Crime Fan Fictions

Game a dangerous Mission
Game a dangerous Mission By midnight_library eye 152 star 1 book 1

Prithvi, ACP of Mumbai crime branch and was suspended because he shot 20 ...

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The Dance Of Shadows
The Dance Of Shadows By Viswasruti eye 6471 star 16 book 19

The deeper the love, the bottomless the hate will be! A love-hate ...

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Chor Police
Chor Police By Shirisha eye 1008 star 44 book 1

Hey Somnath, yeh kaisa khel rachaya hai, chor ko Police se Ishq karaya hai!

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Darkness By arisharosid20 eye 1560 star 8 book 7

Two Sisters who live in joint family. Roli is only depends her sister ...

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Captured By Aditi eye 2806 star 22 book 4

After Riya's demise, when she suddenly comes in front of Arjun as a bar ...

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An Imperial Affliction
An Imperial Affliction By Phir_Mohabbat eye 14871 star 70 book 21

ACP Riya Mukherjee is a ninja, and a short tempered one. Hiding in shadows ...

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The Case of Interpol Database
The Case of Interpol Database By ASHLY ANSALAM eye 831 star 1 book 1


Completed G
Scandal By Phir_Mohabbat eye 2206 star 19 book 2

Inspired from the show of the same name, this follows a Yale drop out ...

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The Case of Ak 47 Gun
The Case of Ak 47 Gun By ASHLY ANSALAM eye 1997 star 1 book 1

"The God of Heaven is the one who will give us success" (Nehemiah ...

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Lost #ReadersChoiceAwards
Lost #ReadersChoiceAwards By Shibani eye 5387 star 25 book 1

Riddhima has lost Vansh, her family, her everything to Kabir, including her ...

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The Case Of Bus Accident
The Case Of Bus Accident By ASHLY ANSALAM eye 1924 star 2 book 1

It's CID Fan Fiction.

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Yeh dosti hum nahi todenge
Yeh dosti hum nahi todenge By LizzieBennet eye 2157 star 5 book 4

These are short vignettes on Jai and Veeru from Sholay or 'VeeJai' as I ...

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Reshimbandh By Neha eye 5587 star 31 book 12

The world's police departments are trying to control the crime. Arjun, his ...

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Talaash By Neha eye 1453 star 26 book 3

Based on the dark underworld, the crimes, the cops, the mafias, the ...

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The Genius and The Khadoos
The Genius and The Khadoos By Phir_Mohabbat eye 5996 star 23 book 11

My obsession with Criminal Minds and Dr. Reid strikes again! Meri ...

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Beautiful Disaster
Beautiful Disaster By Rimzzz02 eye 2520 star 12 book 3

The night Armaan Malik first saw her, beautifully dressed in blue at the ...

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Trials of Fire
Trials of Fire By Phir_Mohabbat eye 7038 star 45 book 0

There was a time the trio were inseparable. But those were simpler times- ...

Abandoned G
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Perfectly Neutral
Perfectly Neutral By BitterBerry eye 7835 star 97 book 10

ACP Riya Mukherjee closed the case and made her farewells. But is she gone ...

Ongoing G
After All This Time? Always
After All This Time? Always By Tiana eye 2011 star 19 book 2

Arnav and Khushi are college sweethearts. Arnav is Khushi's senior. He ...

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Electrons Cannot Be Friends #ReadersChoiceAwards
Electrons Cannot Be Friends #ReadersChoiceAwards By BitterBerry eye 13456 star 137 book 23

Can you love someone more than your dignity? Read here to know what ...

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If only
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A rewriting of one side character of BALH2 might as well change the story for ...

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Business Proposal By Mg13 eye 354 star 13 book 0

'Wanted: strong, healthy male, willing to participate in hazardous short-tem ...

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