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The Destiny of love
The Destiny of love By midnight_library eye 5315 star 17 book 33

This is the story of two people who r belonging to a different world 🌎. ...

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Gifts of Love
Gifts of Love By BlurredLines eye 1044 star 1 book 3

On the occasion of Christmas, a joyous season filled with happiness and ...

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Devil's Den
Devil's Den By tellyme eye 12333 star 75 book 17

Warning: Strictly 18+ Content. “Ok.. while I check this consent letter of ...

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Pyar Hua Chupke Se
Pyar Hua Chupke Se By tellyme eye 25284 star 74 book 31

This is all about the feel of bond beyond ones control. The unknown pull ...

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Whispers of Spring
Whispers of Spring By Pratiksha eye 290 star 0 book 1

In a kingdom far away, on a cold winter's night, a mystical princess awaits ...

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Champagne Dreams
Champagne Dreams By Pratiksha eye 713 star 0 book 2

A collection of all my poems, and 2 AM thoughts from 6 years ago.

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Stained By Pratiksha eye 227 star 3 book 1

When Pallavi agreed to marry a Mafia lord, she never imagined falling in ...

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Masquerade By Pratiksha eye 209 star 1 book 1

An Indian adaptation to the Bridgerton series, the story is set in the ...

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A rainy ☔🌧️ day
A rainy ☔🌧️ day By midnight_library eye 613 star 4 book 0

Vanav who met a mysterious girl on a rainy day , found he was attracted to ...

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What If?
What If? By Nushrat eye 2580 star 8 book 3

They say, people who are meant to be together will always find their way ...

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The Dark Before The Dawn
The Dark Before The Dawn By Nushrat eye 5262 star 11 book 9

They say, it's the darkest before the dawn and the sun rises with new hope ...

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When Behir Meets Vani
When Behir Meets Vani By Diya eye 2990 star 3 book 27

A fanfiction on #Behir and #Vani where both meets each other inorder to ...

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The Naagin's Revenge
The Naagin's Revenge By Reine Lobo eye 10255 star 7 book 31

Neelima's love for Anvay was selfless and pure, she gave up everything to ...

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Protector By Koeli eye 694 star 2 book 2

The story is an adaptation of the famous "Beauty and the Beast". It is ...

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Dark Angel - #ReadersChoiceAwards
Dark Angel - #ReadersChoiceAwards By Pratiksha eye 424 star 2 book 1

A woman meets a mysterious stranger on a stormy night.

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Choti Si Duniya #ReadersChoiceAwards
Choti Si Duniya #ReadersChoiceAwards By manjiri eye 28371 star 28 book 57

IPKKND epilogue series, glimpses of everyday life of Arnav and Khushi with ...

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Dreamcatcher By milkcakejamun eye 731 star 4 book 1

At 11:11 AM each morning, Raavi and Shiva meet in their dreams.

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The Devil’s Kiss
The Devil’s Kiss By Pratiksha eye 669 star 0 book 3

Set in a pre Independence era, this short story is a paranormal ...

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The Handbook of Time
The Handbook of Time By Viswasruti eye 935 star 7 book 2

A team of friends started their journey in search of their artistic ...

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Kā Te Kāntā? Kas Te Jāmātā?
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Anti Hero (Sequel to Villain)
Anti Hero (Sequel to Villain) By SalvatoreK eye 879 star 15 book 3

(Sequel to Villain) A glimpse of Aryan's past is revealed to Imlie by her ...

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