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Let You Go
Let You Go By S u z a n n a eye 330 star 0 book 3

Story of Love and Betryal. A story of two lovers who couldn't live without ...

A New Beginning
A New Beginning By AzraZhrn eye 5018 star 17 book 7

This story revolves around how Vansh and Riddhima hatred turned into love ...

Ongoing + 7 more
Bewitched By Shirisha eye 356 star 2 book 1

Hermione needed me-time after the war ended. On her way, she found someone ...

Ongoing + 1 more
The Seer's Revenge
The Seer's Revenge By Pratiksha eye 322 star 0 book 4

A dark fantasy tale about a woman desperate to save her kingdom, and a ...

The Naagin's Revenge
The Naagin's Revenge By Reine Lobo eye 2323 star 4 book 18

Neelima's love for Anvay was selfless and pure, she gave up everything to ...

Ongoing + 3 more
Gifts of Love
Gifts of Love By BlurredLines eye 350 star 1 book 2

On the occasion of Christmas, a joyous season filled with happiness and ...

Completed + 4 more
Sacrifice For Immortality
Sacrifice For Immortality By Nikita eye 4718 star 6 book 16

Immortality... Who doesn't crave immortality? To have an eternal life, free ...

Completed + 9 more
Rosid's Addicted to you
Rosid's Addicted to you By Roja.rosid eye 8111 star 10 book 20

A simple and shy girl Roli, our Angry young man Siddhanth..It's a love at ...

Completed + 9 more
Stree By LM1991 eye 16508 star 24 book 82

This story tells about determination, courage and love of a woman keeping ...

La Pasion Del Diablo
La Pasion Del Diablo By Alexia eye 747 star 7 book 1

The devil's love is dark like the night It is a passionate and a beautiful ...

Ongoing + 3 more
And Noah Built his Ark
And Noah Built his Ark By proteeti eye 234 star 0 book 1

A modern take on the evergreen Biblical tale.

Completed + 3 more
Manthan: Vish Ya Amrit (#IFFA2019)
Manthan: Vish Ya Amrit (#IFFA2019) By Nikita eye 2689 star 2 book 7

Good and evil are like the two sides of the same coin. Every person has ...

Completed + 6 more
Vishkanya By LM1991 eye 5282 star 5 book 51

A beautiful princess is rumoured to be cause of number of deaths. Anyone ...

Deal with the Devil
Deal with the Devil By MsChanadlerBong eye 3118 star 22 book 8

When she knocks on the door of Devil for help, he makes her sign a deal. ...

Ongoing + 8 more
Her Love Angel
Her Love Angel By Shirisha eye 493 star 2 book 2

Love Angel comes from heaven to teach true love to Sharon. But they end up ...

Completed + 3 more

Latest Stories

Ek Anokhi Grahapravesh
Ek Anokhi Grahapravesh By ghsp2fan eye 135 star 1 book 33

Maneet story of a different kind as the title suggests....

INNOCENT Mafia Love By ARAZRP eye 158 star 3 book 1

Innocence in mafia is a fiction with some reality more procastination. But a ...

Howzzat!! By ghsp2fan eye 142 star 2 book 57

A different Maneet story on a sports background...

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