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Ok guys. I wanted to write so many stories about Prerna and Rishab Bajaj and I have written also. Somehow every time I imagined them it was the starting journey that made me fall in love with them. I could never connect with the show leap but hey we are all watching for one personsmiley4. Plus the fact the clean shaven Mr Bajaj is back made me want to go back and watch the starting episodes and I fell in love with them all over again. So these are some of my short events that happened in the life after they were married as per my last fan fiction. Some will be good events and some will be bad which will make them better and strong. Below is the link

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Chapter 1 - Their First Fight

It has been 5 months since Prerna had been married to Mr Bajaj and she couldn’t be more in love. She couldn’t think how can someone she had hated once so easily become her everything. They didn’t had the famous romantic husband wife relationship. Every woman dream is that the man is outspoken, expressive, romantic and pampers her while the wife shows it in the small things she does for them. In their case it was opposite. Mr Bajaj no Rishab yes Rishab my Rishab cannot do a show infront of the world. He does it in small things

Like eating the same tasteless and healthy food with me sometimes when I am having trouble due to pregnancy,

like knowing that I am having nightmares and without telling me pulling me close in his arms and getting me to sleep,

like being hungry all day with me on Karwa Chauth

like reading and whispering beautiful phrases in my ears in the lonely afternoon and nights with my head in his lap so that our daughter won’t tease me much and go to sleep.

And yes oh yes I have completely pampered my husband to the level that I irritated him and he gave up. How can I not after everything that he has been through he deserves all the love and care in the world.

Like after we re did our marital vows I made it a point to take care of his smallest of things so much that he got angry that he can’t find anything if I leave the house even for 10 mins

Like he did a lot of late nights with his business and I didn’t like it since it could take a toll on his health. I asked him to tone down a bit but he didn’t listen. So at first when I would wait he just let it go that I will stop after somedays but since he saw I was not budging he started coming home early as he didn’t want me to get sick.

“Finally I have found my match in being stuborn” he said to me.

Like when he cribbed that Kukki doesn’t love him anymore she only loves me she doesn’t even ask me or give me my taxes.

That doesn’t mean we haven’t had adjustments to do or fights for that matter.

In the beginning we got a big scare. One month after out proper marriage, he had a big merger. Without even telling us and without even informing us he just left for London. He called us once he reached and he did video call Kukki and me everyday but I just didn’t like his behaviour as I was so angry. Kukki still talked to him but I avoided him. Everbody in my family tried to give me their opinions.

“Di what did you expect, he is Rishab bajaj. He runs a very successful business he is busy”

It had been two days since I had seen or talked him to him and he hadn’t even called me or asked me if I was ok and I had cried myself to sleep. The next morning, I woke up and found him standing at my door. At first I thought I was dreaming but he was actually there. He gave me a gift that he had bought from London. I looked at it, it was a beautiful watch just the way I like simple small square shaped and I couldn’t help but smile a bit but in the next instant I put it back and sat on the bed. Just then Kukki woke up and started showing me her new toys.

“Kukki aap jakar breakfast karlo please and brush your teeth first” and they left the room.

“Is this how this is going to be?”

“I don’t understand”

“Aap aise hi trips par mujhe bina bataye chale jayenge, main aapka wait karungi aur phir aap aakar mujhe yeh sab denge and I supposed to be okay. Ek baar ek baar apne mujhe inform nahin kiya ki main ja rahan hoon, aap log theek to rahenge na ya aap log chalenge ya aapne nahin socha ki should I avoid. Bas wahan pahuch ke phone kar diya.”

“Prerna business meeting thi it was important.”

“Aur humlog important nahin hain in gifts ko leke khush ho jaye, kya fayda inka is ghar ka  agar aap hi nahin honge haamare… agar agar hame kuch ho jata koi problem ho jati, maan lijiye agar kis din aapko pata chale ki humlog aise hi aapko bina bataye kahi chale gaye ya hame kuch ho gayahain…”

“PRERNA!!!” Rishab shouted and Prerna was scared like hell

Rishab grabbed her arm and brought her near him “Nahin jaongo kahin nahin jaonga kabhi nahin jaonga,but aapne ab jo bola hain dobara mat bolyega. Suna apne.”

Prerna freed her arm and tried to walk out of the room. But Rishab stopped her and held her lightly.

Rishab tried to say something but before he could finish

“Rishab  aap bata dete mujhe pehle se inform kar dete aur ab do din se maine aapse baat nahin ki aapko dekha nahin hain meri halat ka aap idea laga sakte hain par aapko koi farak nahin pada”

“Farak nahin pada isliye 6 days ki trip ko 4 days main band karke aaya hoon kaam ko aadha chodkar, raat bhar travel karke; Pagalo ki tarah pata hain kitne bure bure khayal aa rahin the. Mujhe yahin sab karne ki aadta hain, I am used to being along mujhe nahin pata family…, aap daant lijiyega mujhe agli baar se, promise kiya hain na aapko aapki har baat manunga. Par yeh mat bolyega” And with that he left.

And Prerna lost sat on the bed. Well yes I know I know it was childish of me but he cannot do this.

