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Chapter 36

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Katie @love_iqbal_khan 16 years ago
Hey sis!
Its alright….I haven't updated today yet because I was out
as well…..all us friends gathered and went out for the whole day…turned Toronto
downtown upside down man..lol…I am glad you liked this part….I hope you kept
your promise that you made me. Remember
that you had said you will ________________when I make them confess? Did you fulfill that promise missy??
I will try to put in more parts of the 3 girls having fun
and all but you see…Anjali is preggy….and is half way through her seventh
month….so cant have her too jumpy and bubbly right now….but will try and fit in
I like your prediction for the next part…lol…lets see what
happens…..updating very soon!
Katie @love_iqbal_khan 16 years ago
You will find a guy like Angad…for sure!
Will update soon!
Katie @love_iqbal_khan 16 years ago [QUOTE=sexy_eyes]

I loved this metaphor so much. You are really good with metaphors.
Many few people can use the correct time of metaphors at the correct time and
use it correctly. If I were to analyze this metaphor I would say that you
are comparing Angad's smile with the bright sun which is so cute. Its so
true though, his smile is so bright it can make others smile just like the sun
makes you smile when it appears from behind those gray clouds. This is a
wonderful sentence. Loved it.

Awww….this was so sweet!!! After
seeing what she did when he poured his heart out to her, who would have
expected that she could say such sweetly romantic things? Again you gave a description of Angad (Iqbal)
in your story…he has killing smiles and the eyes that always hold a lot of
words in it.

This was also very cute…he always asked her what he wanted to do and he
wouldn't do something if he didn't like it….but now Kripa is explaining him
that its about the two of them basically saying that its not just about Angad
anymore but its about both of them who are one soul in two bodies. Never thought I would say this, but Kripa is
pretty romantic..lol.

Aliyah is so naughty….shes so funny…lol.
She seems like the chripy one among all six of them….well…its good to
have someone like that in your friends group to make sure you have atleast one
person who will make you smile, laugh, and in this case, blush…lol…

Angad already not ready to leave her for a minute…that's so cute. Its so amazing that they can talk openly now
that they have confessed..I mean, before Angad couldn't really stop her from
going away from him could he? But now
that he can, He is going to drag Kripa everywhere with him…lol..

So possessive already eh?? I guess
it's a good thing…I just hope that she doesn't get over possessive and become
insecure about other women being around Angad because that will bring in
problems in their perfect relationship im s
Katie @love_iqbal_khan 16 years ago [QUOTE=jdsean]Great part

Loved how they confessed. Loved the words Kripa said to Angad, now hopefully they stay together happy for awhile. Can't wait to see what happened between Kripa and Josh.
Take care [/QUOTE]
Kripa was called "unromantic" after the last part….so her
romantic-ness was in contrast to that..lol….does that make sense??
Katie @love_iqbal_khan 16 years ago [QUOTE=desert_rose]Awwwwww ekta....u made my day...finalyyy they confessed ...loved their convo and the dialogues ....really sweet part...!!!love aaliyah's character..shes really cute...she already started teasing kripa..lol...and abt the promo..i am gettin a bit confused...wat does kripa mean by making josh cry...i bet its one of their cute fights..anywayz continue soon and clear the confusion...

and yea...glad to hear tht pia is recovering... continue supporting her...and we'll conitnue praying for her....my best wishes wid her...!!! [/QUOTE]
You are right…they JUST confessed and she is already teasing
Nice prediction…lets see what happens in the next part!
I wont leave Pia's side…don't worry….i am always with her..and I know
your wished are also….
Katie @love_iqbal_khan 16 years ago [QUOTE=desiqt8806]i juss read ur comment u put on my fan fic about reading my story backwards...to tell u the truth...i did the same thing with urs
lol i did that with quite a few fan fics...i don't know why

neways great part!!!
see i knew that kripa was juss playing a game!! but it was cute!! both confessed and got each other rings!!! awwwwwwww

and then their passionate romance...but sadly it came to a halt because kripa had to recover...but its all good cuz finally their declaration of love is out in the open!!

once again aliyah was too cute and funny!!

greatt part!!!!

and promo...sounds like its something serious...but at the same time...its sounds like they are playing jokes at each other...well i'll get to know when u post a new part [/QUOTE]
It interests me more that way…so I read it
backwards……because you read something that happens in a part then u
wonder.."why did that happen? What was
the cause?" so you go backwards and read it again…lol…
Yup…..you make pretty close predictions its awesome….
She just had a miscarriage and then I put in the confession
a few parts early because readers were ready to read some romance…so yea…but
its alright…im going to leap it until she recovers…because if I write any
romantic scenes right now…it will end up being the same thing again..so yea!
You will get to know what happens in the next part but as usual you have
another very close prediction..lol….
Katie @love_iqbal_khan 16 years ago
And about the promo….lets see whats exactly happening in the next part!
Katie @love_iqbal_khan 16 years ago [QUOTE=nimrah]
[QUOTE=nimrah]Gosh..nw i'm scared with the new promo..its confusing! But great part once again..enjoyed it a lot.. Angad's so sweet!
Really sorry to hear what happened with ur frend..and I hope she gets out of this bad incident really soon..my prayers and good wishes to her! God bless her..and get her out of this mess soon.[/QUOTE]
The promo Is indeed confusing…lets see what she does in the
next part.
My friend is trying her best to get out of the grief and
depression...but it isn't gonna be easy[/QUOTE]Aww..I loved d latest part Ekta!! U're sooo good!! and ahh the new promo is very interesting...dying to read the next part..continue soon!My best wishes for Pia...please continue supporting her..I know its not easy to come out of that incident..but we all r there to pray for her and I know u're there to support her Ekta. God bless u! Everything will b okay..we're all with her![/QUOTE]
Will try and continue tonight….
Yea..you are right…Its not easy but you have to leave it behind and move on, you cant drag that one
incident with you all along…..but its alright….she is doing much much better…
Katie @love_iqbal_khan 16 years ago
Are tumko bhi lagta hai mein Kripa ko kuch karungi?? Are yaar…..ab to agla part jaldi post karma
Katie @love_iqbal_khan 16 years ago
That is one quite prediction you got there hun…lol…..lets find out what
exactly it was in the next part!!
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