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::Other FF:::

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These are all written by MATWAMANGO aka AYSHA.

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Eternally series are mainly for 16+ Book 2 contains some romantic lovemaking scenes so please read with caution so it does not cause any discomfort to the reader.

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My Eighth FF on ABHINA aka Abhay and Alina
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Abhiya Group FF Written by Aysha, Tanzie, Shivani, Anji, Ronee, Swati and Gauri

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These R all my 7 Fanfics

3.Soulmate http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=927948&PID=15890606&#15890606
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:::Update 1:::Marry Me Or Else:::

What the...? How dare she even in her wildest dreams attempt to break his sister's marriage up? Khushi had already trampled all over his emotions but he was glad for small mercies on him keeping his big mouth shut. Khushi would never know how she almost made him break his code of conduct. Never allow love to blind U to the extent U forgot who U are. He was going to make this fake gold digger pay. He would make her suffer like she'd made him suffer. Nobody took him for a fool he thought thunderously. And the creep...Oh he so wished to trash his snakelike face up and throw him out on the streets but his sister was pregnant. Damn Di was expecting this idiots kid. Meaning he had to rethink this through. His sister already had so many ailments she won't be able to handle this tension. What if she lost her baby it would break her. No his Di would remain in the dark until she had this baby at least then he'd show them both what he could do.

It was then he came with a brainstorm, he dialled his lawyer to work ASAP and draw the papers and then he'd screw both Khushi and Shyam over he sneered to himself. This game was just about to get interesting. Arnav would revel at seeing both of them squirm.

Arnav Singh Raizada saw the snake leave following the worm. ARNAV became ASR shutting the door behind him to confront him-So how long has this facade been going on for? U and Khushi! (Showering Shyam with a disgusted look on his face) Tell me dammit?
Syham didn't even bother to hide this fact now-How did U find out?
Arnav muttered-I saw U two together just now. It was rather sickly to see a married man with a girl beneath our family status. Its bad enough Akash is marrying her sister. I'll make sure U never get to fulfil your sick, sick plans with her. She's off limits. Take care of your wife meaning my sister and the baby of yours.
Shyam laughed at Arnav-Please your sister is a cry baby. I can't handle her waterworks any more. Khushi is all i want and i will get her at all costs. I love her. She is my obsession, my life, my love. I will make her mine and there's nothing U can do about it. We both love each other. 
Arnav clenched his fists angered by this jerks confessions of wanting Khushi only boy the snake looked constipated right now he thought with those twitching angry look was so not Shyam's best look right now-Listen U toe-rag she will never be yours. I'll make sure U never succeed in your twisted, pathetic insane desires into action. Now get the hell out of here.

This did it for Arnav, he now knew how to end this scandalous situation and his call to his lawyer was the correct thing to do. Finally his lawyer enters his home so he greets him taking the paperwork from him and then heads straight to the woman who'd ruined his brothers wedding for him with her wicked plans to enter this family.

Arnav watches Khushi still where she was by the poolside staring at the moon reflecting in the water. She seemed lost almost and so innocent but looks were deceiving, so were her sweet, funny one liners the phony girl was a con artist. Yeah she'd fooled him but not again. Then he took Khushi by the hand leading the way to another empty room threatening her with ending Payal's marriage never taking place if she doesn't comply with his demands to marry her. He hands her the papers to sign. It was a prenuptial agreement sighting Khushi couldn't claim a cent of his money after their deal ends. This would be a contract marriage only. Khushi could only stare at him in shock with her mouth gaping open and the tears falling down her cheek. She'd thought he'd changed but he was just as heartless as ever. What had triggered this outburst, this ridiculous act to force this on her by blackmailing her. 

Khushi tried her best to fight her corner refusing to do as he wished but it was all in vain. Arnav had shut himself in his business mode strategizing every move with precision-Arnavji this is crazy! A marriage is for keeps not for a whim. My life would be ruined. My family's name is at stake.
Arnav rasped angrily-U didn't think of your reputation then...(Stopped himself from repeating anything) Do this for your sister if she is important to U. My sister is my world lets see just how much U care for yours. U know what i am capable of. U have a minute to think about it. My brother does as i want U have a long think.
Khushi gulped and decided she had no choice-Fine.
Arnav smirked at his victory-Now sign the contract. There is no clause here. Its very cut throat. We will be married in name only. We will never consummated this marriage. In front of people we act like a happily married couple.  

