ArHI FF: A Nameless Love [#IFFA2019]

ArHI FF: A Nameless Love [#IFFA2019] Ongoing

Chapter 3

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ketki 1 years ago nice update
SirenMitra 1 years ago Only one flashback from Arnav made me hate Birendra Malik... That was so cruel way to talk to your son about his mother... No wonder Arnav hates his Father...Akash is such a darling.. Poor champ, trying to fix everything without knowing anything...Arnav and Khushi, is it too early for them to fall for each other?? I don't think so...Him calling her on her birthday was a sweet gesture and also she remembering everything about him... Poor Arnav he thinks they have something between them...
coderlady 1 years ago No wonder Arnav hates his father. What made the father so distant?
neha2013g 1 years ago Awesome update..arnav seems to have feelings for khushi..
suji5 1 years ago Interesting updateDid Arnav have feelings for khushi?
abivicky86 1 years ago loving this story it is just the beginning many things are not clear waiting for Arnav's past and his association with payal
sunitikapoor 1 years ago Awesome chapter...Arnav past was emotional and surprised me, how come his father is so insensitive about his wife's illness. Really curious to know the facts. I think Arnav and Khushi has feelings for Each other which they still needs to figure out.
luvbug 1 years ago interesting chapter... we got a glimpse of the past but not enough to clear the questions...oh arnav already losing his cool over what's between akash and khushi eagerly waiting for the next!
shiv456 1 years ago nice update
frustrated12233 1 years ago Wooowwwiie... Amazing chapter... I hope there won't b any love triangle...
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