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RK had the world at his feet. An army of female admirers to a generation full of fans who wanted to be him or like him but there can only ever be one Rishabh Kundra. He strives off of his EGO being inflated to the size of the planet EARTH. Success came to him suddenly and the world was his OYSTER. Fame, wealth, women what didn't he have? Until one Woman paved the way to bring RK to his knees.

Madhubala, a beauty only defined by how big her heart is. She is a freedom fighter. She loves to encourage people by boosting their ego and deflating oversided Ego. RK both excites her and reviles her. For the first time she has come across a guy, in need of a few home truths and a harsh dose of a reality check and it is her job to fling him back on land.

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Part 1::Ameerzada::

Rishab Kundra was on a mission to rub shoulders of who's who of Bollywood making special appearances at a few functions in order to raise his profile. Over the past year or two he'd raised a reputability of being a hellraiser. It was to pour water over a scorching fire he'd pretty much been the culprit, RK was born with a silver spoon hence flaunting his money and name dropping was a regular thing. His PR team advised RK it was in his best interest to make a postive impression on the public. Showing an awareness to a cause would help to rebuild his tainted public image. It worked for Salman Khan why not him? First thing he did was take his current girlfriend, an heiress from UK Amanda Knightly for this deed. They'd taken the limo to this venue to be welcomed by flashing lights. As usual they had a swarm of paparazzi stalking their every move. All Rk did was play up to the camera's, posing with Amanda and kissing her with a lingering passion. 

RK to Amanda holding her by her waist-Time to play baby!! U ready for this?
Amanda gave a stunning smily keeping her eyes on RK-U bet i am. So this is how crazy Indian reporters can get and i thought people in LA were crazy.
RK muttered in response-This isn't half the problem.

At the centre a elderly woman Mrs Dixit met them with a warm welcome as she embraced them-I am so happy U could come here and help out at our centre for Cancer patients.
RK was surrounded by children simply out of his comfort zone-Yeah anything to help fight for this cause. It would be great to get people to donate their hair for this cause and advertise what a dangerous illness this can be. 
Amanda took the back seat and allowed RK to take over sitting with a few girls.

RK tweeted back to a reply on twitter for his fans to read what he was up to- Then he had his attention back to a press release, answering a few questions he'd revised during his half hour session with Bittuji. RK donated 1 crore to the cause hoping it would help generate more cash. Better to give money than his precious time. A rare appearance would only give people the wrong impression that he was an active player at such events. It was not his scene. He'd rather be sipping on bicardi and coke, or be at some beach drinking Sangria.

RK got out of the Centre for Cancer patients in a hurry with Amanda and Bittuji breath a sigh of relief-I can't believe kya kya karna partha hai apni image ko clean rakne keliye.Its just rediculous to keep up with these false pretenses.
Bittuji pulled a face and explained-Bos, We've hit a stumbling block with your bad boy image, we have to show U have a good side as well. 
RK mumbled with impatience-RK doesn't have enough time in the day to sort out non-profit organisations. I have my career to contend with. I habve money to spend and money to make. I was thinking of splurging on a trip tpo Bali or even Hawaii with a few girlfriends. After this i have my own Home Production company to launch, i have found the perfect place to tear down and build a beautiful scenic town.
Bittuji knew how ambitious RK was and how much money RK liked to flash. More than he made in a year thanks to all the partying, his Family had money to burn-U have a special...

RK picked up a few guests on the way to help aid his pitch in a Casino with two of the hottest supermodels on each arm, looking smug with the winnings at a game of cards with a few celebrity friends. He had observed a fellow competitor with the same attributes like him, This guys KNOWS how to play games. his thoughts , actions , steps in everything he does is so perfectly preplanned but he had one flaw. He wasn't RK and he'd be damned before he let somebody else take his crown. RK whispered into the ear of his hot Bombshell Krystal to get acquainted with Arhaan Khan to distract him for a little longer while he went to shmooze with a producer for his next project. 

Krystal locked her arms around RK puring into his ear-Baby i thought we'd spend the rest of the night together?
RK promised-Baby U extract some information from Arhaan on what his projects are and i'll give U my undevided attention.
Anne Livingstone was a lingerie mode clinged to RK like he was the only man in here pouting-But U promised me...
RK hushed Anne with a lingering passionate kiss-U are going to help me woo a producer. Use your wiles if U have to. I'll do most of the talking.
Anne moaned back-U already know what U U are going to pitch.  U just want me out of the way. I'm just eye candy...
RK  squeezed Anne's butt and heard her moan-I want U so bad right now but this gig is important. Now be a good girl (Watches her with a smile on his devious eyes bite her lips) Just enjoy the party.

RK took drinks from the Bartender, 2 glasses of martinis, he handed one to BR Chopra-Its a good turnout isn't it?
BR politely thanked RK-U know how to host but this party isn't yours is it? So whats new?
RK got straight to the point-If anyone could dictate and create a morbid chess game of manipulation and emotional enforcement in a perfect story telling its me. (through his pseudo guilt stricken face it would be him) I have done some things to get to where i am. I am not about to stop now. I have a proposition for U. I have a Movie i want U to consider.

