FF-A TWIST LOVE Final NOTE page 117

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:::Update 1-A NEW BEGINNING::: Pg 1
:::Update 2-The UNknown Stranger:::
:::Precap 3-The Bust Up:::
:::Update 3-The Bust Up:::
:::Precap 4-The Punishment:::
 :::Update 4-The Punishment:::
  :::Update 5-The Mad Emotional Pull:::
  :::Precap & Update 6-Mad as Hell:::  
   :::Precap & Update 7-New Dawn:::
 :::Update 8-ReNewed Obstacle:::
  :::Precap 9- Meloncholy:::
  :::Update 9- Meloncholy:::
:::Precap & Update 10- Confrontation::: 
  :::Update 11- Inner Turmoil:::
:::Precap & Update 12- The Warning::: 
 :::Update 13-Movie night:::
:::Update 14-Christmas:::
:::Precap and Update15- Christmas Party:::  
:::Update 16-Healing:::
:::Update 17-New Year:::
:::Precap and Update 18-Let me In:::
 :::Precap and Update 19-DiscoverY::: Pg 29
:::Update 20-Possession::: 
:::Precap and Update 21-Slowburn::: Pg 34 
:::Precap and Update 22-EmotE::: pg 36
 :::Update 23-Face Off:::pg 38
:::Precap and Update 24- News Blast:::  
:::Update 24- News Blast:::pg41
:::Precap and Update 25- Jealousy:::  Pg 43
 :::Precap and Update 27-Cooling Off:::pg 47  
:::Precap and Update 28-The TournamenT:::pg 50 
:::Precap and Update 29- PrizE:::  PG 53
:::Precap and Update 30-The Hunter:::pg 56 
:::Precap-The HunteD:::pg 60 
:::Update 31 The HunteD:::pg 61 
:::Precap 33-Spiritual Swap:::
 :::Precap 34- Sleeping Beauties:::pg70
:::Update 34- Sleeping Beauties:::pg70
  :::Precap and Update 35-Recoup::: Pg 77
  :::Precap and Update 36-Timing::: Pg 77
:::Update 37-Seduction:::86
 :::Precap 38-Seduced:::90
 :::Update 38-Seduced:::91
:::Precap 39- Purge and Find:::pg96
 :::Update 39- Purge and Find:::pg97
:::Precap & Update 40:::Morning After Dark:::
:::Precap and Update 41- Manic Mode:::pg105
  :::Precap 42-Buzzin:::pg 110
 :::Update 42-Buzzin:::pg 111
  :::Precap 43-Intrigue:::pg 114
:::Update 43-Intrigue:::pg 115
:::Precap and Update 44-Orphanage::: Pg 120
:::Precap and Update 45-Daddy Love::: Pg 125
 :::Precap and Update 46-Commodity::: Pg 128
:::Precap 47- Intimidate:::pg 133
 :::Update 47- Intimidate:::pg 135
 :::Precap 48- Club's on fire:::pg 140
:::Update 48- Club's on Fire:::pg 141
:::Precap 49- Indecision:::pg 148
:::Update 49- Indecision:::pg 149
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:::Precap 50:::Marriage:::Pg 1

:::Update 50:::Marriage:::


:::Precap 51:::Intimate:::

:::Precap 52:::Exams:::Pg 22

:::Update 52:::Exams:::Pg 25
:::Precap & Update 53:::The Confirmation:::Pg 33
:::Precap 54:::The News:::Pg 41
:::Precap 55:::Showcase:::Pg 49
:::Update 55:::Showcase:::Pg 50
:::Precap 56:::Stolen:::Pg 56
:::Update 56:::Stolen:::Pg 57
:::Precap 57:::Racing Hearts:::Pg 64
:::Update 57:::Racing Hearts:::Pg 66
:::Precap 58:::Dark Nights:::Pg 74
:::Update 58:::Dark Nights:::Pg 75
:::Precap 59:::Mistrust:::Pg 82
:::Update 59:::Mistrust:::Pg 83
:::Precap 60:::Private Picnic:::Pg 91
:::Update 60:::Private Picnic:::Pg 92
:::Precap 61:::Brother vs Brother:::Pg 99
:::Update 61:::Brother vs Brother:::Pg 101
:::Precap & Update 62:::Raksha Bandhan:::Pg 107
:::Precap 63:::Into The Fire::Pg 114
:::Update 63:::Into the Fire:::Pg 117
:::Precap 64:::Superiors::Pg 124
:::Update 64:::Superiors::Pg 126
:::Precap 65:::Come Again::Pg 132
:::Update 65:::Come Again::Pg 135
:::Precap 66:::Transitioning Resistance::Pg 144
:::Update 66:::Transitioning Resistance::Pg 145

