Trials Of Fire!! IPKKND3 Untold Saga Of ADNi Chapter 1 to 15

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IPK3 Untold Saga- Trials Of Fire!!! 

Season 1 Book 1

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Hindi Dialogues to reminisce Barun's dialogue delivery 

English Translations for Sweet Barun's global fans who must not miss the story pleasure.

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Season 1

Index with links

For the Slow Seduction on Suhagraat Wedding Night which Advay does in Barun's own dialogues and pics; just scroll below

Epi 71 After Break! Was Undressing ever so beautiful? Chapter1 page2 with English Translation

Epi 72 Marriage Consummation leads to Advay's redemption Chapter2 with English Translation  

Epi 73 Shower Scene Morning Romance Family Banter Chapter 3 with English translation

Epi 74 Happy BF time brings tears Advay connects heart of Chandni Chapter 4 with English translation

Epi 74 After Break! Sasha Redemption Advay opens his heart out Chapter 4 Page 2 with English translation

Epi 75 Chandni's Redemption Advay's flirting AdVeer Bromance Chapter 5 with English translation

Epi 75 After Break! Chandni again with Options ABC Advay gets attack again Chapter 5 Page 2 with English translations

Epi 76 Advay's attack Chandni's care again Karava Chauth ADNI REMARRIAGE Chapter 6 with English translations

Epi 77 Advay-Pooja BroSis Pair! Husband dresses up Wife Advay's fast Chapter 7 with English translations

Epi 78 The Morning After! The revenge is incomplete Chandni Stepping into new World Chapter 8 with English translations

Epi 78 After Break! Chandni PTSD Attack Advay The saviour Husband takes wife Shopping Chapter 8 Page 2 With English Translations

Epi 79 Conquering Phobias Veer's Pain Advay's pain Flirting romance of Adni Chapter 9 with English translations

Epi 80 Diwali Bumper Episode Chirkut Reminiscence A new War with opposing views Chapter 10 with English translations

Epi 80 After Break! Diwali Festivities but Chandni's PTSD Finally Diwali Lovemaking celebration. Chapter 10 pg 2 with English translations

Epi 81 Diwali Continues A new dimension to Lovemaking The true meaning of Laxmipooja Chapter 11 with English translations

Epi 81 After Break! Diwali The true meaning of Laxmi pooja A Night Promised Chapter 11 Page 2 with English translations

Epi 82 The Lover's wrath A child's pain A heartrendering Repentance Chapter 12 with English translations

Epi 82 After Break! Redemption throu' love Flirting Banter, His fantasies His despair Chapter 12 Page 2 with English translations

Epi 83 Barun Celebration Special Maha episode Not an FF chapter Rather a VM Chapter13 with English translations

Epi 83 After Break! Barun Celebration Special IPK3 ending reminiscence Tribute to team Chapter13 Page 2 with english translations

Epi 83 After Break2! Barun Celebration Special An Ode to Barun's talent Chapter 13 Page 3 with English translations

Epi 84 The homecoming A lover's grievance Happy Make Up Sex Chapter14

Epi 84 After Break!Whispers of the past Memories, Smokes and scars True meaning of Ganesha Veer emerges winner Chapter 14 Page 2

Epi 85 Advay retaliates against pressure Pooja's Bhaidooj Chandni's Govardhan Pooja True meaning of religion and faith. Chapter 15

Epi 85 After break! Scientology In Ancient Indian Culture Test Your Love And then make love Chapter 15 page 2

Epi 86 A beautiful Morning A Lover's Gift The Trauma Need for a new revenge Chapter 16 with English translations

Epi 87 The couple Dynamics Men From Mars Women From Venus A Baby Dream The Baby dilemma Chapter17

Epi 88 A Wife's Regret Advay's True Redemption The Meaning of Loving Someone Chapter 18

Epi 89 Chandni's Baby Expectation Advay's Baby Dilemma His Own Demons In Allahabad Chapter 19 with English Translation 

Epi 90 An Unfulfilled Dream Makes Love Go Wrong, It's a crime The trials of love Chapter 20 in English

Epi 91 Life is Harsh and Love is Complex. Advay's Pain Chapter 21 in English

Epi 92 Advay leaves home and goes to Allahabad Naani worries Chapter 22 With English translations

