. I'm so sorry. I didn't know. I didn't know she was all wrong for U. I'm so sorry for putting U through this. (Pia kissed his hands. She leaned to see his face again kissing his eye lids, then his forehead, his cheeks to his lips) I wish i could take all of this back. I wish I wasn't a vampire. I wish i was a normal human so we could always be together. This isn't the life i wanted for U. Abhay forgive me. I didn't know what else to do.
Abhay moved his fingers-Pia!!!!!!!!!!!(Abhay's body convulsed)

Pia got herself out of the trance she was in shaking her head in front of the mirror realising what she'd done. Pia had cracked the code to her memory being gone. Pia was no longer having an outer body experience. She was now in red alert. Pia had to do one test to see if this was all real. Part of her memory was back the other was still in limbo. Her fragmented memories had allowed her to piece part of the puzzle albeit in a dream state but could Abhay be what she thought he'd be? Could it be true? Her scrambled brain was desperately fitting everything by herself. Pia touched her locket remembering it was Abhay's. All those incidents with her always ending up in trouble and Abhay always saved her. Pia could vividly see Abhay's face with fangs. His eyes changing colour. Was she crazy or was this reality? Only one way to find out. No her Abhay could never kill her. Pia knew this truth because for once she was trusting her heart and not her confused head. Pia's heart spoke of her undying love and trust in Abhay wholeheartedly. Her Abhay would never harm her. Pia might have hated him but it was only because she loved him so much she didn't know how else to make Abhay heed to her. To make him talk to her even if it was in the heat of the moment. Pia had to sort her head out and this hazy memory of hers filled with half truths.

Pia in the middle of the night snuck out of her home to meet Abhay at his home to confront him.
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is this complete...?
but the part u wrote is really very creative,,,,,

pia in abhay's shoes is great...!!!!!!!!


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Posted: 2011-08-21T16:06:30Z
dts a really beautiful n innovatve idea...lvd it cmpltly...Wink
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Posted: 2011-08-21T16:25:40Z
WOW!! ayesha this is too goodClapClapClapClap
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Posted: 2011-08-21T16:30:05Z
awesome dear...love it a lot...piya in abhay's shoes...really loved the concept...Smile
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Posted: 2011-08-21T16:35:27Z
urggh that alinaAngryLOL
but wow this was awesome, very creative n interestingClap
looking forward to reading more...
thanks for the pm
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