Arnav started to take Khushi out of the Raizada mansion to a temple. All he could hear was Khushi protesting but it made no impact on him. He dragged Khushi out of the car and then smirked at her for what he was about to do would change everything.

Khushi had felt Arnav's arm making her flesh redden from his man handling. He appeared to her like a wounded lion or a tiger depending on his eyes and nose-Arnavji why did U bring me here?
Arnav simply kept his eyes firmly on Khushi's deer in the headlights-U didn't think i'd marry U in public. Please i have more taste than flaunt a temporary arrangement in front of the world. (He placed the mangalsutra round her neck) This is a noose round your neck for the next 6 months enjoy the life of the rich and famous for as long as it lasts. (Then without any thought placed the red coloured vermillon on her forehead) I always thought this red powder looked silly on women. U look even more stupid with it on.
Khushi felt like she was suffocating. The unshed tears were killing her. He was killing her-How can U be so...
Arnav smirked again in an evil grin-Cold? Girls like U get the best out of guys like me. Now start acting so we can show our family how loved up we are.

Arnav drags her back in the car and displays his Public Display of Affection to his family and some guests. His family were shocked at first and angry. Arnav didn't care about any of their opinions. Only his Di had made him feel helpless but this was all for her. He hated it when Khushi's family had abused her verbally disowning her but he had to get used to hating her again no more soft Arnav. ASR was back and he was better of being cold. Nobody would take advantage of him ever again.

Arnav took Khushi to his room watching her weep in her anguish he decided to rub salt in her wounds-What U sow is what U reap! Now i am quite tired now. U better leave my room and sleep in the cold where U belong. You're used to it any way. I can't even bear to look at U right now after the way you've made a place in this house.
Khusi fumed-U are so...
Arnav muttered-I know i am unbearable and intimidating. Now get some sleep and shut up so i can think properly. I have a headache with all these people giving me aggravation. U women are so moody. No wonder U drive me crazy.

Khushi was too tired to talk. Too shattered to even think with logic. It was daunting to be isolated now, shunned from her family. They'd disowned her. Her own sister hatred her. Arnav's family loathed her. Arnav had succumbed to the darkness again. 

Arnav saw Khushi shaking and wrapped her with a blanket to clear his conscience. Tomorrow was another day. From here on in he'd keep Khushi and Shyam away from each other. Arnav smirked in satisfaction at seeing Shyam write inside at seeing the love of his life Khushi as no longer available. Good it should make his life easier. But how was he going to keep the pretence up? It was hard enough caring for Khushi after knowing she is as greedy like the rest of the women he'd come into contact with.

Arnav tried to sleep but no he was too stressed out to even sleep. He might as well focus on work. This is what he ended up doing the whole night.

The following day Khushi was met with a disapproving Raizada family all waiting to pounce on her but Arnav had ensured nobody did a thing to her to show unity. His sister had eventually come around like he knew she would. Grandma also came around having Khushi and he re-do their marriage in front of them. Arnav thought this was a waste of time. Khushi was looking beautiful in her lengha but he had to remain impartial to her affects on him. He didn't care about her. As soon as they'd finished the meaningless rituals he was free to leave Khushi for the vultures.

Arnav planted a harsh kiss on Khushi's forehead whispering to her-Have a pleasant day with your new in laws Khushi. You'll need it.
Khushi saw the sly grin and felt fresh tears brimming down her cheek as she entered the kitchen to make something sweet for the family.
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hey great another ff cant wait to read it
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Ayu awchum... Such a long tym since I spoke to ya and look na di this forum is ignoring me
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A Superb prologue,do continue.Thumbs Up
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do continue...sounds good
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Dare not forget to PM me Approve

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