SW Symphony 63

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Posted: 6 years ago
Well defined roles

She returned home with a head ache around 4 PM that saturday, watching Shravu eat all by himself at his study desk just broke her heartCry
But she agreed with Bala's anger too
I mean getting sexual gratification as he drove a car?Dead
No wonder Bala didnt want Appa to find out about it
Who would... Shravu was the first grand childCry
He being embroiled in a car crash involving a soldier and wrecking a luxury car that did not belong to himAngry
The sex part Appa should NEVERRR find out


The house was quiet, she missed the noise

One or two kids ran up to the car as she drove up usually
Sometimes all four to complain or snitch,
Sahana mostly wud be  almost butt naked in her loose soaking diaper
Covered in dirt, they wouldnt let her open the door
Banging on the metal like hobos

She would open it a crack they would climb all over her

Nivi wud stand a few feet away glum, not very aggressive, so unable to fight her way through

Even Mahavir was missing two other help chopped veggies, and cleaned the kitchen

"Sab kidhar hain?"

"Sir lekar gaye" they said
They were not the speaking kind

She wandered upstairs, came back down, Ranjan's bedroom was shut

She opened it
The curtains were drawn and he lay curled up on his side, breathing steady telling her he was asleep

She wanted to give him a hug and thank him wake him and say many many things

She walked up the stairs and went to dude's fave spot and sat down...
Went back in and popped a pill, changed into her sweats and tee and went to bed

She was woken by chatter after 6 PM, the fat fist on her face, the soft cheeks smothering her

She opened her eyes

"ummm mmmaaa" the lil drooling creature cooed

She sat up, her head ache all gone

Hugging the lil creature

"Cutieee" she cooed gently sitting up, readying to nurse the poor soul

She was the last one, she was getting fed 50% of how much Nivi got

Sahana chattered excited unwilling to wait for her to undo her clothing

The boys jumped on the bed

Dude pulled apart the curtains like how she did  when she woke from a nap
"Amma I scored 38 Daddee scored 31" Nivi said leaning on her

"Did all of u go?"

"Mavvy uncle.. pushed the table" Sid said in shock

II looked at Nivi
R&B was able to "get the kids"
She struggled to understand the twins

"Mavvy uncle pushed a table and it fell" Nivi whispered laughing


"Va inge" she cooed inviting the twins...

The fell on a nursing Sahana she screamed... kicking

Going back to nurse

"Shhh shhh"

Kissed the fat boys... they smelled like popcorn and candy
"Movie poniya?" she asked the dude

He nodded sidling upto her on the bed

"U took a nap?" he asked

Unusual for her especially when they returned from a trip
She was usually hyper, unpacking and grocery shopping and such

"I was too drained"
"What is DAINED" Ved asked in his toddler speak
"Is what happens to me after I spend a day with u" she smiled
Ved looked proud


They kept shaking the bed bothering sahana
She liked to feed in peace... kicking her anklet clad feet every now and then, snooze, feed snooze
The boys were making it impossible

"Quit it u guys. I cant believe I wanted to be like u" she scolded them
Going back to feed

"Is Dadu asleep?" Nivi asked

II was shocked Ranjan had been sleeping for so long

She nodded worried

"Daddy's the boss" the twins chorused as they jumped on the bed

"Niice" II looked at the dude

He half smiledLOL

"Well its a one man company so he can be whatever he wants"Evil Smile

The pot shot was aimed at hubby the twins didnt understand any of it
Dude didLOL and chuckled
She was extremely jealous of R&B's closeness to the kids.


Mavvy came up just as II dragged a sheet over herself

"Bachon ko nehlaaye?" he asked

"I can do it" R&B offered

"Amma I want to  play the new game"

"Me 2"
"me 2" the twins cooed
They took over a video game, then Nivi cud no longer play it
They were too lil to understand the rules
But they were too disruptive to let her play in peace

R&B dragged the twins, as they giggled and wiggled trying to get out of his grip

"How is he doing?" he asked softly
II shook her head, not answering, her throat all clogged up

R&B got off the bed, and took the twins with him with a somber expression

When she went down 7 ish she found Ranjan well rested, playing with Nivi in the theatre room
She lingered by the door forming words in her mind... nervous

He turned when the door opened

"Aapne bataya nahi Dad??" she whispered, sadness mixed with gratitude

He smiled gently

"Aaja gudiya" he reached with his hand

"U never told me" II said softly

Nivi was shocked to see her mother crying
She sensed something was going on in the family
Her mother was asleep, she spent all day at Vandu Periamma's house, and now she didnt even bring Shubhang with her and now she was crying to Dadu

Theek hai woh?" Ranjan asked softly

II shook her head...

Ranjan sighed pausing on the game move...

"U saved his life" II said firmly

He laughed "Saving life tey wahe guru di job responsibility haigi, woh tey CEO, asee tey peon haingey"

Posted: 6 years ago
yay...Party New thread...
Congrats Nisha...
Posted: 6 years ago
congrats for new thread dee.
Posted: 6 years ago
Amazing update nisha I really want one update with a dude and nandu conversation I really want to see how dude handles the same situation with the other guy who is also to be equally blamed for this situation 
Posted: 6 years ago
Special index on page 4 by Sunita

Special Index
Edited by sonalgupta2004 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Congratulations...the symphony plays on with its splendor and pomp, nuanced and well crafted and rendered...Keeping going Nisha the four digit we are nearing...The babies send her head ache away and the angel senses something is troubling her Amma...Dained...so adorable
Posted: 6 years ago
New thread yaaayParty
Soon we r reaching 4 digits 
ONE more reason to celebrate 
Congrtes to all of us once againThumbs Up

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