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Hi guys, I'm Kathie to those who dont know me and i'm a bit bored after writing ff's so i thought we could just play a fun game. Most of us are die hard maneetians and either keep drooling over them or imagine them romancing. So i came up with an idea. I will come up with the base of a story and all my wicked friends like nadia, aashluvsmaan, etc can continue... Warning: decent people keep away because this post is meant only for shameless maneetians like me...Wink Get prepared to be rocked by some crazy stuff presented by us. Whoever wants to write in the next part, just put the part's heading in your post and i will put it in the index with due credit to the writer. Please do give me your response and if i find the response appropriate, will continue...Wink


Part 1:by Kathie_berns

Part 2:Page 4 two different views by mrs.msk and serendipity2.

Part3:pg6 by bangalores,continued from serendipity2

Part 4:pg 7 by lip-a-licious

Part 5: pg8  by mrs.msk

Part 6: pg 8, by serendipity2(shaz)

Part 7:pg 9,by crazedfan19

Part 8:pg 9 by lip-a-licious

Part 9:pg 9: by itsreallyreal

Part 12: pg13 by lip-a-licious

Part 14: pg15 by serendipity2

Part 15:pg15 by mrs.msk

Part 16:pg20 by serendipity2

Part 17:pg21 by kathie_berns

Part 18:pg22 by mrs.msk

Part 19:pg 25 by justme_12

Part 20:pg27 by mrs.msk

Part 21:pg31 by kathie_berns

Part 22:pg39 by aashluvsmaan

Part 23:pg43 by serendipity2

Part 24:pg45 by mrs.msk

Part 25:pg48 by serendipity2

Part 26:pg54 by lip-a-licious

Part 27:pg 56 by kathie_berns

Part 28:pg61 by mrs.msk

Part 29:pg 71 by aashluvsmaan

Part 30:pg79 by itsreallyreal

Part 31:pg 84 by khushi_4ever

Part 32:pg86 by serendipity2

Part 33:pg 100 by aashluvsmaan

Part 34:pg108 by mrs.msk

Part 35:pg115 by mrs.msk

Part 36:pg134 by mchopra

Part 37:pg136 by angili

Awesome.. We are into the 37 part now.. lovely response... Thanks to all the writers. Those who have not yet written a part can give a try at showing how imaginative you can get...WinkMods, please dont shift this topic to the fan fic section as it isnt a story or ff. Its just a fun filled activity...Smile I'm already getting addicted to this thread and i'm sure many others too are...Wink


Geet was fuming despite the chirpy nature at Pinky's engagement. Here she was trying to enjoy herself after many days but of course how could Mrs.Khurana enjoy herself in Mr. Khurana's absence! That would be such a crime according to her husband, The great Maan Singh KHurana. Just who the hell did he think he was? id he think she was always available at his beck and call regardless of whether they were fighting or not? No! She was not going to be a slave to his unreasonable demands. 
   Even after a thier nasty fight he had the guts to call her to his god forsaken office to search for a file at this time of the night when he knew she was at Pinky's engagement party. And did he have the courtesy to call? No! The hollywood star sent her a message like he was too busy to call, that too after fighting with her.
   Now what did they fight for? Geet had just requested him to stay away from those crazy female employees who would do anything to get him. But what did the great man say? He stated that she was jealous that her husband had admirers and just because she did not understand his worth it did not mean that others too had the same opinion. The audacity of the man! This pissed of Geet big time. The nest thing Maan knew were things coming flying at him. Their fight would never have stopped if Daadimaa hadnt come and intervened on pretence of a mild attack. 
  Anyways this resulted in Geet shifting to the guest room and it was one week since, but her male with a big ego did not even come to apologize to her once. Did he think that she would apologize to him? Well, he could dream on. Not that she was not missing him. Life without talking to him for a week had become unbearable adding to the unsatisfied unbearable hunger she felt for him which was building up since a week. 
   But all said and done she would not give in to him. Let him come to her. And above all, did he think she would leave her friends party and come to help him?
    Well, she would teach him the consequences of fighting with her, she fumed as she left the party and proceeded towards Khurana constructions..Wink

So how was it? I leave it to you guys from here, though i will be continuing the story from the middle...

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awesome idea Big smile... i wish muzkan & marvee also want to join in dz Embarrassed
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Posted: 2011-10-17T08:25:12Z
i like this idea !!!
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Posted: 2011-10-17T08:25:27Z
Lovely Idea
Cont Soon
Thanks 4 The PM
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Posted: 2011-10-17T08:25:42Z
awesome dear continue soon
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Posted: 2011-10-17T08:25:59Z
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Posted: 2011-10-17T08:26:54Z
wow!dat was fun!
i hope cvs ye dekhkhar apni serial mein implement kare..
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