Epi 93 Chandni realises her mistake and repents. Will history repeat itself? Chapter 23

Epi 94 Chandni's words Push Advay to a dilemma but while AdNi love is in storm, a new Saga is blooming in some garden. Chapter 24

Epi 95 Advay's dilemma with Meghna's baby; PP is back but Advay has doubts on his integrity. Chapter 25

Epi 96 Love stories are never easy; be it Veer Shikha, be it Advay-Chandni. Advay reinstates his father's legacy Chapter 26

Epi 97 Advay's True Revenge Kick Started. Love so potent that it becomes toxic. Chapter 27

Epi 98 The loving hearts call out to each other and the soulmates dash to each other. Revenge drama materialising. Tension between Shikha-Chandni Chapter 28

Epi 99 The lovers miss each others. Will they meet or will there be another mishap in their journey. Chapter 29

Epi 100 The beautiful Century of IPKKND3 . Enjoy the beautiful lover's experience Chapter 30

Epi 101 After emotional upheaval happy frolicking and flirting between Advay Chandni. Nightcap meal of Noodles was never better! Chapter 31

Epi 102 Just Dream or a premonition for Chandni Aadi's insecurity Family gets pulled in vortex Chapter 32

Epi 103 Devar Bhabhi join hands Advay gets angry The Konch blown The battle starts Yada Yada Hi Chapter 33

Epi 104 Advay's intelligent Business Mngmt strategy in Village development PP Meghna love story struggles Chapter 34

Epi 105 Adi's Sansani, Household returning to normal, Revenge battle proceeds in background Chandni visits Siddhi Vinayak Chapter 35

Epi 106 Chandni's heart-rendering prayer asks for Gauri's penance Wife lost Husband rushes. what amkes Advay happy Chapter 36

Epi 107 A woman's insecurity and a man's frustration Super Conflict and garama garam (hot spicy) exchange between lovers Chapter 37

Epi 108 A New Revenge planned A new entry expected Shower lovescene again Chapter 38

Epi 109 A Song returns Love returns Happiness returns Bromance moves to next level Chapter 39

Epi 110 Advay's office day Shikha rebels Chandni in her wifey mou but worried for Advay Chapter 40

Epi 111 How angry can your love get? Bromance discussion of each other's love interest Chapter 41

Epi 112 Chandni forced with security Love Banter between Adni! How can anybody not love this pair Chapter 42

Epi 113 Barter exchange between husband n wife Advay's new look Shikha's new tension breeds Chapter 43

Epi 114 Advay's health in risk AdNi turmoil brings tears to eyes A perspective of life and death Chapter 44

Epi 115 Love that stays on through multiple births PP Meghna new Love story ADNI I am with you Always Chapter 45

Epi 116 The REVENGE COMES TRUE Gangaram the first culprit punished Chapter 46

Epi 117 Advay's inner sanctum challenged by Chandni. Just be with me! Always! Chapter 47

Epi 118 Aadi's sansani Chandni Jhoothi hai She's liar Happy Banter Veer takes up Revenge Battle leadership Chapter 48

Epi 119 Advay's best Gift To Chandni "Shall We Dance?" Gangaram committed Suicide Chapter 49

Epi 120 Honeymoon Special Mahaepisode filled with Love as the season changes Chapter 50

Amitji has taught us when realities don't happen, dwell in your dreamworld, " Main Aur Meri Tanhaayee Aksar yeh baatein karate hain!Tum hoti to kaisa hota!..."  

( Myself and my solitude, always converse...had you been there, how it would be?...)

This is FF for our beloved ADNI. With the way the show ended, we were taken in our dreamland heaven and just left hanging there. 

Our entire crowd would have loved  to see Acchu coming in. I have dared writing this FF which it starts exactly where the show left us hanging.

Hope you gals like the journey of ADNI couple ahead. Looking forward to your valuable feedback.

ADNI Magic- Trials Of Fire!!


       The window had always faced the east! The mornings had filled up the room always! Once before, the morning had witnessed two souls enjoying blissful sleep in close vicinity of the loved one. 

But it had been different then... The love had very much been there, known and felt in heart. But today was different... Today the two souls were united in openly admitted and acknowledged love. The air was filled with the aftermath of unison, like the rains having impregnated the earth, like Shiva having mated with Shakti. 

