Thriller Fan Fictions

Twisted By Anika (@stormfly13) eye 6406 star 12 book 20

What will happen when destiny will bring Neil and Maya face to face after ...

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Game A Dangerous Mission
Game A Dangerous Mission By midnight_library (@Disnhining_star) eye 1509 star 6 book 3

A conscientious Army officer, Major Veerpratap Shergill, and his teammates ...

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Ishq-e-Watan By NoeticLife (@NoeticLife) eye 47207 star 33 book 79

The story of six people whose love for their country lead to a undying, ...

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Vampire Desire
Vampire Desire By iamnkg (@tellytalks) eye 839 star 0 book 11

A vampire is off course not a human but a very dangerous species who lives ...

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Felonious By varanasi (@varanasi) eye 36868 star 108 book 43

The story is based on the characters of Iss Pyaar ko Kya Naam Doon.

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Amrita By Anika (@stormfly13) eye 21776 star 34 book 26

Famous actress Amrita Singhania gets murdered in her house, The ETF team ...

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Enchanter By Aditi (@melodyofflowers) eye 4136 star 16 book 5

Zoya is a naive princess, the heir of her kingdom as per the wish of her ...

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The Quest
The Quest By Aditi (@melodyofflowers) eye 2248 star 11 book 3

Khushi is in struggle of finding out her missing husband, to whom ACP Arnav ...

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Anything for You
Anything for You By oh nakhrewaali (@oh_nakhrewaali) eye 826 star 1 book 2

Maya meets a shy Swayam, given her history of destroying the people for ...

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Fascination Called Love
Fascination Called Love By Aditi (@melodyofflowers) eye 3136 star 4 book 4

Zoya's husband Yash is missing, in which Aditya is an investigating ...

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Shunned By Swetha_002 (@Swetha_002) eye 11499 star 10 book 5

Zoya. Smart, level-headed and always up to a challenge life throws her way. ...

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THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE By Suzie (@etfr) eye 91425 star 107 book 21

PROLOGUE When people say love is everything, we think they are insane but ...

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Trials Of Fire
Trials Of Fire By Neha (@Loving2Missing2) eye 76000 star 101 book 93

Couple Dynamics building a complex web ... A family, each having a ...

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Guns And The Roses
Guns And The Roses By Aditi (@melodyofflowers) eye 14628 star 40 book 13

Khushi is a cop and was dealing with a case in which Arnav, her ex was ...

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Vampire Hearts
Vampire Hearts By Madiha (@Dark Love) eye 4423 star 9 book 5

A suspense thriller

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Caught in Revenge
Caught in Revenge By bloomie (@bloomie) eye 28354 star 26 book 33

ACP Arjun Rawte is hit with a blast from the past. Now he has to deal with ...

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Captured By Aditi (@melodyofflowers) eye 9896 star 48 book 9

After Riya's demise, when she suddenly comes in front of Arjun as a bar ...

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De Novo..Curtains Down
De Novo..Curtains Down By sanyamalhotra (@sanyamalhotra) eye 166996 star 49 book 37

At KMA they were always told that a wartime situation is always different ...

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Divine Whispers of Ramayana
Divine Whispers of Ramayana By Shirisha (@ExoticDisaster) eye 322 star 1 book 4

Drabbles for Shrimad Ramayana Contest

Tu hi Wajah
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Geet stood rooted on the spot as her shivering fingers touched he forehead, ...

After By meghal.sancheti (@meghal.sancheti) eye 281 star 2 book 4

A FanFiction about Mayank and Nupur and their journey after Dhruv exits the ...

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