Arshi FF: Ours Arnav-Khushi: Dil se Dil tak-CH :63,pg 242(NEW)

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Posted: 3 years ago

Hey Friends thank you for all your support.  So here i am with my story . This is my first write up. SO do let me know how it feels and if you want me to continue . All suggestions are welcome:)


 "Ours Arnav and Khushi- Dil se Dil tak"      

He hardly care for his fans....She is a huge fan of him. How will these two little hearts meet?

Love isn't always perfect. It isn't a fairytale or a storybook. And it does not always come easy.









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Thank you.

Chapter 1 begins here.

                                 Dil se Dil tak


##VR Associates Office... Bangalore

 "Oye khushi, what is the plan for today's evening? Bahar dinner kare ? Payal turn towards khushi   who was busy drafting mail.

 "I am IN. Even I am bored of the same canteen food " Kishore evenly says hooking on screen. He then locks his laptop and walk towards Payal who sits diagonally opposite to him.

Khushi turn towards Payal's desk and share a mischievous smile with the way kishore always pokes in. She glues back to her laptop screen and reads her drafted mail to confirm if she hasn't missed out anything. Upon sending her mail, she verified the sent Items folder to cross check again. She gives sigh of relief that she is done with today's task.

 Payal smiles at kishore who was standing beside her desk. She locks her screen too and walk towards khushi .   "Khushiii chal na.

 "Nahi Payal. Not today. It is Friday still. We will plan on weekend" Khushi raises her eyebrows smiling at payal.

 "Arey weekend bahut busy schedule hai mera, I have to go to aunt's place. Aaj chalte hai na?." Payal who was colleague and best buddy of khushi was working with her from almost 4 years. She was staying in flat with her college friends. Although she knew khushi won't come out on weekdays, she wanted to try her luck to avoid cooking back again in flat, as all her flat mates might have already gone out.

"No, no!!. Aaj to possible nahi hai. Muje ghar jaldi jana hai"  Khushi replies sympathetically placing her palm on face

"Uff, Not again? God sake, don't tell me you want to go early because you want to watch that serial?  "

"I can't afford to miss babe. We were waiting for this scene from long time. I need to see how he proposes. Aww I love his style." khushi lost in her own imaginary world embracing the serial scenes through her eyes.

"Seriously? Silly girl. Can't believe. You waste your Friday on these serials? " Kishore who was typing on his smartphone speaks after hearing her tantrums of avoiding going out.

"You won't understand. It is not about the serial. It is about him. I watch just for the sake of him.  Also, it is a romantic comedy, so literally I don't think I am wasting my time. In fact it is relaxing to mind and body". she gives brief explanation as if it is so necessary to make her point -that she is not wasting her time watching serial.

 "Phir bhi khushi, you are just so different. So techno functional girl, always up-to date on new technologies, I mean..I still can't believe that you are also one among them to watch one of those saas bahu daily soaps. Long running episodes.  Boring dialogues. Totally bull shit man" Kishore makes a poker face.

She wide opens her mouth, the patience out of her was running out. She can't tolerate anything against the serial, mainly against him.

"Sooo ? Don't you think I have a heart of my own. ?  ... Kuch apne dil ke liye bhi karna chahiye Sir...Or waise bhi , tumhe samajh main nahi ayega.

 Kaha na, mai to bas uske liye dekhti hu...Kya personality hai... Kya acting karta hai...hyyeee...ek baar saamne aajaye bas... Yaad dila diya na." She opens her wall screen...and gives silent flying kiss...

Payal and kishore look at each other with that furious look towards khushi again.

"Kishore I think before she go nuts, we should find that stupid person

"Haan itna bhi khaas nahi hai. local news paper mai dete hai. If any one can find him . please hand over to khushi...what is his name..Aaarav something like that."

"ARNAV SINGH RAIJYADA. Her eyes and hands flew wide open in full fledge motion to explain the name with such an excitement in a way to make sure the other person don't forget the name again ,the personality  of whom she was huge fan of.

Khushi Kumari Gupta who was web, graphical designer holds an expertise in variant UI skills and in most front end UI and graphic technologies. She was one of the top notch employee of mid -sized company called VR Associates. Based in Bangalore, the firm has branches in India, China and UK. The company is known to deliver in designing highly rich interface, mobile application solutions and graphics designs for various hotels, brands and tele channels. They specialty of working with client and indulging will client on-go demand basis has made their position head strong in market. Khushi who was born and bought up in Bangalore, completed her engineering from same place and was hired from college campus. She later met kishore who was 1 year senior to her in company and Payal who joined at the same time as of khushi. Lately, they started working together in same team.

Apart from having all this technical expertise and working in digital company, being one of top performer employee of the company, she was also one huge fan of model turned -TV star "Arnav Singh Raijyada. She was never interested in TV serials until the day she once saw his picture in one of the fashion magazine when she was waiting in parlor. She developed an unknown silent crush. She searched about him more and more. The more she saw, the more she got attracted. On that thirst, she watched his debut serial. One by one she watched all his serials. No one, not even khushi herself actually know, till what level she dedicates her precious time to watch him acting, to just see him, which she defines "An Unknown Pleasure".

There will be many number of fans, crazy fans for an actor. Will khushi become the luckiest? How will be her reaction if she happen to meet her favourite?

 N it will be a long and interesting journey...Smile



That's for Chapter-1 guys. Do let me know your honest opinion. Your encouragement will boost me up..:) Thank you. (Also I am not able to insert any images because of some rules of forum i guess. Do let  me know if any other way for adding up images here)

Vandy_KD2019-04-12 05:06:32

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Posted: 3 years ago
This is interesting 
Story of a fan girl 
Sound so much like all of us going crazy for barun 
Keep it coming 
Posted: 3 years ago
Interesting story so plz continue I would love to read
Posted: 3 years ago
She is obsessed with the guy. 
Posted: 3 years ago
Superb Edited by dv19 - 3 years ago
Posted: 3 years ago Arnav the actor in the serial ??
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by anjs Arnav the actor in the serial ??

Yes: Arnav is an actor in the serial.


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