Family Fan Fictions

Her Broken Heart
Her Broken Heart By NitaReid 4219 7 20

Gauri , faced heart breaks from the day she was born . It started from the ...

Completed + 4 more
Just Friends
Just Friends By NitaReid 1954 8 19

Gauri Singhania nursed a broken heart for two years when the love of her ...

Ongoing + 7 more
Un Enredo De Relaciones
Un Enredo De Relaciones By Alexia_Wilson 154 0 1

When a relation is entangled and untangling it might lead to other ...

Completed + 4 more
Just Perfect!
Just Perfect! By Waqt Zaya 278 1 1

Written in Second Person Narrative of Prerna Sharma Bajaj and how she ...

Completed + 9 more
Fikar Thi Unhe
Fikar Thi Unhe By Waqt Zaya 200 2 1

Prerna Bajaj ponders about her enigmatic husband Rishabh Bajaj.

Completed + 9 more
A Life Full of Surprises!
A Life Full of Surprises! By Waqt Zaya 469 1 4

An endearing tale of Prerna Sharma x Rishabh Bajaj, where Veena Sharma ...

Completed + 9 more
The Marriage Contract
The Marriage Contract By NitaReid 4089 9 27

Swara and Sanskar had one thing in common their unwillingness to marry ...

Ongoing + 6 more
Tera Mera Rishta Puraana
Tera Mera Rishta Puraana By Kalpana 460 4 5

This is story inspired by essence of love story. thanks to anuradham di. ...

Ongoing + 3 more
Kahan Dhoodhan Meri Beti Ki Maa (OS)
Kahan Dhoodhan Meri Beti Ki Maa (OS) By Kalpana 830 3 5

Love is thicker than a Blood.Family is family It's doesn't matter they r ...

Completed + 1 more
Batien Ankahi Si
Batien Ankahi Si By sobia4maaneet 337 1 4

How mesmerizing The first feeling of love is …that tickle with just the ...

Completed + 9 more
Choices By NitaReid 2044 8 8

Three people stood against her marriage, one for revenge , one for love and ...

Completed + 9 more
Memories That Burn #IFFA2019
Memories That Burn #IFFA2019 By K-Shandra 2020 6 24

With Anurag's memories locked away, Anurag and Prerna try to make sense of ...

Ongoing + 6 more
I Have Humans in My Business
I Have Humans in My Business By Sutapa 401 3 1

This is an autobiography by a happy, well looked after pet, admiring his ...

Kya hum saath reh sakte hain?
Kya hum saath reh sakte hain? By angelfire78 653 3 9

After mahashivratri episode Abir, Mishti, Kunal and Kuhu go on a trip that ...

Ongoing + 8 more
Let Me Go [ JaaneDeMuhje]
Let Me Go [ JaaneDeMuhje] By NitaReid 417 2 1

Deepika loved him and yet walked away from the love of his life , a love ...

The Dance Of Shadows
The Dance Of Shadows By Viswasruti 1898 15 16

The deeper the love, the bottomless the hate will be! A love-hate ...

Shades of Love
Shades of Love By ShiriFictionPen 681 11 3

Arnav and Khushi have had an arranged marriage. Karthik and Naira have had ...

Ongoing + 9 more
About the Man they Love the Most
About the Man they Love the Most By MishBirStruck 435 2 1

Meenakshi and Mishti's talk about Abir, the Man the love the most

Completed + 3 more
Our First Child
Our First Child By MishBirStruck 1267 2 1

Nanko's insecurity when MishBir baby is born MishBir pregnancy moments

Completed + 7 more
Fortunate Mistakes
Fortunate Mistakes By ShiriFictionPen 304 0 3

3 determined brothers, 3 innocent sisters, and a perfect plan. This ...

Ongoing + 5 more

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Mere Rang Me Rangne Wali
Mere Rang Me Rangne Wali By Taareymylove 241 1 1

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Tabhai,Tanhai ya Ishq
Tabhai,Tanhai ya Ishq By Taareymylove 2495 7 8

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