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Posted: 11 months ago

Hello everyone!

As you all probably know, India Forums is the Number One (search engine) site for Indian FanFiction. 

It's not just because of the volume of stories on here, but also because of the quality of storytelling.

We are deeply thankful to all you wonderful writers who choose to share your creations on this platform.

We are also grateful to all those readers who take the time to show their appreciation for the authors.

We do, however, think that writers and writing must be encouraged at all times and it has been the FFDT's constant endeavour to find newer ways and means to do so. 

Because we know that one encouraging comment can make all the difference to a writer. 

It can galvanize someone whose muse has failed them into penning their next story. 

It can cure someone of Writer's block. 

Or it can simply give them something to be happy about when they've had a bad day. 

Even as brief a comment as: "Hey, I loved your story, please write more," could bring a disillusioned writer back into the fold. 

You're probably one of those who already read and comment on every story in your fandom or by your favorite author.

We're asking you to take your appreciation one step further by recommending your favorite stories right here on this thread so it’s accessible to a wider audience. 


You can use the format below to recommend stories (The ones marked with an asterisk are mandatory)

ImageStory Title*:

ImageAuthor (User Name)*: 

ImageStatus*: Ongoing/ complete

ImageType*: FF/ SS/ OS/ Drabble/ original fiction etc



ImageMaturity rating*: G/M/R/X

ImageLink to the story*:

ImageShort Review: 

Please limit yourself to one story recommendation per post.

Please tag the author so they're in the loop. You can tag other people as well to get them to read the story.

Authors are welcome to recommend their own stories, but please make sure you’re also recommending some others and not just your own.

You are welcome to post a mini review of the story and tell us what you liked about it.

Please do not post the same story more than once. If you want to recommend a story, kindly check back to see if the story has already been recommended on the thread. If it has, you can endorse the previous recommendation by clicking the like, love or wow reactions.

Please avoid posting comments on this thread or quoting posts. We would like stories to be easily accessible and for members to not have to dig through several posts to get to them. If you want to leave a comment, please do so on the story itself. 

Any questions or concerns can be addressed to the moderators of this Forum/ FFEs by sending a PM or posting in the FF search and Help thread and tagging them.

So what are you waiting for? 

Gear up and show the writers of your favorite stories some much-needed love and appreciation! 

- FanFiction Development Team

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Posted: 11 months ago

ImageStory Title*: Broken

ImageAuthor (User Name)*: MissMichelle

ImageStatus*: Ongoing

ImageType*: FF

ImageGenre: The tag is Adult - but I think Suspense is more appropriate.

ImageFandom: Pallavi and Raghav from Mehandī Hai Racanevālī

ImageMaturity rating*: R - but I don't know why it's not G.

ImageLink to the story*: https://www.indiaforums.com/fanfiction/2064 or https://www.indiaforums.com/forum/topic/5222643

ImageShort Review: Raghav cannot heal his family or himself until he finds his missing enemy Pallavi and fixes his mistake of breaking her family's trust in her with lies.  Meanwhile, Pallavi rebuilds her life in a widows' shelter sponsored by a philanthropist whom she has never met. ... I liked the balance between lead and supporting characters in this story. It has a leisurely pace that allows the reader to enjoy the suspense. The text could benefit from some proofreading, but it's readable, vivid but not wordy. I request the author to continue this story. If the author wants to request a book cover, I can contribute images.

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Posted: 11 months ago

Story Title: Tyaga

Author (User Name)*: metacrisis

Status*: Complete

Type*: FF/ SS/ OS/ Drabble/ original fiction etc: OS

Genre: Mythological Drama

Fandom: Mahabharat

Maturity rating*: M

Link to the story*:https://www.indiaforums.com/fanfiction/1228

Short Review: A very moving and profound piece that goes into the depths of friendship and devotion. This is a story that has me tearing up every time I read it because it makes me feel so many things.

Posted: 11 months ago

ImageStory Title*: Love Comes In At The Eye

ImageAuthor (User Name)*: HereAsMyself

ImageStatus*: Completed

ImageType*: OS

ImageGenre: Romance

ImageFandom: I. M. Jaiswal and K. D. Pathak from Adālata

ImageMaturity rating*: M

ImageLink to the story*: https://www.indiaforums.com/fanfiction/2858

ImageShort Review: One rainy evening, K. D. brings Jaiswal home to warm up and change into dry clothes. Their usually competitive relationship transforms into something deeper. I liked this story for its flowing narration, logical plot, complex sentences, vivid atmosphere, and unhurried tender intimacy.

