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IPKKND Shots By Areeba eye 14801 star 15 book 29

One-Shot fanfics based on characters Arnav Singh Raizada and Khushi Kumari ...

Ongoing + 9 more
Blind Date - Courtesy of Match Making Family (#IFFA2020)
Blind Date - Courtesy of Match Making Family (#IFFA2020) By BlurredLines eye 26010 star 91 book 19

Arnav Singh Raizada, the most eligible bachelor in town wishes to remain ...

Completed + 6 more
The Con girl
The Con girl By Aditi eye 17878 star 38 book 17

Lavanya was a a chapter of Arnav's life, which ended soon, but did it ...

Completed + 2 more
Another Life
Another Life By Esther eye 5717 star 36 book 20

A journey of two hearts and their journey to blissful oneness......

Ongoing + 2 more
Stealing the Hearts
Stealing the Hearts By Aditi eye 6608 star 22 book 11

This story is the sequel of 'The Con Girl', hope you people will like it

Completed + 3 more
Unexpected By Aditi eye 712 star 13 book 1

Arnav is the author of the year when in a coffee shop he found the main ...

Ongoing + 3 more
Unforgiven By Areeba eye 5693 star 12 book 11

seven-year itch coupled with unresolved anger issues brings a marriage to ...

Completed + 6 more
Choti Si Duniya (our small world)
Choti Si Duniya (our small world) By manjiri eye 12576 star 21 book 34

IPKKND epilogue series, day-to-day life of Arnav and Khushi with their son ...

Ongoing + 3 more
Enigma By Aditi eye 1770 star 17 book 3

Orphan Khushi's only brother Krish found dead in a suspected condition, ...

Ongoing + 4 more
A & K Drabbles
A & K Drabbles By Areeba eye 2355 star 9 book 9

Nine 100-word pieces capturing stolen moments between A & K.

Completed + 8 more
Divergence (#IFFA2020)
Divergence (#IFFA2020) By RockBarbie eye 8115 star 54 book 13

Arnav and Khushi find themselves in a complete different universe - The one ...

Ongoing + 2 more
The Raizada Chronicles
The Raizada Chronicles By Areeba eye 129508 star 30 book 17

Arnav Singh Raizada and Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada have been married ...

Ongoing + 9 more
I believe in you
I believe in you By Areeba eye 1643 star 13 book 2

The story picks from the episodes around Shyam's persistence to get engaged ...

Ongoing + 9 more
Footprints On Sand
Footprints On Sand By Areeba eye 5525 star 30 book 7

Recovering from the aftermath of another trauma, Arnav finds himself being ...

Ongoing + 7 more
Hit Wicket My Heart 2.0
Hit Wicket My Heart 2.0 By mysticaltales11111 eye 37756 star 34 book 89

Arnav Singh Raizada is 27 years of age rakishly handsome, and the Captain ...

Completed + 7 more
Lights Camera Kiss Me
Lights Camera Kiss Me By Shirisha eye 17095 star 60 book 25

He is a superstar and so am I. Our first movie together was a blockbuster. ...

Ongoing + 2 more
Coming Home
Coming Home By Areeba eye 2523 star 19 book 3

What happens when ghosts of past stand before you, making it impossible to ...

Ongoing + 7 more
Who Are You?
Who Are You? By Areeba eye 2213 star 12 book 4

She was an angelic figure with dove eyes and hips of swan, She walked like ...

Ongoing + 5 more

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HaQ ( हक)
HaQ ( हक) By Nupurjaishwal eye 80 star 5 book 0

This is a taarey story. We all have someone whom we love most and show our ...

Our Seven Lives & Beyond
Our Seven Lives & Beyond By moksha89 eye 5579 star 0 book 2
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