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Posted: 8 years ago

Here you will find all the important links, written and video updates, archive info as well as anything else related to Housewife and will essentially serve as a guide to the forum. This thread will be updated regularly so do check every now and then. Please do not post comments in this thread.

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Tiffin for hubby.  Homework with the kids. Picking and dropping them off at school. Scolding the dhobi for late deliveries. Papa' s High BP pills on time. Bargaining with the grocer. Supervising the bai's work. Handling the Bank accounts. Maa ji's special diabetes food. She pulls off all this and more in a day ' yet you think it's only you who deal with a "To-Do" list, deadlines and pressure because you go to office and she sits at home! Her tasks probably outnumber yours. But being a housewife is NOT a job, just because she doesn't bring home a paycheck?

It's time to give that notion a re-think! Waking viewers up to the fact that being a housewife is not just a respectable choice but a challenging job that calls for resourcefulness, creativity and tact is Zee TV's latest launched show "Housewife Hai..Sab Jaanti Hai"

Sona Kanhiyya Chaturvedi - (Suhasi Dhami)

A feisty and spunky journalist who consciously decides to leave her job and be a housewife on getting married. Sona know how to applies her intelligence to being a smart housewife, plays her cards well and sets an otherwise dysfunctional family back on track
 Kanhiyya Chaturvedi - (Aniruddh Dave)

The family youngest son who is a topper of his batch and the loveliest son of the family. He sport a Dabang look. 

Suhniana Chaturvedi - (Himani Shivpuri)

The head of the Chaturvedi family, Suhnaina who has raised her four sons as per her rules. She is Sona mother in law who will be seen as her greedy, self-centered, dominating mother-in-law, ever brimming with snide remarks and sarcasm who only worried for money. She thinks that housewives r only to serve the house and have no importance. She does not respect Neelam because she is housewife but feels good about the working bahus Renu and Bindiya. Suhnaina is a widow and after her husband's death she managed everything by her own and so she is always worried for money. She has a big locker in her room for all money and has also purchased one more for Sona's 40000 per month...her bahus always have a fear of her and even their husbands. Everyone says that mummyji is always right but Kanhaiyya thinks from heart.

Girija Devi - ( Rita Bhaduri)

She plays the role of Sona's grandmother. She has given Sona the ideals and values which she should follow in her sasural.   

Gyaneshwar Chaturvedi - (Parikshit Sanhi)

He  is the devar of sunaina, called chachaji in the house and is around 7 years more old than suhnaina. Chachaji always wanted to bring change in suhnaina's mindset but he failed and now expects it from sona. He also feels bad for neelam. 

 Govatrdan Chaturvedi (Family's eldest son and his family)

Govardhan, the head postmaster with his wife Bindiya who runs a beauty parlour and earns Rs. 20,000...The couple has two daughters Julie and Dimple...Julie is a college going girl who always uses boy's for phone recharge or gifts and Dimple knows everything about Julie but she doesn't says this two family but asks for some share always. ...Bindiya and Govardhan always have normal husband wife fights.

Manohar Chaturvedi (Family's second son and his family)

 Manohar who is a mechanic and wife Renu who is a teacher and her english is out of the world, really bad and has their son Chiku who always tries to help Sona. Renu earns Rs 25000.

Udham Chaturvedi (Family's Third Son and Wife)

Uddham,the army officer who is really strict and does not loves his wife Neelam who is a housewife..they married 4 years back. Firstly Neelam was to get married to someone else but due to dowry problem she can't and Sunaina's devar who knows about her family brought Uddham's rishta for her. Uddham does not wanted to get married till 2 years but he had too. After marriage he left for army on same day and returned after 2 years. Neelam feels bad. They do not have kids.

Darshana & Durgesh

Darshana and her husband Durgesh are the Chaturvedi family's only daughter and son in law. Her husband is a commission taker man who even does not leaves his own sasural members for commission. Darshana and Durgesh live together in Sunaina's house to save their money and Darshana knows that her mom Suhnaina will never ask her to leave the house. Darshana always gives orders to her bhabhi's for every work.

