Moments : Stranger  (23rd Nov)

Moments : Stranger (23rd Nov) Ongoing

Published On: 2020-12-07T21:11:12Z

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A series of little moments for Rishabh Bajaj and Prerna fans, also features their adorable family.
Table of Content
Heart to heart
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The gentleman and the Businessman
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King and Queen 1
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King and Queen 2
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Just husband and wife
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Mr and Mrs Bajaj
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The morning after the night before
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Love bites
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Tea for Two
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Tough Love
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Gracefully Grey
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Watch and Learn
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Like father like daughter
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For Pa
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Champagne celebrations
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His way
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Two’s company
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The win
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Home is where the heart is
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A question of love
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A honourable game
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Thorns and Roses
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Just what the doctor ordered
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Wife number 2
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The things I don’t say
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H for happy
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Hopeless Romantic
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For Sneha
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Loving you
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Betrayal 1 Sharda Bajaj
eye1938 thumbs-up34 commenting-o 5
Betrayal 2 Tanvi Bajaj
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Betrayal 3 Mahesh Bajaj
eye1836 thumbs-up28 commenting-o 3
Betrayal: The culprit
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A spoon full of sugar
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Rules are for breaking
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Broken hearts
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Bajaj Brothers
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Pick and Mix
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Splish Splash
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I love you
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A Perfect Christmas
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Missing you
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King of hearts
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One candle too many
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Sir insists
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Pretty Lady
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Half moon glasses
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Camels and Pyramids
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A problem shared is a problem halved
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First Impressions
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Suits you
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For my eyes only
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Monster Mom
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Monster mom 2
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Mrs George
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