We had to attend a party after somedays and I had taken special care and everything as it was also my first as Mrs bajaj and I wanted to bury the damn fight. It had been 4 days since I had hugged him or slept in his arms and I missed him. I had opted for a beautiful off shoulder gown and high heels and they were both killing me but I wanted everything to go perfectly tonight. It was a big merger after the whole fiasco with Basu Publication and the news about her mother, so it was important. While on the way the weather was beautiful. I wanted to open the window and feel the breeze but I stopped myself as I didn’t want anything to go wrong. The whole press and media was there. We reached the party and everybody was praising him and us. I was so proud of him but there was also a restraint. We left early and I was starting to get scared.

We reached home. Rishab went to check on Kukki and I just didn’t know what happened. I went into the room, and had pinned my hair into a bun that was put in a loose ponytail for the evening and was sitting on the bed. I didn’t know when Rishab came and I stopped him

“Kya hua? Aaj aapke liye itna bada din tha aur app itne jaldi aa gaye? Mere liye yeh sab naya hain yeh press media. Did I do something wrong? Ab tak naraaz hain mujhse. Kab tak chalega yeh? Galti aapki bhi to thina par aap to Mr bajaj hain mujhe hi manana padega. Hai na so mana rahin hoon. Can we at least have a discussion.”

Rishab looked at her and without saying anything went down on his knees in front of her and sat on the floor. Without saying anything he took my feet in his hands and I was shocked that what is he doing. He opened the strap of my sandals and started caressing my toes. He did the same for other one.

“better feel ho raha hain”


“Go and change you will feel much better”.

I went into the washroom changed into a salwar and took down all my makeup. It was actually a relief. Rishab had also removed his jacket and tie. A bindi was stuck on the mirror as a habit I went near it and was about to put it on when Rishab came from behind and placed it for me. Then he removed the pin that held my hair. He picked me up in bridal style and went downstairs to the hall. It was still raining and he tried to pull me in the center.  

“Rishab nahin kya kar rahin hain aap?”

“Please, One Dance”  I ran to him and hugged him like i will never let him go and I don't know for how much time we stared into each others eyes or when did we start dancing or while all this we were getting soaked in rain.

He put a finger under my chin “Is Prerna se pyaar kiya hain, iske beech main Mr and Mrs Bajaj ko kabhi mat laega. Jab mere saath hain to aap meri Prerna hain,mere liye apne aapko kabhi takleef mat dijiyega kabhi apne aap ko apne man ki koi bhi baat karne se mat rokyega, apne app ko change mat kijiyega. Mujhe chilati hui daanti hui yeh sherni pasand hain”

With a new found strength I grabbed his collar and pulled him near me

“To agli baar is businessman Mr Bajaj ko bol dijiyega ki mere Rishab ko mujhse dur na kare. Mr bajaj ko beech beech main jana padega main jaanti hoon par Rishab ki ab ek family hain aur who unhe bahut miss karti hain unse door nahin reh sakti, unse bahut pyaar karti hain.”

“Nahin launga kabhi nahin launga”

"Most importantly"

"Aapko zaroorat hi nahin padegi main mana lunga"

"Har bar?"


"kaise, nahi mujhe.."

I could never finished her sentence because he was kissing me senseless. And then I was kissing him back and we were lost and I realised that this man will very well be the death of me very soon.

"Aise" - he whispered into my ear breathing heavily.

And that is how it all became kind of a ritual. You know he can’t dance in front of the whole world but in our house sometimes when kids are asleep he starts his impromptu dance on the same song that I wanted to dance in the party with him but since I knew he wouldn’t be comfortable I didn’t ask and since he knew I wanted to dance he would fulfill at home.

She was lost in her thoughts when someone tapped on her back.

“Are aaj aap jaldi aa gaye?”

“Kaam thoda kam tha”

“Office se bhagne ka bahana khoj rahin hain,homework nahin karenge to exam kaise paas hoga?” Kukki came out from the makeshift bed in hall and asked to Rishab

“Sorry My teacher but my exams are over and I am onholiday” and he started tickling her and Kukki ran behind her mother for refuge. She knew her father won’t do anything now and she was so right.

“Aap to hum dono se hi dar gaye. Kuch din wait kijiye hum teeno ki aise team banegi aap kuch nahin kar paengi.”

“Ek baar meri Sneha ko aane dijiye hum dono milke aap dono ko dekha denge.”

“Enough. Let’s go eat now”

“Yahin khana hain” Kukki and Rishab both shouted.

So Prerna bought a tray and like it is common for them nowadays started eating from the same plate. After sometime Kukki was asleep in prerna’s lap and Rishab was reading a beautiful phrase and was trying to get Sneha to sleep in her mothers tummy. Somehow the child was soothed by Rishab’s voice. Prerna was herself sleepy and was about to tilt towards the bed when Rishab caught her got her to sleep and then laid down beside them so that Prerna’s back was to him covering them in a blanket.

“Champ sleep time. Mumma ko sone do” and placed his hand on her tummy and Prerna’s hand was snuggling Kukki. 

Chapter 2 -

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It's sooo cuteeesmiley9smiley27 please update soonsmiley9

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Yayy you are back.. missed your stories... Loved this one...the beautiful transition of their relationship... Looking forward to read more.. Please continue soon.. take care :)

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Originally posted by Ghosh.M.

It's sooo cuteeesmiley9smiley27 please update soonsmiley9

Thank you. 

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