Action Fan Fictions

The Beginning
The Beginning By Alexia eye 442 star 4 book 6

From the very beginning. When Tony Stark went missing and came back ...

Ongoing + 4 more
Daring Bazz
Daring Bazz By Priya eye 385 star 3 book 2

What happens when opposites meet? When two completely different people find ...

Ongoing + 1 more
An Imperial Affliction
An Imperial Affliction By Shaitan-Ki-Khala eye 9839 star 43 book 21

ACP Riya Mukherjee is a ninja, and a short tempered one. Hiding in shadows ...

Completed + 4 more
The Godfather
The Godfather By Smily_Quinn eye 10600 star 28 book 14

SIDDHANT BHARDWAJ, An adolescent enjoying his life to the fullest and ...

Ongoing + 2 more
The Genius and The Khadoos
The Genius and The Khadoos By Shaitan-Ki-Khala eye 1625 star 19 book 4

My obsession with Criminal Minds and Dr. Reid strikes again! Meri ...

Ongoing + 8 more
Enchanter By Aditi eye 1343 star 8 book 4

Zoya, a pretty girl wants to keep concentrate over her family politics, but ...

Ongoing + 6 more
The Case of The Mystery Girl
The Case of The Mystery Girl By Anika eye 9302 star 36 book 23

A dead body is found on the back of a Pub. ETF team start their ...

Completed + 2 more
Dil Meri Na Sune...
Dil Meri Na Sune... By Poonam..../Piya eye 1465 star 13 book 5

Arjun and their life connected to each other... Both wanted to ...

Ongoing + 7 more
OS COLLECTION..... By Poonam..../Piya eye 742 star 3 book 1

Different one shot stories ...... Different concepts & plot ....

Ongoing + 3 more
Love faded Once but never die..
Love faded Once but never die.. By Poonam..../Piya eye 4409 star 6 book 42

Love Faded Once But Never Die... yes kise ne sahi kaha hai.. pyaar ek bar ...

Completed + 5 more
AGER TUM SATH HO(on editing) ...
AGER TUM SATH HO(on editing) ... By Poonam..../Piya eye 162927 star 6 book 35

Date-30/5/2008 Last day of college (D.A.V College) in Delhi ...

Completed + 3 more
Stranger meet again in a cold night
Stranger meet again in a cold night By Poonam..../Piya eye 831 star 3 book 4

How two unknown stranger meet...and soon they are important for each ...

Iss Dard Mien Bhi Rahat Hai
Iss Dard Mien Bhi Rahat Hai By sobia4maaneet eye 909 star 4 book 1

Its MG One Shot of love that is beyond the parameters that the world has ...

Completed + 8 more

Latest Stories

Humrahi By Aishwarya eye 103 star 0 book 9
Voices - Echoes in silence
Voices - Echoes in silence By Aishwarya eye 214 star 0 book 4

The life of people having passion for dance and love for love, how much can ...

A Journey to Serenity
A Journey to Serenity By chaoticmind2021 eye 522 star 9 book 1

What will happen when Arnav gets a chance at life that can be filled with ...

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