ArHI FF: A Nameless Love [#IFFA2019]

ArHI FF: A Nameless Love [#IFFA2019] Ongoing

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Some relations have a beautiful name. Some don't! Some require the legitimacy of the society, some transcend the boundaries set by it. What decides the depth of a bond born out of love and affection? Who decides that blood is thicker than water? How thin is the line between love and hatred? To know the answers, follow a new tale of Arnav and Khushi - where love will be tested, hatred will be challenged and norms will be broken! "Dil se dil ka yeh ehsaas, taa-umra khaas rahega.....Mile naa mile ise manzile, ye benaam ishq aabaad rahega" (This emotion between the hearts, shall eternally remain treasured. May or may not find its destination, yet this nameless love shall flourish)
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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 

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Sanskruthi Sanskruthi

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