(So far RK had toppled all of the top actors from their ranks unfortunately B-Town was hungry for a fresh face and they were putting their money on this star kid. It was the perfect time to strike gold with his asking price being so high he could take a back end deal of not taking an upfront fee and taking a percentage of the Movies takings. He had burned his brideges with a few people so he had to make this as airtight as possible)

RK had already worked out all the finances for his next venture into his Movie based on a Supernatural thriller as a Hunter, after tiring of playing roles as the bad boy turned good or the loverboy role he finds jaded now. He had to persuade another producer to help fund his project, ironically truth was before it was they the producers who'd seek his assistance while RK went through the extent to which to manipulate and create things in order to make his own mark and rule this industry. Such risks needed to be executed with finesse and not taken light heartedly. Its something he learnt from his Father running up debts resulting in the family going bankrupt. RK would settle the Bill himself. He was not going to lose to anyone. His wealthy lifestyle would continue, only this time he'd pocket it out of his own money now that he'd run his Father dry. 

BR chopra 

RK had planned the entire script using his dysfunctional background to get pity and sympathy from his readers. RK scowled watching Krystal and Arhaan getting so close to each other but then again it would be to extract some key information and see what his deal is after all everything was fair in love and war for the fame game.  RK stalked another potential producer known for his lavish parties and being loaded with money to burn at a drop of a hat. RK collared a bartender taking two glasses of alcoholic beverages handing it to Rajeev Kapoor, then sitting right beside him on the stool. He'd be his numero two in case BR Chopra fell through.

RK's eyes caught screeching glare through his evil , grey whirlpools of cynnical revenge and his evil dark grin turns up while his evil manly laugh tunes up with the lightening-So this is based on a Book i have brought the rights to. I have completedthe script myself, with the writer making it suitable to Bollywood. Its all about a HUNTER'S bid to remove the wrongs in his life. Redemption, A reason to survive. A Prominent but  rebellious and challenge the ways of his world and his life. This isn't another Vampire Movie or some werewolf Movie. This is all about One Hunters Demons he is trying so hard to lock away for good. A cunning trailer would be he came from a Broken home, 

BR Chopra was astonished by RK leaving him speechless-This sounds too good to be true.
RK  back to his obnoxious , proud and flamboyant true self-Everyone loves a Grey Hero with excessive baggage of a past tragedy , hinting of possible redemption This will Create a major difference between the current crop of Supernatural genres. This is all about a HUNTER'S trials and tribluations. astounds you and makes your heart heavy for our hero (RK'S face has his signature smirk) This project is a COMMODITY.U bring materialistically what i need while i am the brand. Nothing will overlook the fact this is a golden mine, 

RK was finding this business aspect was challenging his world, but he was connecting with BR by embarking into a world of Artistic brilliance. A brilliant suggestion of a foreshadowing new beginning of a new partnership.

RK further added watching Anne pouting to be in his film-" Sorry, baby . Lekin is film ki heroine tum ho nahiin. RK will be the Solo focus. There are item numbers for U and a few romantic entanglements but this movie is not for teeny boppers."

BR Chopra admired the cut throat action of this screenplay-I love it. This is strictly between us right?

RK with a fierce ownership and a strange eerie fondness that simply screams -Yes!! U decide on the locations, we sort out the Overheads, Budgets, Costumes and the girls U leave with me. This is a 45 crore Movie and we have the marketing to consider. I have arranged some advertising already using my connections with the Modelling world and My women (Keeps his eyes glued to Anne and Krystal) They have a special part to play.

(he shook hands and began to disband exchanging dates for availability.)

 RK was in his element, and took Anne and Krystal back to his place gifting them with expensive Diamonds. He picks their brain for any news on what his rivals are up to to. RK satisfied with the knowledge of Arhaan only doing a 3 film deal with no great synopsis of a film people would remotely want to see.

RK by now was covered with lipstick marks on his face asked Anne-How do U think my new look should be?

Anne muses stroking his muscles-Rugged, stubbly, like He-man.

Krystal helped-Grow your hair a little longer maybe.

RK took some of their ideas on board. He had a half gri on his face, his eyes showinh mischief-Now lets do some serious partying of our own.
In his Manor he'd ordered his staff the day off so he could enjoy his time with his women. Life was good. He had everything he wanted. Being Rich had its perks.

Everything would by PERFECT. Until the next day where he came face to face with the scarlett woman. She was unlike any woman he'd ever been with. 

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[FLASH WIDTH=50 HEIGHT=50]http://files.myfrogbag.com/f1wqru/Humdum_Mere_Maan_Bhi_Jao_Remix.swf[/FLASH] 

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Waiting waiting waiting:-):-):-)
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Luvd part 1.Continue soonEdited by Monami_50 - 2012-07-19T00:07:51Z
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congrats on ur new story

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loved it..
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