::ONE SHOT::Lightening Bolt::

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:::Lightening Bolt:::

Maithali Pandher tracked down Abhay who was waiting for Pia to meet him up. She was smirking at him with her icy blues staring right at Abhay daring him to break his cold silence as he was astonished by the woma before him.

Maithali let out a laugh of hysteria-Hello Abhayendra!!!!!
Abhay did a double take-What happened to your voice T and whats with the new contacts?
Maithali frowned-U dumbo i'm Maithali inside T's body. Use your brain Abhayendra or has the human vacuum cleaner sucked all your intelligence out along with hers in the bin?
Abhay looked at Maithali all confused swiping his fingers through his hair-Stop calling me Abhayendra! T stop goofing around. Your starting to scare me. Where did U get the name Maithali from? Get out of here before Pia rips U into shreds. U know she hates U T.
Maithali screams blazing her temper tantrums at Abhay holding him by the shirt lifting him off the ground-Bas! Bohot hogaya Abhayendra. Tumhaare itne maajal ke tum mujhe ab pehchaan ne se bhi inkaar kar rahe ho!
Abhay was now very spooked-T tumhaare paas itne shakti kaha se agayi?
Maithali grinned-Main T nahin ullu ke patte main Maithali hoon. Jiske saath tumne do so saal pehle kambal ke neeche dance kar rahe te. Bhool gaye kya yeh sab?
Pia overheard Maithali's admission fuming-Yeh kya sun rahi hoon main Abhay? U and T were under the duvet 200 years ago!
Maithali hissed-Not T miss brainless. Maithali. I gave possessed T's body with my powers. Now i am even bigger and stronger than ever before. I've been going to a magical school studying with Harry Potter and his friends Ron and Hermaine. They are very powerful and i've learnt everything on witch craft. Now Pia can't stop me from getting what i want Abhay. I want U Abhay. Mujhe woh sab yaad hair. Humaare pyar kis kahani woh bi meri kamre mai ek d je ki saath ek bistar pe. Mujhe aisi rangeeli raat chahiye Abhay abhi isi waqt.
Abhay looking very flustered-T. Sorry maine Maitahli ki saath bohot kuch kar chuki hu. Tum ne mujhe apne pyaari dhamkiyon se pasaya tha. Main thab insaan thi Maithali. Mere jaan bachane ke liye ki thi. Tum mujhe ek naukar se bhi behtar treat kar te te. Darr ke ma re maine tumhari saat kuch pal bitaya tha. Ab main Vampire hu. Tum mere kuch nahin bigar sakte.
Maithali brought Abhay closer-U sure Abhayendra. Tumhara pay ki aise mita sakthi hoon apne bhai hathon se usko masal ke rakh doongi. Mujhe repeat chahiye Abhayendra. Kapre pehena chor do.
Pia suddenly found the she hulk in herself grabbing Abhay by the shirt. Maithali handed him over easily to get the floor show and see what her lookalike did to Abhayendra-How could U Abhay? Us raat kya huwa tha? Tumne meri saath dokha kiya? Tumne Maithali ki saath apna sab kuch de diya aur Mujhe aaj thak ek hin jab sunne pa re hain. I love U Pia sun sun ke meri kaan pak ga ye. I am tired of listening to I love U. I want your izzat Abhay. Kab se tum he stalk kar rahi hu. Lekin tum ne khabie meri ba re mai nahin socha. U don't love me Abhay because if U did you;'d give me what i want. Why did U sleep with Maithali and not me Abhay?
Abhay protests his innocence-Pia  i was human then. She seduced me. I was just her servant. She promised she'd never leave me. I was innocent then and she took advantage of my good nature. Pia I love U.
Pia fumes angrily at Abha shouting at him-Change the record Abhay. Tumhari fitrat se mai vakif hu. Kitni ladkiyon ko pata chukke ho. Pehle Maithali, uske baad Dehradun ki saari ladkiyan phir main aur phir wapas, sab ldakiya Dehradun mai yaha thak tumne meri behno ko bi nahi choda ab tum Alina ke saath Dates pe jaa te ho? Aur mujhe muft Jungle mai mangal nahi ker ne dete ho. 

Alina had followed the sound she'd heard all the way from her home in the Khurana mansion. Two women were fighting over Abhay. Alina's eyes lit up-Abhay jaanu tum yaha?
Pia rolled her eyes-Lo dushman ki naam li aur haazir hogayi apke stalker aur meri saut.
Alina gave Pia a confused look then pulling Abhay away from Pia-What Are U doing with Abhay Pia? Nobody has the right to hold him forget manhandle him the way you've just done. Meri delicate flower koh aise nahin haath laga te. He has to be treated with care. Tum meri Abhay se aise chilla nahin sakte. Woh meri pyar hai.
Pia had enough-Abhay meri pyar hai. Tumse pehle woh meri hai. Aur mai usko abhi isi waqt le ja rahi hu. Stop me if U can because aaj koi shakti mujhe nahi rokh sakti Abhay ki izzat par haath daal ne koh.
Alina started stammering-Tum Abhay koh kahin nahin le jaa sak thi ho. Kitni muddat ki baad mujhe aisa heera mila hai. Uska izzat par sirf meri haq hai. Abhay bolo na Pia koh. Tumhare izzar par meri naam likha hai.
Maithali got between the two warring girls-Tum dono se pehle mai Abhayendra ka izzat lut chuki hu. He has me stamped all over him. Isi liye toh woh meri ham shakal ki saath waqt bi ta ta hai. Par Abhay sirf meri hai. Only mine isi liye aaj tak kisi ladki ne uski izzat par haath nahi la ga ya. (Maithali winks at Abhay) Hai na Abhay? He loves me so much that he has vowed to never let another woman touch him apart from my good self.
Pia hissed at Maithali-Tumne meri Abhay par jaadu tona lagaya hai. I will kill U.
Alina smiled-Fikkar not Abhay. Main hoona tumhaari izzar par haath laga ne keliye kaafi hoon. 
Pia glared-No main Abhay ki izzat lutungi.
Alina-No main karungi.
Maithali hissed-Nahin nahin main karungi. zabardasti se main hi Abhay ki ghande kapre utaar ke fekungi. Aur uske saath thakiye ke neeche ghaana aur dance karenge.

