#IFFA2019 Fan Fictions

A Nameless Love
A Nameless Love By Kiran eye 278046 star 173 book 47

Some relations have a beautiful name. Some don't! .... Some require the ...

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An Imperial Affliction
An Imperial Affliction By Shaitan-Ki-Khala eye 8941 star 42 book 20

ACP Riya Mukherjee is a ninja, and a short tempered one. Hiding in shadows ...

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India Forums Fan Fiction Awards 2019
India Forums Fan Fiction Awards 2019 By FFEditors eye 1177 star 1 book 5

Welcome to the Winner Announcement Thread of IFFA 2019.

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Accidental Courtship
Accidental Courtship By ILoveFF eye 27015 star 39 book 13

They met, then met again “accidentally”.

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Annu Kay Tareefain
Annu Kay Tareefain By Opsora2090 eye 636 star 0 book 1

This poem is based on one of my Prerish Fellow Member from kzk 2 forum ...

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The Dark Before The Dawn
The Dark Before The Dawn By nushy1995 eye 3611 star 2 book 9

They say, it's the darkest before the dawn and the sun rises with new hope ...

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To Win and To Lose #IFFA2019
To Win and To Lose #IFFA2019 By Mahi eye 1039 star 5 book 1

As Rishabh Bajaj casts his shadow upon Prerna Sharma's love and life, will ...

~~ PunarVivaah~~ [#IFFA2019]
~~ PunarVivaah~~ [#IFFA2019] By Tanika eye 1951 star 0 book 14

Akshat has realised his feelings for Guddan that she isn't just his friend ...

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Starting Anew
Starting Anew By Gurleen eye 451 star 1 book 1

Any lingering doubts that Babita had in regards to marrying Hanuman, are ...

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Fikar Hai Ke Nayi
Fikar Hai Ke Nayi By Gurleen eye 740 star 1 book 1

Babita gets worried when Hanuman doesn't arrive home on time.

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Khushi’s Visit To North America #IFFA2019
Khushi’s Visit To North America #IFFA2019 By Savera84 eye 1106 star 2 book 1

A glimpse at the life of Khushi and Arnav after their second wedding.

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Golmaal Hai Bhai ! #IFFA2019
Golmaal Hai Bhai ! #IFFA2019 By Octothorpe eye 647 star 1 book 1

Komolika is about to get married to Anurag. But there are people who don't ...

Phool #IFFA2019
Phool #IFFA2019 By Octothorpe eye 1247 star 1 book 5

Aman has always accused Roshni for being a gold digger and have insulted ...

|| Ramaa Ramaa,kyu Yeah Aloo Ka Drama||#IFFA2019
|| Ramaa Ramaa,kyu Yeah Aloo Ka Drama||#IFFA2019 By Opsora2090 eye 898 star 2 book 1

This is a Comedy Genre Sweet and Simple Shots of Prerish

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Nankhatai Ke Nuskhe (Part One and Two) #IFFA2019
Nankhatai Ke Nuskhe (Part One and Two) #IFFA2019 By Mahi eye 970 star 0 book 2

Roshni's baking skills are known to everyone but what happens when Aman ...

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The Ringing Troubles #IFFA2019
The Ringing Troubles #IFFA2019 By Mahi eye 462 star 0 book 1

The Vrindavan University is all set to face something dangerous, can Krish, ...

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