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A Cinderella Story
A Cinderella Story By BlurredLines eye 4441 star 7 book 24

Swara Bose lived under the tyranny of her step father and step sister , ...

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Blind Date - Courtesy of Match Making Family
Blind Date - Courtesy of Match Making Family By BlurredLines eye 12293 star 66 book 19

Arnav Singh Raizada ,the most eligible bachelor in town wishes to remain ...

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The Marriage Contract
The Marriage Contract By BlurredLines eye 7432 star 14 book 41

Swara and Sanskar had one thing in common their unwillingness to marry ...

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Olfaction! Winner of Treasure Trove Awards 2020
Olfaction! Winner of Treasure Trove Awards 2020 By Fe-en-Dios eye 14103 star 83 book 35

When Arnav and Khushi had met as teenagers, they were too young to ...

Ongoing + 4 more
LION & The broken ANGEL
LION & The broken ANGEL By ARAZRP eye 868 star 7 book 5

Beast, brutal ,bad all these words were familiar to meera from childhood ...

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Forced to Marry Your Soulmate
Forced to Marry Your Soulmate By BlurredLines eye 9335 star 16 book 44

Swara Bose had never spent a day in her life waiting for her prince ...

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Her Broken Dream
Her Broken Dream By BlurredLines eye 1000 star 7 book 7

From the age of 16 ,Gauri happiness centered around him . The love of her ...

Ongoing + 8 more
Are We Still Married ?
Are We Still Married ? By BlurredLines eye 826 star 4 book 2

She was dead they told him ,but he refused to believe because as long as he ...

Completed + 5 more
CAPTIVE ROMANCE By Mg13 eye 287 star 2 book 2

"I can make love with you, only with words." Kunal's voice was seductively ...

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RUTHLESS By ARAZRP eye 2735 star 4 book 16

One misunderstanding had created enormous anger in him but one ...

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DESTINED By ARAZRP eye 1543 star 3 book 12

Two people forced into marriage , but can they maintain the relation and ...

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La Douleur Exquise
La Douleur Exquise By Elvish_Hobbit eye 333 star 1 book 4

La Douleur Exquise : The pain wanting the love of someone you can't have in ...

Ongoing + 5 more
STRANGER By ARAZRP eye 1807 star 3 book 13

family, friends, relatives these are relations whose face is clear and ...

Ongoing + 2 more
The First Of April
The First Of April By Waqt Zaya eye 6450 star 25 book 61

A misanthrope lawyer meets a witness with a child. What opens next are just ...

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Into The Rain
Into The Rain By nushy1995 eye 749 star 2 book 1

I lay, immobile, as I felt the droplets of rain pouring over my impaled ...

Completed + 8 more
The Kidnapped Child
The Kidnapped Child By Aditi eye 2566 star 11 book 11

This story is the sequel of my previous AsYa FF : Phir le aaya dil... It ...

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Good or Bad
Good or Bad By Shivi eye 1696 star 9 book 5

Siddhant Bharadwaj married Roli out of revenge , she was still under 18 and ...

Ongoing + 2 more
A Breath of Fresh Air
A Breath of Fresh Air By ByunBaekhyun eye 695 star 11 book 1

A breath of fresh air with the two most important ladies of Virat's life ...

Completed + 5 more
When the Journey is more Beautiful than the Destination
When the Journey is more Beautiful than the Destination By ByunBaekhyun eye 635 star 1 book 1

A never ending journey entangled with the person who always holds your ...

Completed + 6 more

Latest Stories

One Shot Corner by Aditi and Shirisha
One Shot Corner by Aditi and Shirisha By Aditi eye 135 star 4 book 0

The One Shot Corner is about different One Shot over different pairs

OS -- Precious
OS -- Precious By ShiriFictionPen eye 275 star 2 book 1

Arnav bears Khushi's tantrums during her pregnancy.

Tu Bin Bataye
Tu Bin Bataye By Vintage_flow eye 174 star 1 book 1

On special request from one of my lovely readers, I present you an Asya OS ...

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