Abhay was being pulled about by the girls stripping his black shirt off.

Jeh came smirking-Bas! Abhay par sirf mera haq hai. Nobody touches my leech but me. Abhay mera pyar mera guroor hai. Uska izzat par sirf mera adikaar hai. Not U girls.
Alina shocked gasps-Bhai yeh kya sun rahi hoon mai? Meri apni bhai mere hi pyaar par dohre daal raha hai. U can't steal Abhay from me. I'm more powerful than U. 
Jeh smirked-Ja ja dekh liya teri jaisi dar pok kahin nahi dekha maine. Abhay ke liye mai tujhe bhi maar saktha hoon.Abhay is only mine.
Alina now hovering around Abhay-Abhay ki izzat meri izzat bro. U won't get a piece of him.Pyar karti hoon mai usko.
Pia glaring at Jeh-I should have known Jeh that U loved Abhay so much. Iisi liye tum usko aisi nazro se dekh te ho. Abhay ki izzat main lutungi.
Maithali fumed-Abhay ki izzat meri hai.

All four fight for Abhay so he escapes running to his mother. Abhay see's Haseena waiting for him looking a little pleased.

Haseena beams-Abhay i have fixed your marriage.
Abhay shocked-Mom what?
Haseena beams-Yes with Pia, Alina, Maithali and Jeh. 
Abhay protested looking stunned-But Mom they are all after my izzat. Sab mere peeche haath doh ke pa re hai.
Haseena gives Abhay a stern look-Kaan kul ke sun lo Abhay. Woh char hi mere ghar ki bahu aur damad banenge. Samje? Maithali is very powerful woh tumharri body ki guard kare gi. And she'll stop coming after us. I always wanted a son in law and with Jeh i'll get this. Plus i get a little eye candy to look at to keep your father in line from checking out Deepanita Khuarana After watching Underworld i have become obsessed with hybrids. Alina and Pia will provide me with this opportunity. Kya tum nahin cha te hamari khaandaan ba re? I become a grand mother. U a father? Yaha jeet hi jeet hai Abhay.
Chand concurs-Its the truth Abhay. Woh char raazi hai. Ab woh tumhaare liye larenge nahin kyunki tum bhaag jaate ho isi liye woh chaaro milke tumhaare izzat par haath dalenge. Jeh tumse bohot pyar kartha hai Abhay. Aur main kush hu aise damaad pa ke. Mere yeh umeed bu poora ha gaya. Pia koh ab kisi koh stalk karna nahin paregi. Ghar main tumhaare aage peeche bhage gi aur tumhare izzat ki full faida utayegi. She's already to rip your izzat right now. Alina waise hi tumpar super glue ki tarah chippak jaati hai toh i know mujhe ek waaris zaroor milega. And Maithali the strongest of them all apne jadoo se tumhe haasil karlegi. 

Abhay wanted to run but Chand and Haseena along with all the vampire superiors and Deepanita Khuarana force Abhay to marry all four Maithali, Alina, Jeh and Pia.

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hahah mazaaa aa gya Ayesha.U know this is one of my fav OS & reason is very obvious Abhay ki udti izzat & u know how much I adore jab ABHAY ki izzat udti hai hahahaLOLLOL

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Ayshu it was damn funny ROFL  ROFLROFLROFLROFL haseena chand explanation for getting him married to 4 wasROFL ROFL ROFL bechara abhay uski izzat to lut hi gayi ROFLending was moreROFL chalo to tumne ajeh ki love story likhi choti si ROFL it was fab thanx for pm u really love ajeh so much ShockedROFLROFLEdited by strawberryrashu - 8 years ago
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Posted: 8 years ago
res is it ajeh ?

poor abhay 4 people n he single LOL sabko uski izzat pe haath dalana hai LOL it was really funny dear
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awesome ayeshaHug...i luvd it 2 d coreStar..it was soo funnyLOLLOL...omg!!4 at a timeShockedLOLLOL...bechara..i feel bad 4 abhay.LOL... haseena n chand part really cracked me upROFLROFL...happy that arnab is not in d listLOL...thnx 4 d pm.SmileEdited by madhuri16 - 8 years ago
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Posted: 8 years ago
  its too funny   ROFL  ROFL ROFL   ROFL ROFL ROFL  ROFL  ROFL  ROFL   m laughing like mad  y r control hi nahi ho raha  hai  sare ke sare abhay ki izzate par haat dal rahe te bachara abhay bhag  ke gaya aur agye shadi ke chakker mein phas gaye . i can imagian bachare ki halt kya hogi    wonderful job  uper jab jey ata hai aur  b funny  lagata hai .Edited by abhiyan999 - 8 years ago
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