Trials Of Fire- Untold Saga of Revenge and Repentance

Trials Of Fire- Untold Saga of Revenge and Repentance Ongoing

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Inteha , Intezaar ya Ilzaam doon, iss pyaar ko kya naam doon? ..............IF YOU ARE NON ENGLISH; PASTE URL OF THIS PAGE IN; YOU'LL HAVE ALL CHAPTERS IN YOUR CHOSEN LANGU.............. This story is about Couple Dynamics between Advay and Chandni.......Inteha, (limit/epitome) is shown in exhibiting emotions, anger- love both included. There's Intezaar, waiting....... both have waited for sixteen years and even now their destination has not arrived, it's going to be a long wait! Ilzaam, the censure.......The story started with Ilzaam, the blame, even today, the blame game continues in the couple........The story slowly turns into Imtihaan (The Trial) when Revenge Drama of Advay begins........ Only to turn into Agnipariksha (Trial of Fire) for Dev and Chandu. A FULL FLEDGED EXPERIENCE- Pics from everywhere, Hindi dialogues like the shows have and then translations for Non-hindi, hit songs made to fit the scenes like how shows have and then You tube to enjoy actual Song Beauty
Author's Note:
Amitji has taught us when realities don't happen, dwell in your dreamworld, " Main Aur Meri Tanhaayee Aksar yeh baatein karate hain!Tum hoti to kaisa hota!..." ( Myself and my solitude, always converse...had you been there, how it would be?...) The story starts exactly at 70th episode of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? from the suhaag raat which was missed. But then it goes ahead to show the immeasurable love growing day by day as well as the strife through conflicts as a newly married couple Advay Chandni....... Then the newly found brother, so Bromance. ............. And why should Chandni's sisters not find their love? So there is Veer Shikha Story as well as new stories created for not just Meghna but also Pooja, giving her a second chance at happiness......... There were so many unexplained twists during the show. In my capacity, I have tried giving justification for each and also the closure as the story moves ahead. Rather every scene or dialogue will open further scene or track later... You'll find layers slowly opening one after the other and dots getting connected...So do keep the track of all previous episodes as well while you read any current one. The revenge drama which was the core crux of the show but was not made justice, takes forefront in this Saga. There are multiple dimensions to this revenge and accordingly the repercussions of the revenge....... if it was not spared for Krishna himself, how could Advay escape it? So there real twists and turns with new surprises cropping for not just AdNi but also us as readers. DO NOT Read the story, Rather WATCH the episodes and remember each well, because going ahead you will find a web where previous loops get closed and new threads get weaved. Hope you enjoy the journey as much as I do while scripting.
Graphics credit :
Leenaaa Leenaaa
Table of Content
Epi 71 Ch1 Suhaag Raat that happened in heart
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Epi 72 Ch2 The Moments of Suhaagraat Pleasure continue to linger but also bring repentance
eye557 thumbs-up38 commenting-o 24
Epi 73 Ch 3 Marriage Consummates and Family teases- Happy Banter And Bromance
eye378 thumbs-up34 commenting-o 44
Epi 74 Ch 4 Banter Laughter brings Memories of Slaughter
eye363 thumbs-up32 commenting-o 27
Ep 75 Ch 5 Allow story needs sharing, Chandni and Miku
eye339 thumbs-up24
Epi 76 Ch 6 Advay's re-attack leads to Redemption of Hatred Vows
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Epi 77 Ch7 Advay- Pooja remind of Arnav Anjali .....Chandni's karawa Chauth in Advay's care
eye324 thumbs-up14
Epi 78 Ch 8 Advay Flirting with Bhagyavaan; but Chandni's PTSD Returns
eye502 thumbs-up24 commenting-o 64
Epi 79 Ch 9 Do Advay and Miku also have a PTSD of their own???
eye366 thumbs-up22 commenting-o 56
Epi 80 Chap 10 Ek Diwali- Thodi Bheegi Si
eye439 thumbs-up24 commenting-o 38
Epi 81 Ch11 A New Dimension To Lovemaking
eye354 thumbs-up20
Epi 82 Ch 12 A Lover's wrath ....a child's pain....But happy frolicking with massage
eye250 thumbs-up21 commenting-o 73
Epi 83 Ch13 Maha Episode Celebrating love....... A poignant moment in lovers' life
eye437 thumbs-up19 commenting-o 93
Epi 84 Ch14 The Lover's homecoming and happy make-up lovemaking
eye289 thumbs-up18 commenting-o 1
Epi 85 Chp 15 Scientology in ancient Indian culture All religions are same
eye534 thumbs-up20 commenting-o 115
Epi 86 Ch16 A beautiful morning with lover's gift but need for a new revenge
eye244 thumbs-up15