Two souls having loved completely since eternity were spooned within each other. The morning did not dare barge in and break their fragile love sleep. Sunshine slowly tiptoed into the room and spread across the loving pair.

Dev stirred slightly in his delirium and felt immediate tug. His delirium broke and conscious brought smile to his lips. His love was in his arms, sleeping blissfully. His protective arm put round her petite frame was tucked under her possessive hand. 

He closed his eyes and soaked up the happiness once again in him. He raised his head slightly and looked at her. Sunshine had lighted up her innocent beauty. 

"Oh God! In the night, she was looking most beautiful; how can she look all the better now?"

The thought of the night brought immediate cheer in his eyes. It had started with him lifting her up and bringing into their first night room. She had been teasing him playfully. He had held her from behind, lovingly possessively, whispered the magical 3 words," I love you! "Then he had cupped her face and pressed his lips against her forehead to stamp his words there.

He wanted to stamp her tonight as his wife, his love for lifetime. He slowly stretched his arm and picked a pinch of sindoor from a small packet smartly kept in his pocket. 

"I promise you a lifetime of happiness, Chandani!_ He pressed sindoor on her forehead and then filled her maang with it. A single tear rolling down her eyes stated her acceptance, her absolute submission. 

What exactly was he feeling? Pain having seen her tear ...or happiness knowing her acceptance of him? He remembered the exact moment of Roka when she had realised that her head was covered with his named veil... exact a singe tear had flown down her eye...

Slowly he removed the golden veil off her head followed by equally slow taking out of heavy maang tika. She wouldn't need both anymore. His protection would cover her head and his name would adorn her sindoor from now on.

Chandani was drowning in his ocean of love. At this moment she wanted nothing but become one with him, become his in body and soul. He caressed the nape of her neck with his lips. His touch was hot against her skin and she felt the heat spreading through her whole body. 

'What's happening to me? Fear of this moment or urge for this moment? Oh God! Had he unzipped her blouse from behind?' 

The blouse felt loose but nothing happened further. Dev slowly removed her hair clip letting her hair loose in silky fragrance. Her eyes were filled with shy wanting. He felt so blissfully happy looking at her image like that.  He could stare at her forever. 

Suddenly shy of the desirous gaze, she hugged him bashfully. He hugged her back with love, with possession. He wanted to breathe in her fragrance completely. 

But the touch of her frame against his body ignited him like mad. He pinned her against the nearest wall and cupped her face. He started with forehead, then her lids, then both her cheeks; pressing hot kisses on her soft skin. His body pressing hard against her. 

She felt herself on fire , the heat burgeoning through her intimate core suddenly scared her. He sensed her fear immediately and pulled back. He looked intently at her.

"Oh! How virgin-ally naive she was. Feeling the touch of a man for the first time on her pristine skin. I need to control myself. I have to make this most special for her, " Dev resolved. 

"Oh! What happened? Why did he pull back? Did I do something wrong? How is this going to be? Will he like being one with me? Will I be able to give him all the pleasure he deserves?" questions crowded up in her mind.

He saw the worry on her face and slowly, he held her by her shoulders and turned her. He held her lovingly and rested her head against her hair. "Yaad hai, maine kaha tha. I had said, I'll teach you positions after marriage. Do you remember the ones I taught?." 

(you remember what I had said?"

 Immediate memory of that day flashed in her mind. He continued, " Don't be afraid Chandani; tum apne Dev ke saath ho. Everything is going to be alright. Just soak in the feeling." (You are with your Dev)

Closing her eyes Chandani relaxed and smilingly soaked in the feel of his body against her.

" You are mine, right? You want this as much I do. It's the fulfillment of our marriage." He was holding her with his big hands spreading against her soft flat belly. Slowly his finger started circling her naval. His fingertips caressed her skin with desire.  

Chandani started basking in the warmth. He pressed his lips on her neck. Slowly he opened his mouth and sucked on her skin caressing it with his moist tongue.  " Oh God! Oh God! He is making me mad... Oh ! How I want him to do this everywhere! " Ammm A moan escaped her mouth and he smiled. 