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:::Precap 67:::United We Stand::Pg 1
:::Update 67:::United We Stand::Pg 4
:::Precap 68:::Surprise Encounter:Pg 15
:::Update 68:::Surprise Encounter:Pg 17
:::Precap 69:::Lullaby:Pg 28
:::Update 69:::Lullaby:Pg 30
:::Precap 70:::Home Alone:Pg 39
:::Update 70:::Home Alone:Pg 42
:::Precap 71:::Match Maker:Pg 50
:::Update 71:::Match Maker:Pg 51
:::Precap and Update 72:::Flying High:Pg 60
:::Precap and Update 73:::The Return:Pg 69
:::Precap 74:::Little Doves:Pg 78
:::Update 74:::Little Doves:Pg 59
:::Precap 75:::Anything for U:Pg 85
:::Update 75:::Anything for U:Pg 87
:::Precap 76:::Let me spread my wings & fly:Pg 99
:::Update 76:::
Let me spread my wings & fly
:Pg 100
:Pg 108
:::Final Note::
:Pg 117
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:::Other FF:::
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:::One Shot I'll bring U back:::
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:::One Shot LOVE BITES:::

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:::One Shot ::Desi Cocktail Party All Night Long:::
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:::Precap 67:::United We Stand:::

Maithali prayed hard for Pia to be safe. Fooling them for as long as she had done was no mean feat but Abhay doing the disappearing act had only made the superiors suspicious of this whole game plan they had going on here. Unfortunately for her there was no way she could lie her way out of the hole she was in. Maithali was still in the dark about Pia and her baby. Were they safe? Did Pia have her baby? All the mental link Maithali had with Pia had suddenly ceased to exist making Maithali anxious.  Chand and Haseena seemed to act normal but Maithali saw a flicker of hesitation in Haseena's eyes. There was dread in those still dark pools sending shivers through Maithali. 

Maithali didn't care much for her life it made no difference if she lived or died. Her fate was sealed.

Zeus caught Maithali watching Haseena-How can U possibly be concerned about these vampires while U a mere human are only on the precipice of extinction? I find U highly intriguing. U are a woman i can't get a read on. I know U aren't Pia because Abhay would never leave his ladylove on our watch meaning what we have heard of this miracle news being true. Maithali played dumb but it was all a joke-I don't know what news U are talking about? Just because Abhay has left me a few days means nothing.
Zeus found Maithali's attempt to hide the truth a littel detrimental-U can stop acting now. 
Maithali huffed-Who is acting here? I am Pia and she is me. Whats so strange about that?
Zeus finished-Maithali i'd have killed U on the spot but we need leverage. We know Sid and Abhay value your life. Pia will never allow anything to happen to U. So the cat has to come out to play.
Maithali dared struggling to get free from Zeus-U think U will get away with this. U can't go massacring innocents just to preserve what U feel is a threat. U fear a change is on its way. U fear your race will find what the true meaning of survival is which is not in the shadows but in the light. My life means nothing. U think i give a s**t about what U do to me. If i live or die...
Zeus shakes his head eyeing Maithali-Oh i know U fear not of your own life but of Abhay's. Human emotions are weak. Its festered inside Abhay for too long and now our kind will suffer because of it. Abhay and his beloved Pia along with their brood must die. They must pay so we may survive.
Chand's face was still unchanged in his features but his eyes spoke volumes-Maithali! Child be calm. The children are well protected. Abhay i can feel is safe. Patience is a virtue.
Maithali didn't have patience. She was running low on hope. The thought of being left in the dark not getting any news on how Pia or Abhay were was making her feel sick to her stomach with worry.
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Posted: 2011-09-13T13:24:40Z
nice precap
waiting 4 update
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Posted: 2011-09-13T13:35:47Z

Congratulations aysha...for the third & last book
i'm going to miss this ff...its my favourite..
Nice precap
continue soon
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