Trials Of Fire!!!

Trials Of Fire!!! Ongoing

Chapter 36

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Loving2Missing2 1 years ago I speak about Barun in my above post with complete conviction because I truly believe in the guy as star find of Bollywood. Read why I believe so
Loving2Missing2 1 years ago Hi Friends, hope you do enjoy the songs I put interim the episodes...the same way as it's done in the show... Genuine request to all of you...please do listen to the songs in this series on you tube. They are latest hit songs by Bollywood best singers. The lyrics have very nice meaning, which I use when they are apt for the emotions being described... Even my sweet Russian friends who don't understand hindi, just listen to music and voice in song... even Barun has urged you in bollywood festival, right?I heard 22 yards music album... the lyrics are actually good, but maybe because it's the spirit needed or because it's Amartya's debut composition, the music doesn't hit your soul.Sometimes, in not so hit movies , one finds some real beautiful songs. Sharing one by Atif Aslam here. Simply wonderful music and excellent singing. " Magar jaane de(Forget, let it be!)I wish Barun gets a song like these one day in his films. He'll ace the emotions such that the song will become a history... like the one Madhubala did in "Achchha jee main haari"...her innocence, her beauty, her smile... simply enthralling.[YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE] Loving2Missing22019-02-16 03:00:48
binc0802 1 years ago Ya I remember that scene. After Deewali shopping right. I love how the transition is happening in time. Ya true. In the show they have so much pressure of TRP I guess. So they take the tracks which ever way they want with out sense. Yes, I think you already give justice to characters with your writing. You do that in future also. I am putting so much pressure on you indirectly Love you.
Loving2Missing2 1 years ago It's not complete change in personalities like how the show showed... this is a slow transition...Advay has done so many efforts to make her come out of her PTSD...if you remember the older chapter from 16 to 18, he had taken her out with him and left her alone...that time itself, she had managed it a little making him feel proud of her...she is learning to be OK if things are in control...but she did panic when she lost her way...that is natural for a person.Advay would have blasted her; but in the call itself, he realised she has not panicked. ...and then he feels good. He wants her to be free, to be independent...This episode little less pressure and resolution of Baby issue... that baby the show had sprouted up from thin air literally!. In nature, even a sprout doesn't come like that. They used the baby for disowning of Chandni by Advay and then nothing further about the if it's not baby, it's veggie... you stove it away someplace and done! I hope I'll be able to give some justice for baby and mother. Loving2Missing22019-02-15 19:47:24
Loving2Missing2 1 years ago Towards the end, after a lot of struggle, she will be...she deserves it...such a sweet soul...
binc0802 1 years ago Great update. I like how you connected Ganesh and Siva. I love all the lines of prayer part. It's soo good. I thought this is the change in their personalities right. Today Chandani overcome her fear and Advay didn't blast on her after he saw Chandini Am I right Neha or correct me dear.
AnnDan 1 years ago I hope future of Pooja will be happy.
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