He transferred his kiss just behind her left ear. He wanted to tug at her earlobe but she had her earrings on. Her jewelry has to go. Her big rings as well as the necklace covering her entire softness from him.  I like her payals. I want to hear their noise through my life. Rest of her...I want absolutely open and naked to my touch. 

" Chandani, you remember, I had said, tum mere hi naam ka dupatta pahanogi." (You'll wear your head-veil in my name only!)

" Humm, kaha tha aapne! "(Yes, you had said that!)

"To main chahata hoon tum aaj SIRF mere naam ka dupatta pahano."( So what I want is that you wear JUST the veil in my name and nothing else)

Chandani was in trance already with his honeyed sexy drawl. 

" Main Pahanaau, Bhagyavaan?" (Shall I put it on for you?")

She nodded in her trance. 

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Nice one Neha!!!
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His fingers left her belly and came to the clasp of her necklace. He remembered how he had almost choked her on the muh dikhaayee day. His eyes numbed in the pain of having hurt her. 

" I'll make every hurt vanish", He promised himself. Caressing her neck softly, he removed the necklace. Next were the rings which had always become obstacles in his clasp of her hand. Then came the earrings. 

He remembered how her toes had curled when he had put them on her last time. Will her toes curl even now when I remove the earrings, his heart wondered. To his happiest astonishment, she did curl her toes.  And curled her fists tightly in!  Oh! My darling Chandu is very sensitive on her lobes. 

Good to know! He smiled wickedly knowing exactly what he was going to do next.  " what is he doing? Oh God! What is this sweet torture. I want it so much but I can't take it. My throat is constricting. My breath is coming in short gasps. " Chandani couldn't even think coherently. She tried to say something but no voice came from her mouth. Hot in passion , she turned to him and took support on his shoulder. ... only to know she was directly face to face, lip to lip with her Dev. 

He knew it was time for their first kiss. He felt as scared as her, as wanting as her. He cupped her cheeks, his head dipped slowly and their lips united. 

After that, there was just magic... absolute magic! Cajoling, coaxing for access, both drowned in the soft wetness of each other. Time stopped still, moments lingered by! Both were trying to satiate themselves but getting ignited more and more. 

"I need to take this slow. No hurry." he admonished himself. With their lips sealed hungrily together, he touched her cheek tenderly with his fingertips. She felt the absolute care of his for her through them. Both gasped for breath. 

There was a twinkle in her eyes. Dev raised his eyebrows quizzically. " Mr.Akhadu, Ajeeb, Badatameez singh Raizada, now at least you agree ki aapko meri parva hai?" she asked smilingly.( that you care for me?) 

Blushing, he smiled back. Then he slowly pressed his lips against her forehead,

(I care very much, Miss badbad)" Bahut parva hai, miss Badbad. Always! When you got yourself hurt in childhood, when you came to my guest house first, when you tortured me by standing in the rain and also when I sensed your life in danger due to bomb." 

He was intently looking at her. Would she ever be able to forgive him for all that he had made her go through. In the rain, when she had run towards him, hurled herself against him and hugged tightly showering kisses all over his face, she had been complaining about his torture. 

His eyes stung with tears fighting to form hurriedly. She saw his pain and cupped his face immediately with love oozing from her eyes. She rubbed her cheek against his stubble. 

" Aaj kisi aur Dard ki yaad nahin. Aaj sirf yeh Chubhan. No other  hurt to be remembered, just the prick of this."

 How he loved her! She was his salvation for life now. They were one, they had to become one. 

Holding her gaze intently, his hands moved to her blouse. He had already unfastened it from behind earlier. Slowly he started pulling it down her hands. Chandani blushed hard and tried covering her body. 

" Why are you shy, darling? I asked you already, tum SIRF mere naam ka dupatta pahanogi. Ab Poochhkar pahana raha hoon!" 

(You would wear the veil of my name, now I have asked you before doing this.") 

Without leaving her gaze even for a minute, he had skillfully removed her lehenga as well. Then took the Red dupatta from their first Roka over them. 

" I told you, you looked good when I put it on you. Ab sirf isse pahano.( now just wear this)" His voice was wicked with desire.

All her garments had to go. 

