FF-Book 2:A TWISTED LOVE-Update 10 sept pg 145

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Abhay a vampire in love with both Pia and Maithali.
Piya is irrocably in love Abhay and expecting his baby
Misha a true friend to Piya and has found true love in Arjun
Tanushree is a rich girl who doesn't have a brain
Ruhi a maneater. She wishes.
Kabir the local Heartthrob has shifted his feelings for Tara
Tara a powerful witch with a penchent for trouble
Danish a player with serious problems
Sidharth the evil vampire brother of Abhay's hell bent on aquiring Maithali.
Click the link below for Book 1
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:::Precap 50:::Marriage:::Pg 1

:::Update 50:::Marriage:::


:::Precap 51:::Intimate:::

:::Precap 52:::Exams:::Pg 22

:::Update 52:::Exams:::Pg 25
:::Precap & Update 53:::The Confirmation:::Pg 33
:::Precap 54:::The News:::Pg 41
:::Precap 55:::Showcase:::Pg 49
:::Update 55:::Showcase:::Pg 50
:::Precap 56:::Stolen:::Pg 56
:::Update 56:::Stolen:::Pg 57
:::Precap 57:::Racing Hearts:::Pg 64
:::Update 57:::Racing Hearts:::Pg 66
:::Precap 58:::Dark Nights:::Pg 74
:::Update 58:::Dark Nights:::Pg 75
:::Precap 59:::Mistrust:::Pg 82
:::Update 59:::Mistrust:::Pg 83
:::Precap 60:::Private Picnic:::Pg 91
:::Update 60:::Private Picnic:::Pg 92
:::Precap 61:::Brother vs Brother:::Pg 99
:::Update 61:::Brother vs Brother:::Pg 101
:::Precap & Update 62:::Raksha Bandhan:::Pg 107
:::Precap 63:::Into The Fire::Pg 114
:::Update 63:::Into the Fire:::Pg 117
:::Precap 64:::Superiors::Pg 124
:::Update 64:::Superiors::Pg 126
:::Precap 65:::Come Again::Pg 132
:::Update 65:::Come Again::Pg 135
:::Precap 66:::Transitioning Resistance::Pg 144
:::Update 66:::Transitioning Resistance::Pg 145
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Is Abhiya's marriage Part of Book 1 or 2
PM me when u continue
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Originally posted by pari_smart

Is Abhiya's marriage Part of Book 1 or 2
PM me when u continue
Abhiya marriage is part of book 2Big smile
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Originally posted by matwamango

Originally posted by pari_smart

Is Abhiya's marriage Part of Book 1 or 2
PM me when u continue
Abhiya marriage is part of book 2Big smile
I thought I missed that Part
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ok. when r u going to start updating
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:::Precap 50:::Marriage:::

The morning brought Arjun a reprieve. According to the white witch the move was fast approaching. He was already on edge. His plans to woo Misha were coming to fruition but he'd felt guilty about using her as a stepping stone to get to Pia. It was the only way he knew to keep her save. He just wasn't used to working with people. He never allowed himself to get close. Arjun went to his hideaway to meet the witche's daughter. He had found solace in her company. The girl was sweet despite being kept against her will at this hideaway.
The girl smiled brilliantly at Arjun-U look distressed. Is something bothering U?
Arjun sat next to her-Yeah. I don't want to keep U here anymore. U deserve better than being kepty in captivity. I have my hands tied. I need your Mom to help us. I fear she'd run with U. Then there's my elders. They would skin me alive if i went against their wishes. I'm so torn. By duty and by righteousness.
The girl showered Arjun a picture in his head-U must think about the goal ahead of U. U aren't treating me like a prisoner but i wish U would stop blackmailing my mother. She won't take kindly to your threats. U must save the girl Arjun. She is important for U and has a gift of her own. The gift of new life and the gift of death.
Arjun sighed with his luminous chocolate brown eyes staring into the girls eyes-It has your mother working for me. Blackmail is all i know how. So this cryptic prophecy about Pia is for real right and not some bogus joke?
The girl touched Arjun's face-I wouldn't lie to U. Don't take this the wrong way but how is keeping my mother and I apart a good thing? We can help U.
Arjun's voice wavered-I know you'll help me. This was your idea remember. I trusted in U to take this step. Its your Mother i don't trust.
The girl-Mom can be a little out there but her heart is in the right place. She doesn't want to bring her daughter into this war. As a mother its her right but as a witch she should know better.
Arjun offered her some chocolates-I know U love them. The mystical topaz U gave to conceal your true self from your mother has kept her from finding U. I am grateful.
The girl laughs-You big meaniii U blackmailed me into it anyway i had to so this would all play out for us. The girl will join us Arjun. Have patience. Pia is well on her way with Abhay. They have good news coming their way very soon. Just a matter of them finding out.
Arjun dropped some fresh clothes out of his bag handing it over to the girl-Like what?
The girl smiled-You'll see.
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