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ALZIA SS-Mohabbat In The 21st Century Updated.(Part 17 on Pg 26)

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~|Rohit Purohit/Altunia AT#10|~

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Rohit Purohit

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Alzia vms by Shopau UPDATED PG 6

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Iltutmish's whole family is soo dil phenk sort!!

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Altunia Dialogues

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Alzia SS - The Prisoner Queen. CHAPTER 4 on page 7

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Love Never dies

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Real History!

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Alzia consummation vm

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Sambhavna Seth
Sambhavna Seth

as: Shah Tukran

Shah Tukran is Iltutmish’s mistress who later becomes his second wife. She is extremely beautiful and manipulative to the extent of being evil. Shah Turkan is very ambitious and desires to see her son ...

Seema Kapoor
Seema Kapoor

as: Shamshad Begum

Iltutmish's mother-in-law and Qutub Beigum's mother; she is Qutub-ud-din Aibak’s widow. She is regal, strict and religious. She is authoritarian and has angst against Iltutmish as he killed her son. ...

Sooraj Thapar
Sooraj Thapar

as: Sultan Iltutmish

Iltutmish now the Sultan of India was once Qutub-ud-din's favourite slave but Qutub chose him to be the next sultan over his own son. Iltutmish is fair and just and believes in equality. He is very ...

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