" Now your turn." He said wickedly and her eyes shot up in shock. " It's Ok Chandani. Main tumhara bahut purana Aashik hoon. Hak hain tumhara...mujh pe! And then you said you were fighting for your rights. So I am giving you the right...Karrro! " ( I am your old have a right...over me)

His voice was thick with desire. Her fingers quivered, breath had left her throat but every word he said was true. She wanted her right on him. He was hers for life now. Her fingers fumbled against his kurata buttons. The moment her fingers touched his bare chest, he knew it had been a bad idea. He was turned on completely.

She had just dupatta wrapped around her. He lifted her in his arms and walked towards their bed. Gently he kept her on the bed with the head resting on a pillow. Last time, when he had kept it like that, her hair had got tangled with his wrist watch. He loved her hair. He took the whole bunch in his palm and tugged behind, instantly she strained her neck. His lips came burning down on her skin and started moving downwards. Scared to death, Chandani clutched at her dupatta tightly. It was her only solace against the desire so vivid in his eyes. He tried removing it and she stopped his hand in virginal fear.

 " Arre! I told you, Tum dupatte ke bina jyada achchi lagati ho. You remember, right?" He coaxed. ( you look good without the veil on)

Chandani's mind raced towards the memory of that frightening night. She left the dupatta and clutched his shoulders tight. 

The dupatta was gone. It was the beginning of time for them.



Dev needed to get up. He was hard again with the night's sequences running in his mind. This just couldn't be the time, how much ever he wanted her. Their passion had sizzled through the night and sleep had engulfed them just early dawn. He wanted his Chandu to get some rest. He thought of freeing himself.

" Ammm... Tum phirse chale jaaoge Dev? Tum jaanate ho na, main tumhare bina kitna royi thee. Kitni raah dekhi thee tumhaari. Mat jao, Dev, mujhe chhod ke mat jaao", she was murmuring in her sleep.

(You'll leave again, Dev? You know, right?  I had cried so much without you. How much I waited for you. Don't go, don't leave me.)

 Love swelled in his heart, " My darling Ms. Badbad, neend mein bhi bolate rahati hain!!" ( She chatters in her sleep also)

He smiled. Time had come to a stand still.

------ to be continued

Pls visit page 4 for Chapter 2

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Thanks for reading through the first chapter. Please let me have your genuine feedback  and accordingly , I will work on the next chapter of ADNI life continued after Suhaag raat, (6th October.)
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Originally posted by LovingAHA2017

Thanks for reading through the first chapter. Please let me have your genuine feedback and accordingly , I will work on the next chapter of ADNI life continued after Suhaag raat, (6th October.)

Hi Neha. Lovely scenes covering quite a few of the dialogues we wanted to hear during SR!
Would like to see some repentence from Advay's side along with more steamy scenes of course in the next chapters!
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Originally posted by pentu82

Originally posted by LovingAHA2017

Thanks for reading through the first chapter. Please let me have your genuine feedback and accordingly , I will work on the next chapter of ADNI life continued after Suhaag raat, (6th October.)

Hi Neha. Lovely scenes covering quite a few of the dialogues we wanted to hear during SR!
Would like to see some repentence from Advay's side along with more steamy scenes of course in the next chapters!

Yup ! Next chapter is very much going to have further repentance on Dev's side. I am wondering how deep I can go in the SR actual.
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Neha ...
Dee what I do for you ?
I never read mature stuff in the forum. It's so hard yo imagine barun in it. It just don't sits well in my mind. But hye... Tumara post tha ... So I continued.

I actually did like it.. bcoz there are more dialogues more inner voices more about characters and feelings and less details. Yup the kisses and the longing is aptly described that i had no problems with the pictures they formed in my mind. It was really good. The way you started the ff is very poetic ... The sunshine... Shivshakthi... You know ... It set the mood in the right way.. saying what's coming next it's so hot and steamy scenes but it's pure expression of love in its most of spiritual form.

You have done a great job dear..
So me now wonders how are taking the story forward. So is this a FF where we get to see their life after marriage. Do indrani gonna get out to put conflict in the story. Do we get miku and Shikha ?
Exicted... In shortEmbarrassed

And about your writing style.. I like it... It's not dramatic.. it's not causal.. but it's personal... The same way we feel about Adni..
I enjoyed reading it. Tongue
Posted: 2 years ago
I love love love the pics you added they are so perfect...Heart

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