Epi 87 Ch 17 The Couple Dynamics and the Baby Dream But Advay's truth hurts Chandani
eye263 thumbs-up21 commenting-o 117
Chapter 18
eye199 thumbs-up10 commenting-o 2
Chapter 19
eye192 thumbs-up18 commenting-o 127
Chapter 20
eye184 thumbs-up17
Chapter 21
eye202 thumbs-up12
Chapter 22
eye183 thumbs-up14 commenting-o 129
Chapter 23
eye188 thumbs-up16
Chapter 24
eye211 thumbs-up18 commenting-o 133
Chapter 25
eye203 thumbs-up8
Chapter 26
eye201 thumbs-up17 commenting-o 142
Chapter 27
eye201 thumbs-up29 commenting-o 407
Chapter 28
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Chapter 29
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Chapter 30
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Chapter 31
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Chapter 32
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Chapter 33
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Chapter 34
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Chapter 35
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Chapter 36
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Chapter 37
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Chapter 38
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Chapter 39
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Epi 110 Ch 40 Chandni rebels in her wifey mou on Advay's busy day
eye288 thumbs-up15
Epi 111 Ch 41 How Angry can love get and how seduction can come from anger
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Epi 112 Ch 42 TU TU MAIN MAIN Advay and Chandni Always
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Chapter 43
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Chapter 44
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Epi 115 Ch 45 Love that Stays On Through Multiple Births Advay Chandni And new love story PP Meghna
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Chapter 46
eye202 thumbs-up13 commenting-o 7
Chapter 47
eye187 thumbs-up13 commenting-o 5
Chapter 48
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Epi 119 Ch 49 The Story of the Globe
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Chapter 50
eye271 thumbs-up7 commenting-o 18
Epi 121 Ch 51 Entry In Paris Penthouse, country change and avatars change
eye189 thumbs-up9
Chapter 52
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Epi 123 Ch53 A Love Saga Waiting to happen Darsh-Pooja Advay plans New Revenge Drama Settling scores
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Chapter 54
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Chapter 55
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Epi 126 Chp 56 Pooja's Love Saga Takes Root Once Again! What happened in her first marriage?
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Chapter 57
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Epi 128 Ch 58 Love is in the air ! Darsh Pooja , PP Meghna, Veer-Shikha, Advay Chandni-will they find their peace?
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Epi 129 Ch 59 Pooja's mesmerizing laugh, Chandni as Diva, Papad King Revenge Mission Kick start
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Chapter 60
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Chapter 61
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Chapter 62
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Chapter 63
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Chapter 64
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Chapter 65
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Chapter 66
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Chapter 67
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Epi 138 Ch 68 Advay can't find Chandni "What If I Lost You"
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Epi 139 Ch 69 Darsh teaches Advay to conquer fear Koi to hai jo Chala raha hai, vohi khuda hai
eye205 thumbs-up9 commenting-o 11
Epi 140 Ch 70 Advay jumping in fire? Invitation from Mafia family
eye205 thumbs-up3 commenting-o 5
Epi141 Ch71 Intense Drama Darsh Pooja Advay Chandni, Pyaar ki yeh ek kahani
eye389 thumbs-up2 commenting-o 2
Epi 142 Ch 72 Why this why this Colavari- D Advay pleads but no response
eye419 thumbs-up1 commenting-o 3
Epi 143 Ch 73 Love demands space; PP's mother refuses Meghna's alliance
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Epi 144 Ch 74 Advay In Spain Chandni In paris, who misses whom?
eye216 thumbs-up3
Epi 145 Ch 75 Naani The Wise......Darsh The Caretaker........ Advay the Action Man
eye148 thumbs-up2
Epi 146 Ch 76 Miku-Shikha in Troubled waters? Advay getting in Deep Shit?
Epi 147 Ch 77

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