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Silent Whisper
Ongoing G

Saturday,Apr 13, 2024 10:13 AM GMT-06:00

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Summary: Life Journey of two people poles apart in career, status and style. One is the epitome of elegant, the other epitome of simplistic. One is successful in career, has fame and money, the other is struggling to earn the growing needs of family. One is high status where all want to reach, the other has the status which is the part of the crowd and thus invisible in the crowd. These two people, opposite in all ways, get bound in the sacred relation of marriage when they are in complete denial of getting into it.

Experience their journey from stranger to life partner where love comes in their life like a Silent Whisper, unknown to them, that it is even seeping inside their heart, slowly and deeply.

Simple concept, special journey.
Author's Note: This is the sequest of my old story -Roothe Piya Manaoo kaise..
But the story is very different here as this is the story of their journey of support and love. Trigger Warning: None

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