Credits :

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B i r t h d a y  W i s h e s

H a p p y B i r t h d a y F a i s a
* Happy Birthday K a r i s h m a *
Happy Birthday Sahil70
Happy Birthday Selvi (roshaeldsouza91)
Happy Birthday to Amit (--Hunter--)
||Happy Birthday Cool -Amanda- ||
~**Happy Birthday Rozey**~
Happy Birthday SparklesDB @ sweetprincess52
{Happy Birthday SUHASI DHAMI -The Queen of Smiles}
|| Happy Birthday Cool Viewbie : Visha_Dhami ||
{ Happy Birthday Prince Charming - Anirudh Dave }
||: Happy Birthday - Starsanjana :||
*Happy Birthday to AD's Biggest Fan*

C o n t e s t

Housewife Hai..Promotional Thread Contest Contest
Combined name for Sona and Kanhaiyya
Combined name!
MOTW Name - Housewife & Dabangg of The Week
Valentine's Special : Plan a Date for Sonaiyya
Housewife Promotional Thread Contest RESULT
 || Housewife Caption Contest ||
{Housewife Banner Contest - Come Join}
{Housewife Banner Contest Voting Round #2}
{Housewife Banner Contest RESULTS}

D i s c u s s i o n  O f   T h e  W e e k

DOTW : Is Being a Housewife Easy?
DOTW : Sona should go back to work or not?
DOTW: How important is Education and Parent's role
DOTW: Living in Joint family
DOTW: Lying for a cause
DOTW: Child Marriage
DOTW: Trust

G u p s h u p  C o r n e r


G a m e  O f   T h e  W e e k

GOTW : Songs & Actors
GOTW - Wanna Know Me
GOTW: How Far Can You People Go
GOTW - This or That
GOTW : Give NickName to the person above
~GOTW: Food Chain 4-10th March ~
=ll= GOTW : HIT or MISS =ll=
Game relating to "House"
G.O.T.W. What If...
GOTW : Kiss, Marry & Evict
GOTW- Chain Reaction
GOTW Create an email
Game of the day...GOTD
GOTW- Colors and Shades
GOTW--Lie to me!
GOTW: Smack the person above

M e m b e r  O f   T h e  W e e k

{ Dabangg & Housewife Of The Week #1 }
.::Dabangg & Housewife Of The Week #2::.
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{ Dabangg & Housewife Of The Week #9 }
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A r t i c l e s

TOI: Suhasi to comeback
MM: Suhasi and Aniruddh to act in Biwi Hai Sab..
Biwi Hai Sab Jaanti Hai to replace Afsar Bitiya?
Parikshit Sahni in Gulshan Sachdeva's Biwi Hai Sab
ZEE TV: Suhasi Dhami returns as the 'Housewife'!
Suhasi Dhami back on TV as hands-on housewife
Telly Tadka:Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti.. to replace?
Suhasi's newshow on 19.12.12 !!!
TOI: Suhasi dons a 52 kgs ghagra for her TV 
ZEE TV: Suhasi's Lehenga is heavier than her!
ZEE TV: Interview with Suhasi Dhami
TB Article on Suhasi
RM: Preeti Puri Choudhar in Houswife Hai Sab Janti
Anirrudh Dave to put on weight for a role
TOI:Salman is my role model while playing a cop-AD
"Housewife Hai..." comes with serious message: AD
Housewife Hai - To explore Importance of Housewife
Suhasi's Lehenga is heavier than her!
Small screen offers big entertainment in 2013
'I can never be a good housewife'
I Found a Brand New Hindi TV Serial to Love: HHSJH
I cant understand the concept of reality shows-AD
TOI: Hardwork helped to get good roles-Anirudh
TC Article: AD Happy Makar Sankrati
TOI: Anirudh bags first zero budget film
New shows, much-needed entertainment
Getting innovative on the tube will be the mantra
Anirrudh Dave: TV's Dabang Cop
Maha Episode of Housewife on 3rd February
Valentine's Day celebration on Zee TV
TB : Parikshit Sahni - A gizmo freak
Suhasi:One has to really push the envelope in NB
Monica Khanna happy she is getting rave reviews...
TOI : Ratan-Kapil to tickle funny bones
Preeti Puri Choudhary:Soon I am completing 1000...
TOI:TV actors not paid much for movies-Anirudh
Sona Bahu helps Chikoo return to school

V i d e o  M i  x e s

VM : Jab Tak Hai Jaan
Te Amo - Sonaiya VM

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