Posted: 11 months ago

ImageStory Title*: Whispers of Spring

ImageAuthor (User Name)*: BlackWitch

ImageStatus*: Complete

ImageType*: OS 

ImageGenre: Mythology

ImageFandom: Radha-Krishna

ImageMaturity rating*: G

ImageLink to the story*:  https://www.indiaforums.com/fanfiction/2558

ImageShort Review: 

I read this story first when I was judging the Vasanta Vrittanta contest in the Mythology forum and was blown away by the exquisite imagery this conjured up. The language is breath-taking, and the romance juxtaposed with the arrival of spring transports you right into the sublime and divine love of  Radha and Krishna. Not at all surprising that it won the contest. 

Please go give this some more love, it is absolutely deserving! 

Posted: 11 months ago

ImageStory Title*: In Love With A Criminal

ImageAuthor (User Name)*: _VIHU

ImageStatus*: Completed

ImageType*: OS

ImageGenre: Comedy

ImageFandom: Pallavi and Raghav from Mehandī Hai Racanevālī

ImageMaturity rating*: G

ImageLink to the story*: https://www.indiaforums.com/fanfiction/1955



ImageShort Review: Pallavi feels indignant because Raghav has asked her to impersonate a drug trafficker's guardian and bail him out. Can Raghav persuade Pallavi to go against her morals, and does she have the poise to pull it off? I liked this story for its original plot, its lively dialogue, the depth of the characters and how they perceive each other, the vividly detailed setting, and the mocking but loving humour throughout. I can't seem to tag the author, who left India Forums in November 2021, so I'm tagging ten fans of the story. Could the FFEditors please add appropriate tags to this book?

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Posted: 11 months ago

ImageStory Title*: Yath'aiva tvaṃ tath'aiv'āhaṃ ko vā mā'śvāsayiṣyati (Just as you are, even so am I; or who would reassure me?)

ImageAuthor (User Name)*: BrhannadaArmour

ImageStatus*: Ongoing

ImageType*: FF

ImageGenre: Mythological, Patriotic, Political

ImageFandom: Kṛṣṇa Vāsudeva, Karṇa Rādheya, Bhīṣma Śāṃtanava, Arjuna Pāṇḍava, Yudhiṣṭhira Pāṇḍava, Duryodhana Dhārtarāṣṭra, and other characters from Mahābhārata

ImageMaturity rating*: G

ImageLink to the story*: https://www.indiaforums.com/forum/topic/5297713 (This link will work after you use the link in my signature to join the Saṃskṛta Text Discussion Forum.)


ImageShort Review: I am recommending my own work this time because it honestly explores how human characters might imagine themselves, without the deification and anachronistic ideals that encumber ordinary mythological fan fiction. Each chapter is one character's internal monologue inspired by a passage from the Saṃskṛta text of Mahābhārata. Kṛṣṇa worries about his political career. Karṇa reacts to an offer to change his identity. Bhīṣma recalls how he became a famous warrior. Arjuna feels the sting of ingratitude. Yudhiṣṭhira faces the choice to stake either himself or his wife. Duryodhana misses his friendship with Yuyudhāna. I have ideas for more chapters, but I'm also open to prompts from any reader.

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Posted: 11 months ago

ImageStory Title*: One Shot series: Sugar, spice and sweet paradise

ImageAuthor (User Name)*: Shibani (oye_nakhrewaali)

ImageStatus*: Complete

ImageType*: OS 

ImageGenre: Romance

ImageFandom: Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 (Ram and Priya)

ImageMaturity rating*: G 

ImageLink to the story*: https://www.indiaforums.com/fanfiction/1831

ImageShort Review: I love this series soooo much! (To an extent because I contributed to it a teeny-tiny amount 😆 😳) But the concept is wonderful and soo well-written. Priya's family owns a bakery and all the One-shots are related to it. And it is pure fluff (most of it). Some of them are more emotional than others but hey, it's Ram and Priya bonding over baking and food! Go on! Read it if you haven't already! It's such unadulterated fun! (And Ram is such an adorable goofball)

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Posted: 11 months ago

ImageStory Title*: Black Widow

ImageAuthor (User Name)*: tournesol

ImageStatus*: I desperately want an update, but for now, ongoin

ImageType*: FF

ImageGenre: Thriller, Dark

ImageFandom: Beyhadh 2

ImageMaturity rating*: G 

ImageLink to the story*: https://www.indiaforums.com/fanfiction/783

ImageShort Review: I cannot explain how much I love this one! Its an added bonus that the author is one heck of an author. I love morally ambiguous female characters (Reason why I started with BY2 and ended up getting white washing of a character and stupid tracks) but tournesol's characters are complicated yet relatable. She pens them with depth and maturity. The story is on similar track of Maya wanting revenge on the Roys and using Rudra to get there, so I can't wait to see this Black Widow's bite

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Posted: 11 months ago

ImageStory Title*: Captured

ImageAuthor (User Name)*: AWolfandParrot

ImageStatus*: Ongoing

ImageType*: SS

ImageGenre: Thriller, Romantic

ImageFandom: Arjun

ImageMaturity rating*: R

ImageLink to the story*: 


ImageShort Review: It is my own story, it is a promising thriller romance.

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