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Falling for Her Boss
Falling for Her Boss By BlurredLines eye 21919 star 91 book 22

Khushi Kumari Gupta, has been working for Arnav Singh Raizada aka ASR for ...

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A Night on a Highway
A Night on a Highway By manjiri eye 3609 star 10 book 11

A secluded highway, a dark night, a car ride with an arch nemesis and an ...

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Miracles By Just-do-it eye 1253 star 9 book 1

After almost a decade of marriage, Arnav and Khushi are still as besottedly ...

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Behind the Story
Behind the Story By Aditi eye 1538 star 16 book 3

Arnav is a scriptwriter and director, hopelessly romantic whereas Khushi is ...

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My Revengeful Love
My Revengeful Love By Aditi eye 2387 star 36 book 7

Arnav has ordered an escort Khushi, but she is waiting for him with ...

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Blind Date - Courtesy of Match Making Family #ReadersChoiceAwards
Blind Date - Courtesy of Match Making Family #ReadersChoiceAwards By BlurredLines eye 42831 star 112 book 19

Arnav Singh Raizada, the most eligible bachelor in town wishes to remain ...

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Sweetheart: the road to love
Sweetheart: the road to love By Sarun786 eye 1084 star 9 book 1

College student Khushi fills in for her driver father when he falls ill. ...

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Paying Guest
Paying Guest By Sarun786 eye 719 star 6 book 1

Arnav Sigh Raizada a multimillionaire businessman become Paying Guest for ...

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It Meant Something
It Meant Something By manjiri eye 8210 star 14 book 19

Kya past sirf mardon ka hota hain (are only men allowed to have a past)? ...

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A Second Chance
A Second Chance By Aditi eye 25809 star 99 book 10

What happen when you see the most beautiful bride of the world, who isnt ...

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Enigma By Aditi eye 4716 star 41 book 8

Orphan Khushi's only brother Krish found dead in a suspected condition, ...

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Pawn By Koeli eye 9660 star 2697 book 23

The only thing that Arnav Singh Raizada wants is revenge. He manipulates ...

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Bekhayali By WildestDreams eye 5153 star 36 book 0

Eight friends, eight youngsters full of live who grew up together, sharing ...

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? Forum Contests ∙ 10th Anniversary Entries
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? Forum Contests ∙ 10th Anniversary Entries By IPKKND Forum eye 10447 star 8 book 28

This book is a compilation of all the fanfiction entries entered into the ...

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The Con girl #ReadersChoiceAwards
The Con girl #ReadersChoiceAwards By Aditi eye 25173 star 55 book 17

Lavanya was a a chapter of Arnav's life, which ended soon, but did it ...

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IPKKND One Shots #ReadersChoiceAwards
IPKKND One Shots #ReadersChoiceAwards By eye 33709 star 54 book 35

Stand alone One-Shots (unless specified otherwise) based on characters ...

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Unexpected By Aditi eye 2251 star 24 book 2

Arnav is the author of the year when in a coffee shop he found the main ...

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Netaji By Soni eye 201 star 0 book 1

Poem on Netaji

kASH Paradise
kASH Paradise By Author_ARA eye 142 star 0 book 1
BreakFree By sobia4maaneet eye 20689 star 204 book 9

A thriller tale of a knight in shining armor and a princess caged in Golden ...

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